Friday Favorites!!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Hey hey friends!!


Am I the only one who thought it was Friday yesterday?!? 
I seriously cannot get my days straight!!

I sure hope you've had a good week. 
Our's has been filled with lots of FUN in the SUN and that has made me so happy!!

Here's a few FAVORITES of mine from this past week!!

Last Friday- Aaron had the day off and we got all packed up for the day and took a ferry boat to Cape Lookout National Seashore. It is one of our FAVORITE beaches to go to and we had the BEST day!!
We spent the whole day on the island...going on several long beach walks looking for shells, we played in the ocean, had a picnic lunch and truly just RELAXED. It was an absolute GIFT and I am so thankful we made the effort to go!!

Love this crew of mine...going on adventures with them is my FAVORITE!
For Father's Day, we got Aaron a Solo Stove. It was supposed to arrive by Father's day...but ended up getting delayed. We got it delivered last week and used it for the first time this past weekend!

S'more assembly line!!
 We had so much fun sitting around our new fire pit and the kids definitely consumed at least 50 marshmallows between the five of them. HA!
We got the most RANDOM rain shower a couple of days ago...and ended up with this incredible double rainbow in our backyard!!
I know FOR SURE it was my dad sending us a big hug :)
And my most FAVORITE thing that happened this past week...Marshall teaching himself how to swim!!
A couple of weeks ago...he decided, on his own, he was done wearing his puddle jumper and started swimming like a fish in the shallow end (where he can touch). Then just a couple of days ago- he told Aaron that he wanted to jump in the deep end without his puddle jumper! We totally encouraged him (Aaron was obviously in the pool with him) and he just WENT FOR IT! He is a total fish and has endless energy in the pool!
With him being our baby...I will definitely admit any time he hits a "big kid" milestone- it's bittersweet for me!! He's my last kiddo to do all the things. But as bittersweet as it is- I am SO SO grateful he is a healthy, growing boy who is SO excited to learn how to do new things!
What do ya'll have planned for 4th of July weekend?

We are laying low...we are going to have some friends over to swim in the morning on the 4th and then will just spend the evening together as a family. We're going all American with our menu and grilling out burgers and having ice cream cones for dessert! :)

I hope whatever you have's a wonderful time spent with either family and/or friends. And even though this 4th of July will look SO different than what we are used to...we have SO much to be grateful for...and it can still be a day to celebrate the amazing country we live in and the principles it was founded on.

Also...just a little heads up...I am going to be taking a break from posting for about 2 weeks.
We are headed on some summer adventures soon...which I can't wait to share about once we get home!!

Hope you have the most wonderful Friday and FABULOUS 4th of July weekend!

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  1. I absolutely thought yesterday was Friday all day (and today feels a bit like Saturday too!). For me I know it's because my husband has today off and he's never home during the week. Your day at the beach looks fabulous! We made s'mores a few weeks ago when we had friends over and with just three kids I think they pretty much polished off the bag of marshmallows.

  2. Yea for Marshall swimming, but definitely bittersweet. Have a wonderful 4th and a great little adventure!

  3. Way to go Marshall!! That's an exciting milestone! Fletcher missed out on swimming lessons we'd planned to do this Spring so Kevin's been working with him. He's making good progress! That fire pit looks so nice! It's pretty!


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