Weekly Walmart Finds!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Hi friends!!

Happy Wednesday!! has been way too long since I have done a Weekly Walmart Finds post!!
Honestly- I haven't been doing much shopping at Walmart (minus getting groceries) lately!! I always have a tendency to take a breather from shopping in general after the holidays...and let's be honest- my wallet needed a break too! HA!

This past weekend, while I was at Walmart getting a few random items, I walked through the women's clothing section and saw some CUTE things. And of course- HAD to share them with you today!!

First up is this ADORABLE striped sweater by Time and Tru!! 
If you follow the IG account @whoawaitwalmart- then you might have already seen this!
It is NOT online currently- but it is in the stores!! It's SO cute and is more of a lightweight type of sweater. For the colder weather we are experiencing right now- it would look SO cute layered over a denim button down shirt- or layered under a denim jacket paired with some black skinny jeans!! You can't beat the price- it's $11.84!!
Next up is this perfect open front cardigan! I saw this at my local Walmart and was like, "Oh. that is CUTE." Perfect to wear right now with a long sleeve layered underneath it...and then it can totally transition into spring with a short sleeve top!! I just feel like this style of cardigan looks good on EVERYONE and is such a closet staple!! Ok- so the "original" price tag on this cardigan is $16.94- and that's what you will pay if you get it in the store right now. BUT- online- it's currently on sale for $10.50!!! At that price, you should pick up two of these! This cardigan comes in this pretty gray color as well as white, black and a tan-ish nude color. All PERFECT, classic colors!! I feel like this might be the "it" shirt from Walmart this spring. It is SO SO CUTE.
It's already in my Walmart store...but I have found they stock warmer weather clothes much sooner down here in North Carolina than they did when I lived up north! 
It's online- but the colors and sizes are VERY limited- so you will need to be on the lookout for it at your local Walmart! It's by Time and Tru and it is $11.88!
It's a super flattering, longer length top with these sweet bell sleeves. Another one of those tops that will look good on any body type! Get one of these tops and pair with a pair of jeans and you are SET. How good would that coral color or one of the floral patterns look with a pair of white jeans??
What I love most about this top- is that while it has a "flowy" look to it- it is definitely NOT oversized. It's got just enough room to it that you can feel comfortable but not so much that it will look like you are wearing a big sack. HA! You know what I mean?!?
So, FOR SURE, be checking your Walmart for this top! It's a total winner in my book! Or you can check it out HERE!
And finally- I am ending with this adorable short sleeve knot t-shirt! Again- I know it is not necessarily something most people can be wearing RIGHT NOW- but I saw it at my local store and just had to share about it!! It's just your average t-shirt material...VERY soft and it has a nice weight to it- but it has this super cute knotted detail on the sleeve! It's a closet staple- totally elevated! It comes in SO many pretty, fresh colors and it is $9.96. I mean, SERIOUSLY. You need to get at least one or two of these!! 
Ok. Who's ready to go shopping?!?!

Have you been to your Walmart lately?? Seen anything cute??

Hope you have the BEST day!
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Hello Monday!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Hey friends!!

Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??

Our's was good! If I am being COMPLETELY times- it felt, a bit, ahem, long. HA!
Aaron worked allllll day Saturday and for most of the kids and I were flying solo and it was just bit much at times. HA! Just keeping it real!! ;)
(You'll be proud of me though...I kept my feet planted firm where God put them and just prayed to have a joyful heart even in the midst of some pretty "special" behavior moments we had! HA!)

The kids and I went and did a huge grocery shopping trip at Aldi on Saturday and we are pretty stocked up for the next couple of weeks.

I snapped a couple pictures of some meal ideas from things I buy regularly at Aldi!

These are our "salad" staples for the week. Mini cucumbers, shredded carrots, a big container of spring mix (it's prewashed and ready to go!) and croutons!!
 And for Taco Tuesday- here's what I always have on hand!
Taco seasoning mix (for ground beef or for shredded chicken in the crock pot!), brown rice (takes 90 seconds to cook in this package- YES!), shredded cheese, salsa, fat-free refried beans and taco shells! We alternate between having ground beef or shredded "salsa" chicken as our protein on Taco Tuesdays!
Saturday night, Aaron met us out for dinner and then we went to get frozen yogurt to celebrate the girls getting straight A's! 

Sunday we had church in the morning and then in the afternoon, I decided to be a "fun" mom and let the kids decorate a gingerbread house. We picked up four gingerbread house kits at Aldi when we were grocery shopping the day before. They were marked down to $0.25 per kit- so I figured..."what the heck?" HA!
The mess was ABSOLUTELY epic...but the kids had a blast and it was fun to use a "pre-made" kit. We always make our own gingerbread houses, very simply, using graham crackers and homemade this was definitely a fun change!

After I cleaned up the last bit of candies and icing off the floor and every other surface in our kitchen- we headed to Walmart to return this Dyson Handheld Vacuum. We wanted to LOVE this vacuum!! We were SO excited to use it! But- truth be told- we just didn't think it was worth the money! 

We currently have this Black and Decker hand vacuum- and it works just fine! It's nothing special, but it gets the job done. However, we've been noticing it's kind of losing it's suction that's why we thought we'd try out the Dyson! 
So- basically- you need to tell me what hand vacuum is your favorite. Before we got our Black and Decker hand vac, we had a Shark hand vac...and that worked great too! The problem is- we literally use our hand vac MULTIPLE times a day and we have them for about 1-2 years...and then they just seem to stop working as well as they did initially. 
I feel like I just spent way too much time talking about hand vacuums. HA!

Anyway...back to Sunday afternoon :)
We got home from Walmart...made some dinner and got everyone showered and in bed. 
I made Aaron one of his favorite desserts- APPLE PIE- and we caught up on a couple of our "Chicago" shows that we missed this past week! 
And now it's Monday!!

My kiddos are off school...but I have a work training all day.
We're taking them to daycare this morning and then Aaron is going to pick them up at lunch time and they get to spend the afternoon with Daddy!
I would definitely rather be hanging out with my kiddos today...but I am thankful for a husband who does A LOT of rearranging of his own schedule so that the kids don't have to be at daycare all day today! 

What are you up to today??
Do you have the day off? Kiddos home from school??

Before I forget- here's our family's menu plan for this week!!
Hope it helps a little bit if you are stuck on what to make your crew for dinner!!

Kid Version (and sometime's Aaron's version- HA!)
 Grown Up Version!
Hope you have the BEST day!!
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Friday Favorites!!!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Hi friends!!!
Happy Friday!!!

How was your week?? Our's was pretty good! Nothing too exciting happened...just a good ol' regular week. I will never complain about having one of those! :)

It's it's time to share some FAVORITES!!

I shared about this salad mix on my fullhandsfullheart_fit4life account earlier in the week. It's my FAVORITE and I get it at Aldi! Of course, I can't remember how much it costs..but I know it is no more than $3.99 for this HUGE, organic, pre-washed container of spring salad mix!
I use this for my salads at lunch and for when Aaron and I have salad with our dinners.
I will take short cuts anywhere I can get them- so I just LOVE this! 
Pre-washed and ready to go!!
Speaking of another FAVORITE, short-cut- let me introduce you to pasta that is cooked in your microwave and that is done within 60 seconds. 
I saw a commercial for this Barilla Ready Pasta about a year ago and promptly went to the grocery store and picked up several bags. And I have never looked back! HA!
We don't eat a ton of pasta....mostly because it just feels like too much work. I know that sounds ridiculous...but I strongly dislike creating messes at dinner time and the thought of getting a big pot out to boil water, then boil pasta, then have to strain the pasta...then have to wash said pot and strainer...well it just stresses me out. HA!
So- when we do eat pasta- we use this stuff. And it's GREAT. It's $1.79 at Publix, which is a local grocery store (I think they are all over the South)- which is obviously way more than a big box of dry pasta...but I am paying for no messes and convenience and it is TOTALLY worth it to me!!
I am settling into a new "planner system" this year! For the last several years, I have always used a Plum Paper Planner. And I LOVE them. They are beautiful, well made and truly the BEST. I wanted to get a different planner this year and then supplement my planner with a customized notebook from Plum Paper
So- I got this planner and then created by customized notebook on Plum Paper's website!
It definitely is taking a little bit of time for me to get used to having all of my "stuff" organized into two different places...but I am enjoying figuring it out and I love that I have a planner that is separate from all the other things I keep track of (meal planning, budgeting stuff, to-do lists, ect). Planners, notebooks, cute pads of paper = MY FAVORITE. 
I am a super weirdo and HAVE to wear shoes in the house. When it's warm outside, I have a pair of flip flops I only wear in the house. Since it's been so cold...I have been needing a good pair of house shoes- so I ordered these slippers from Skechers off of Amazon. My husband has been calling them "clod hoppers" (HA!)- I am calling them comfy, warm and AMAZING. They are definitely more like a shoe than a slipper- which I love. A little bit more than I'd normally pay ($30)- but they seem like they are really good I am hoping they hold up well over the next few months of me wearing them every day!
Isn't this graphic beautiful?? My friend Johannah created it for me and it is my FAVORITE! This prayer is my "prayer of the year" and I shared all about it yesterday. You can check the post out HERE!
We have a pretty wide open weekend....Aaron is on call this weekend so the kids and I will be flying solo on Saturday and fingers crossed he doesn't have to be at the hospital for too long on Sunday! The weather looks like it's going to be sunny and dry- so we will FOR SURE be getting outside!!

What are you up to this weekend?? Any fun plans? 

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Thoughts for Thursday: My Prayer for this Year

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Hey friends!!!
Happy Thursday!!!

How has your week been so far??
I know I can't be the only one that is doing a little happy dance that it's Friday Eve?!?

Today I wanted to share my "Prayer of the Year." 

I have had years where I have had a "word of the year," other years, it's been a "theme of the year." Other years it's been NOTHING...because I just needed to survive life in the season that we were in!

For the past couple of months, God has placed on my heart that 2019 needed to be different for me.
Last year, while it was filled SO many wonderful things, felt very hard for me. For a multitude of reasons....some of which that I still need to share with ya'll (please...could I just have a few more hours in the day?!? HA!) 

I felt like, a lot of the time, I was in a state of TENSION.

LOVING my life and feeling SO grateful to be a mom of 5 beautiful, healthy children and at the same time- feeling completely overwhelmed, exhausted and stretched really thin by said beautiful children;) And then feeling horribly guilty for feeling that way.

Feeling SO proud of my husband for all he has accomplished with going back to school and having such a GREAT job and at the same time- feeling frustrated that he is at work more than he is home. And then feeling horribly guilty for feeling that way.

Feeling incredible FORTUNATE that I have such a good job that allows me to work a flexible schedule while helping precious little kiddos and at the same time- feeling not fulfilled by my career and wanting to do SO many other things. And then feeling horribly guilty for feeling that way.

You see what I mean?!? It was a roller coaster of a year. HA!

And so I have been praying and thinking and praying some more and initially I thought I was going to have "words" for this year- and they were going to be SERVANT and ENOUGH.

Servant...while I take care of my family (pretty well in my humble opinion), I have not had a servant's heart about it this past year. While cleaning up a spill, I would grudgingly think frustrated thoughts. I would throw mini tantrums (mostly to my husband) about how I JUST CAN'T GET ANYTHING DONE. I would outwardly show my exasperation with my kids when they needed help with "just one more thing." So while I was totally taking care of them- I wasn't truly serving them.

And Enough. I constantly felt like I wasn't enough last year. Like I wasn't a good enough wife. A good enough mom. A good enough daughter. You get the point. 
I knew I was doing okay...but I knew I could be doing better...and that's when I felt like I wasn't enough.

Are you still with me?? HA!
These are pretty deep thoughts for a random Thursday! HA!

And then I came across this prayer last week and I was like, "Ok, Holy Spirit- I GET IT. I HEAR you!"

"Lord, help my heart to be where you have placed my feet."

*HUGE shoutout to my blogging bestie Johannah for creating this beautiful graphic for me. Love you Johannah!*

Talk about getting hit with such clarity!!
This prayer has rocked my world and it is absolutely my anthem for the next year (and hopefully for the rest of my life!)

I HAVE to let go of the tension I feel of wanting something different than what is my reality RIGHT NOW.

I have big dreams. I have SO many personal interests and goals. I want to do SO much with my husband. I want to be EVERYTHING for my kids. I want to give more time to others who need me. 

But for now- my feet have been placed at home (while also working a wonderful part-time job) with 5 young children, who each have VERY different personalities and NEED me to be there for them. I have a husband who works himself into the ground...all for his family and he NEEDS me. And I have myself to take care of...because if I don't- I can't take care my people. 

Right now- my feet have been placed right where God wants them and I need to embrace, with open arms, the season of life that I am in.
And I think by embracing right where my feet have been placed, that tension I have been feeling will dissipate and becoming a better servant will happen naturally and I will trust in knowing that by following God's plan for my life that I.AM.ENOUGH.
So that is my "prayer of the year"-


Here's to living out that prayer and knowing that God has me right where he wants me. 
And I am SO grateful for that truth. 

I'd love to you have a word/theme/prayer for this year??? Please share in the comments if you feel comfortable doing so! :)

Hope you have the BEST day!

One more thing- I wanted to share the Etsy store where you can buy a beautiful print of this prayer. The shop is called Fawnly Prints. I came across this prayer on the shop owner's Instagram feed!! You can find the print HERE!

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Hello Monday!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Hey friends!!! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??

Our's was pretty low key...which was SO nice...because starting this upcoming weekend...we have plans every single weekend until the 2nd weekend in February!
(Is it me or did 2019 just take off at WARP speed?!?)

Saturday morning, we went to church for a little bit and then went and got some donuts!
We did a little shopping afterwards and then headed home for lunch. 
Aaron has been needing to get some work done outside, so I gave him the afternoon "off" (HA-yeah right!) so he could accomplish what he needed to do without all of his "helpers" underfoot;)  
BONUS: He also got our garage cleaned up AND vacuumed out my car!!!

So while Aaron was working outside, Marshall took a nap and I took the big kids to Barnes and Noble to play and look at books. 
We had such a fun time and nobody wanted to leave!
Does anyone else want to spend hundreds of dollars when they go to a bookstore??? There are just SO many amazing books out there! Thank goodness for the library, right?!?
While I was making dinner Saturday night, Aaron taught the kids how to play a card game called, "Battle." They absolutely LOVED it and spent the rest of the weekend BEGGING Aaron to play "more Battle" with them!! :)
 Saturday night, after we got the kids in bed, Aaron and I caught up on two of our favorite shows, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. My favorite quilt and my man = the BEST Saturday night EVER!!
On Sunday, we had a busy morning at church and spent the afternoon getting ready for the week. The kids watched a movie and I made them some fun snacks and hot chocolate and LIFE WAS GOOD :)

And here we are!! It's Monday again!! Are you ready for the week??
I think I am :)

I posted my menu plans again this past Friday on my IG account fullhandsfullheart_fit4life and thought I would share them like I did last Monday!

I definitely don't want to be annoying and since I am already posting them on Instagram...would you mind telling me if you find it helpful for me to post them here on the blog too? I know some of you don't do I just want to make sure I am not leaving anyone out! :)

 Gosh. This is a TRUTH BOMB quote. 
Here's to making EVERY moment count!!!
Hope you have the BEST day!!!

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Friday Favorites!!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hi friends!!

Happy Friday!!!

Well...we survived our first week back to school for the kids and back to work for me!!
There were definitely some HIGHS and LOWS...but I would say overall...we are coming out on top...heading right into the weekend! YAY!

So...I thought it would be fun to share some FAVORITE gifts I received for Christmas this year! All of these items are just GREAT and it doesn't need to be Christmas for you to get yourself one or all of them ;)

I LOVE the 90 Degree by Reflex leggings. I have them in black and when my mom told me she wanted me to pick out an outfit as part of my Christmas present from her, I promptly went and put this fun, dark fuchsia (they are officially called dark magenta haze ;) pair of leggings in my Amazon cart! They are SUCH a fun color and I love wearing them. They fit perfectly and I really just can't say enough good things about these leggings!! They are definitely my FAVORITE leggings...out of the many different kinds I own! You can find them HERE on Amazon!

One of my gifts from Aaron was my FAVORITE shampoo and conditioner. I have loved the Wella brand since I was in graduate school. It smells amazing and I really do think it extends the life of your highlights/color (if you get your hair highlighted/colored)!
It is pretty darn we waited for Ulta to do their 50% off sale on their jumbo sizes of shampoo and conditioner. These are normally $32.00 a PIECE. OUCH. The only way I will buy them is if they are on sale. I got a shampoo and conditioner from their Brilliance line as well as a shampoo and conditioner from their FusionPlex line. I will probably not have to buy shampoo/conditioner for another 6 months at least! There are so many great salon brands on sale...and it runs through January 26- so if you need to stock up on your favorite shampoo and's a great time to do it!

This sweatshirt is PERFECTION. This is what I picked out to go with my fuchsia leggings and I have been wearing it NONSTOP!! It's from American Eagle/Aerie of all places! You can find it HERE. It's currently on sale for $25 and I am telling you- it's worth every single penny! It's comfy and cozy. Looks so cute with leggings or jeans. It has POCKETS! If you have some Christmas money to spend or have been looking for a great sweatshirt- you need to check this one out!
When I ordered the gray sweatshirt up above- I decided to also get this aqua colored crewneck sweatshirt. YUP. It's my FAVORITE too! HA! These sweatshirts are definitely stick with your normal size for sure! This style of sweatshirt comes in this pretty aqua color and a beautiful lavender color...both would be perfect for spring when it's still chilly outside...but you're ready to wear light, pretty colors!!
Just for fun- here's a picture of me wearing it a couple weeks ago!
//FOUR// few weeks ago, Jess from @newlyjess (on IG) posted about these high rise skinny jeans from Universal Thread at Target. I decided, 'what the heck?!' I'll order them and give them a try! I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a pair of jeans that fit me well and don't cost $200!! HA! I considered these a gift from me to me ;)
Wouldn't you know it...I got them (I had to try a couple different sizes out) and they fit PERFECTLY. They have the perfect amount of stretch in them...enough you feel like you can move...but not so much that they are falling down and not holding you in. I am on the taller side and I went with the regular length and they are just right!
Right now they are full price at $24.99- which is a pretty amazing price! I snagged mine when they were running a I got mine just a bit cheaper. I am telling you- if you have been looking for a GOOD pair of jeans- it can't hurt to try these out!! Order them online, get a couple of sizes, try them on in YOUR house and then take them back to Target if they don't fit. That's my favorite way to shop! HA!
Finally...just wanted to share a few highlights from my fullhandsfullheart_fit4life IG account. I can't tell you how much fun I am having with this new account! It's my FAVORITE :)
This week- I shared about how I had to break up with peanut butter (break ups are hard to do! HA!), why I pack my lunch and how sometimes you just have to GET.IT.DONE - even when you are NOT feeling it! 
I'd love for you to come follow along!!
Hope you have the BEST Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!!
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My New Favorite Spot in Our House!

Hello friends!!!

Hope you've been having a great week!!
I had all intentions of getting this post up yesterday...but Marshall woke up MUCH earlier from his nap than he normal does...which meant my blogging time had to take the back burner!!
Here we are! And I am so excited to give you a sneak peek of my new favorite room in our house!!

When we were building our house, we originally planned to have 5 bedrooms. Well...when we were getting approval everything, we were told we couldn't have the 5th bedroom that was on our floor plan because of the size of our septic tank. So- Aaron re-designed our floor plan, put the closet in that bedroom in the hallway and kept the 5th bedroom (which wasn't a bedroom anymore because it didn't have a closet) and wouldn't you know it- our floor plan got approved! Building codes and regulations are SO weird. Essentially we couldn't term our house has a 5 bedroom...but actually having the 5 room wasn't really a big deal in relation to our septic tank.
Ok. That was probably waaayy more information than you needed..but thought I would give you a little background on this room.

So when we moved in- the 5th (fake) bedroom, was Marshall's room. We set up his nursery in the room and it was PERFECT for him! Well...last summer, Marshall started sharing a room with James and we have done NOTHING with the 5th (fake) bedroom. 

We decided over Christmas to pull the trigger and buy me a desk...YAY!
This past weekend, Aaron re-organized all of our decorations (which are kept in the hallway storage closet) and got the room cleared out. He painted it, put together my desk and basically created dream office for me!!

Here's a picture of my desk!
Can something feel cozy AND clean and fresh?? HA!
Because that's how my desk feels. I just feel so cozy and happy and productive in my new little space!
We got the desk off of Amazon and it is such a GREAT piece. Extremely sturdy, I LOVE the look of it and it was an awesome price! We picked up the chair from Tj Maxx...I didn't want a traditional rolling chair...just something simple and slightly rustic to go with my desk! 

On the other side of the room is our big leather, COMFY chair. We had this downstairs in our living room originally...but moved it up to this room when we got our new couch!
And finally- this is the other "area" of the office. This beautiful dresser/armoire is an antique my parents refinished years ago and I just love it.
So as you can see...I have some decorating to do now!!

Which makes me VERY HAPPY :)
We used the color Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams for the paint color and it is SO pretty. (Here's a great blog post talking about how awesome Sea Salt is!!) 
Depending on the can look like a light, oceany green or if it is takes on a more blue tone. I just LOVE it!

I created a little collage of inspiration for how I would like to decorate my office!
I absolutely LOVE this painting and plan on buying a print of it and frame it in a big, rustic white frame. 

I love the idea of getting some reclaimed windows and putting them behind the armoire that currently has the printer on top of it. LOVE that layered look!!

And I want to get five big, open frames and hang them on the walls on either side of the one window we have in this room. I want the frames to be open because I want to have the ability to hang up all the neat artwork the kids make me! The girls love painting me pictures on canvases and I would love to be able to hang them up and then change them out when they paint me a new one!

And there you have new, favorite, cozy and fresh spot in our house!!
I will be sure to keep you posted once I get it all decorated!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!! It's Friday Eve...YAHOO!

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