Friday Favorites!!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Hi friends!!!

Happy Friday!!! Did this week fly by or what?!?
I truly feel like it was one of those weeks where it was Monday, I blinked and now it's Friday! HA!

I sure hope you've had a great week!!! And if you haven't....saying a prayer for you that your weekend makes up for it! :)

Here's a few, fun FAVORITES from this past week that I thought I'd share today!

My friend April got me hooked on Ja-Vie flats last year...and I just ordered my second pair- this super FUN leopard print!! I have been wearing them to work all week and I just LOVE them!! They are SO comfortable and you can WASH THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!
They are definitely a little pricey- but as a person who rarely pays more than $20 for any type of clothing item- I can tell you- they are totally WORTH it!
They are definitely one of my FAVORITE pairs of shoes in my closet and they just make me happy when I get to wear them out and about (I usually am wearing sneakers or flip flops- so getting to put these on feels extra special :)
I am loving this little area in our kitchen!! Aaron made this picture holder by attaching chicken wire to a big, old frame I had and it is where we display all of the kids' artwork!!
 I don't put anything on our this is the place where I get to show off all the fun things the kids have made. Since they bring home soooo much stuff everyday from school, I have them pick out their FAVORITE project or piece of art they made that week and we put it on "display." We change out their creations every week and it is just so fun and precious to look at everything they have made!! Definitely one of my FAVORITE spots in our house! :)
I have mentioned before how much I love my wax warmer from Walmart. It is super cheap and simple...which I LOVE :)
With the boys being SO crazy...I RARELY burn candles anymore. I love our house to smell good though, so the wax warmer has been the perfect solution! I get my wax cubes from Walmart and I have been loving the wax melts by Yankee Candle. The scents are very strong (in a pleasant way) and long lasting. My house always smells good!!
I just picked up this scent yesterday and it is my NEW FAVORITE!! It is the perfect fall scent!

On Wednesday, several of my blogging besties and I hosted a Fall Recipe Swap! So many yummy recipes were shared- you definitely need to check out what everyone posted!!
I shared my semi-homemade cinnamon roll recipe. They are SO easy to make!! 
They are definitely one of my family's FAVORITE treats I make!!
We don't have much planned for the weekend...this is Aaron's weekend to he won't be home much. My big goals are to change everyone's sheet and get in some exercise. I know- I dream BIG. HA!
We do have a fun dinner date on Saturday night planned to celebrate my brother's birthday- so I am definitely looking forward to that!
What about you?? 
Any fun plans??
Doing anything "fall-ish" ??
Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Fall Recipe Swap!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

So today is a super fun day...because it is FALL RECIPE SWAP day!!
I hope if you have a blog you are sharing your favorite fall recipe and linking up with us and if you don't have a blog, you are taking notes and jotting down all of the fun recipes that are being shared today!!
Okay- so I have to be honest and let you know this is a recipe I shared about two years ago. BUT- it is one of my BEST recipes and I am constantly asked for it! 

The recipe I am sharing today is my semi-homemade cinnamon rolls!!
I consider it a "Fall" recipe because to me there is nothing cozier than making a warm, yummy batch of cinnamon rolls on a chilly, fall Saturday morning, making the whole house smell like cinnamon. These are PERFECT paired with a warm cup of coffee (with pumpkin spice creamer, OF COURSE ;) or tea. While my family LOVES it whenever I make these cinnamon rolls...they get especially excited about them in the colder weather months...because they are just that type of treat! 

So this is what I consider a "semi-homemade" recipe...while I make/bake many things from scratch, I have no problem using some store bought ingredients to help me make a recipe easier!
I grew up with a mom who made cinnamon rolls from know the kind where the dough has to rise at least 2 times and it was just an absolutely labor of love (and ALL day affair. HA!). I am not that type of when I figured out a way to make cinnamon rolls that only took about 10 minutes to prep...I felt like I won the jack pot!

Here's the recipe!

You are going to start with the following ingredients:
3 cans of crescent rolls
Butter/margarine/whatever butter spread you use in your house
Cream cheese icing (I share how I make mine later in the post)
First- roll out your crescent rolls onto a smooth surface. Spread a generous amount of butter or margarine- probably 4-5 tablespoons (I use margarine just because it is softer and easier to spread) over the crescent roll dough.

Then- sprinkle 1/4 cup white sugar over entire, buttered dough, then sprinkle cinnamon over the sugar.  You can adjust the amount of cinnamon to your liking- I would say about 2 tablespoons.
Roll up 2 rectangle crescent doll pieces at a time, length wise, and cut into equal sized pieces. (By rolling up two rectangles together- it makes a nice, full roll :)
Put rolls in a greased dish- I like to line my foil for super easy clean up!
Bake for approximately 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees (based on your oven).
Okay- now time for the cream cheese icing!
I used to buy the icing in a can- which is very yummy- but it doesn't have the best ingredients in it.  So now I make my own cream cheese icing!  
I make a huge batch and freeze it (YES! It freezes beautifully!) in small containers for when I make cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, or a cake.  It is SO easy to make!

I know there are a lot of recipes for cream cheese icing out there- but I think this one is pretty darn tasty! :)  And I use the term "recipe" loosely since I don't have exact measurements for all the ingredients! HA!

I get all my ingredients at Aldi- so if you shop there- this is what you will need!
Cream Cheese Icing
1- 8 oz block of cream cheese (I use 1/3 less fat and you can't taste the difference!)- softened
1 stick unsalted butter- softened (use REAL unsalted butter for this- NOT margarine!)
1- 2 pound bag of powdered sugar (don't worry you won't use the WHOLE 2 pounds- HA!)
splash of vanilla extract (if you don't have any- it is not a huge deal)

In your mixer, beat softened cream cheese and butter together, until it is smooth and they are incorporated well together.  Then start to add powdered sugar.  This is where it gets kind of tricky- because I do not have an exact measurement of how much powdered sugar I put in the icing.  I just add a couple of cups, mix on medium speed, then add another couple of cups, mix again, ect.  It is totally up to how you prefer the taste and texture of your icing as to how much powdered sugar you put in. I put in about 1 2/3 lb of a 2 pound bag.  Once I have added all of my powdered sugar, I drizzle a couple of teaspoons of vanilla extract into the icing and then beat the icing on high to make it nice and fluffy.  
Then, I like to taste at least a couple of times to make sure it is super delicious- HA! 
This stuff is addictive!! :)

To ice our cinnamon rolls, I put some cream cheese icing in a bowl and add a splash of milk to it, so that I can thin it out almost to a glaze like consistency.  Since the icing and the cinnamon rolls are so sweet, a little icing goes a long way!

Here is what the semi-homemade cinnamon rolls look like, out of the oven, with some cream cheese icing drizzled over them!  
They are YUM!!
You can make these "Fallish" by adding some fall colored sprinkles...or Halloween themed sprinkles!

These cinnamon rolls freeze beautifully! I make these as Christmas gifts for Aaron's bosses as well as our neighbors. They are a HUGE seller at our school's carnival...people just love them! And it is seriously the simplest "recipe" ever!

I am so excited to see all the other recipes that are being shared today!! I definitely feel like I am in kind of a cooking "rut" and could really use some inspiration for some yummy meals to make my family!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

Hello Monday: Fun Walmart Finds Edition!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Hey friends!!

Happy Monday!!
How was your weekend??

We had a good one! Of always flies by and Monday comes a little too quick...but I am thankful for all the fun we had and we also got a lot done!!

So today...I wanted to share some SUPER fun items I found when I was shopping in Walmart a few days ago!

Not only does Walmart have super cute clothes...they have some really great "home" items. 
A lot of my decor comes from Walmart!! 

Okay- so first up is this salt and pepper shaker set with a napkin holder. 
I mean- what a great idea?!?
I LOVE the rustic look of the metal with the wood and it's so convenient to have a "station" for your S & P shakers along with your napkins! This fun little combo is under $10!! Unfortunately- I couldn't find it online...but this set was located right in the housewares section at my local Walmart!
Next up is this galvanized metal serving tray!! How perfect is this for not only using it to serve food on- but for decorating?!?! Especially with the holidays coming up- I feel like everyone needs one of these trays! 
I mentioned this utensil caddy in my Friday Favorites post...but wanted to include it here too! I own this caddy and LOVE it! We keep it on our dining room table, filled up with knives, forks and napkins! It is only $9.94!!
I found this next item over by the candles! Isn't this glass pillar candle holder SO neat???
It is under $6.00 and I am just imagining several of these lined up on a dining room table as part of a beautiful Thanksgiving table set-up!!!
Walmart has a TON of really neat decorative lanterns! I actually own this sits on our piano!!
I love this galvanized metal is only $9.84!!
And then look at this black metal lantern!! It is only $12.84 and I think it could be so fun mixed in with Halloween decor!! fun is this Wi-Fi sign?!?
It is $7.97! Wouldn't this be so fun to give as a housewarming gift?? I need to get this...we are always having to give our Wi-Fi password to our babysitters! 
Look at this cute little chalkboard sign!! It is $12.74 and I just love it! Wouldn't this be so cute on a shelf or a little space on your countertop?? 
In this pillow section, I found this "gather" pillow! I just LOVE this!!
And this one that says "home." I love that they are made out of a neutral colored fabric!! They could go with so many "themes" and even look super cute intermingled with holiday pillows! They are both $11.94 each!
Okay...that's all the fun Walmart goodies I have to share with you today!! 
Have you found any fun home decor items at Walmart lately??? They seriously have SO much good stuff!! And you just can't beat the prices!!

 And just one last reminder: I am joining up EricaJohannahTanyaHeather and Erin to host a link-up where all we do is share our FAVORITE fall/winter/comfort-food/cold weather recipe :)  It doesn't have to be "fall specific"- we just want it to be a recipe that we can all mark down to make as we enter into these colder weather months!  Desserts, appetizers, main dishes...anything goes!! We hope you will join us THIS Wednesday, October 17!! 
Just post your recipe and include this graphic!! That's it!
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Friday Favorites!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Hi friends!!
Happy Friday!!

How was your week??
Our's was pretty normal- which is always good! :)
Yesterday, was a little weird because school got canceled due to potential hurricane weather...but so, so grateful it ended up being nothing more than a little rain.
Thinking of and praying for all of the people who are experiencing Hurricane Michael as well as all of those who are STILL recovering from Hurricane Florence!!'s I have a few FAVORITES to share!

When I was shopping at my local Walmart a couple days ago, I found SO many fun things I plan on sharing with you!! I had to tell you about this utensil caddy today- because it is my FAVORITE. We have this on our dining room table and I keep it stocked with silverware and napkins so the girls can easily set the table every night. I have also seen it used as an art caddy! You could put markers, colored pencils, crayons, scissors...SO functional and cute!
It is only $9.94!!! You can find it HERE online or you can check your local Walmart for it! I found mine over by where they have the dishes and all of the Pioneer Woman baking ware!
Aaron and I are still going strong on going out for a date night once a month. This past Saturday was our night out for the month of October and we had so much fun. We stopped into Men's Wearhouse before we went to dinner and scored several really awesome shirts for Aaron on SUPER sale (always a FAVORITE of mine to get a stellar deal)! We went to our favorite restaurant here in Greenville, Totopos. We love sitting on the patio and feeling like we are (kind of) on vacation! HA! 
Seriously though...I think we can all agree a GOOD marriage takes effort, time and just a whole lot of being selfless. 10 1/2 years into our marriage, Aaron and I still stumble and mess up. Then we get over ourselves, say sorry and move on...because life is SHORT. 
No matter what- this man will always and forever be my FAVORITE!
This is kind of random...but Aaron was using this waterproof bluetooth speaker I got him last year for Christmas all weekend while he was working on our sunroom. I got it off of Amazon- you can find it HERE! It is under $20 and just SO handy. Aaron is one of those guys that is SO hard to buy for...and this speaker is his I am considering it a major WIN!
At $20, it's really at a great price point for all different types of gift giving!!
I jumped on a sale Carter's was having on their jammies and picked the kids up some new Halloween pajamas. The kids didn't have school this past Monday, so on Sunday night, they got cleaned up, put on their new jammies and watched a cute little Halloween show. And I just COULDN'T handle the cuteness. I am so lucky to be their mom!!
Who loves to cook and bake more once the weather gets cooler?!?
I definitely do!! I LOOOVVEE to bake all sorts of yummy treats!
Some of my favorite ladies and I are hosting a Fall Recipe Link-Up next Wednesday, October 17 and we would love for you to join us!! All you have to do is share one of your favorite fall/cold-ish weather recipe and link up with one of us! It's going to be a great way to get some new recipes to try out in the next few months!!
That's all I have for today!! It is in the low 70's this morning and the sun is shining...such a beautiful day! It finally feels like fall here in Eastern North Carolina!! Marshall and I are going to our all school Mass and then we will attempt to get our weekly grocery shopping done before we have to pick up James from preschool. We have swimming lessons this afternoon and then Aaron and I are headed out for a fun little evening to celebrate a friend's birthday!
Yay for a FUN Friday!

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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My Health and Wellness Journey: Part Two

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hi friends!!! 
Happy Wednesday!!

How is your week going so far??

So...last week, I shared about the first part of my health and wellness journey. You can read about it HERE.

Here we go with Part Two of my journey!!

I moved to Austin, TX in August 2006, after living with my parents for 2 months, after I had moved out of my apartment and finished my job in Chicago in June 2006.

The couple months I lived with my parents was SO great. We had a ton of fun and we actually had a little "Biggest Loser" challenge between the three of us. I slowly started losing a little weight, just by being more conscious of my food choices, NOT over-eating and keeping up with exercising. I would power walk with my mom daily and also go running with my dad during his lunch break (he worked from home).

So when I moved to Austin, I was already in a much healthier place than I was just a few months prior. As I settled into my new life and job, I continued to lose weight- again- not by doing anything HARDCORE- I was just happier!! I was getting out, biking and running, meeting new friends, enjoying my new job and just really loving life!

And then on September 11, 2006- I got a phone call from a guy named Aaron, whom I had "met" on and my life was forever changed :) Aaron and I went on our first date on September 14 and the rest is history!! 

Meeting Aaron and falling in love with him was a PIVOTAL part of my health and wellness journey.  Prior to meeting Aaron, I had only really dated 2 other guys and those relationships were definitely nothing to write home about. You know what I mean??! I could do a separate blog series on that topic. HA!
Anyway...Aaron was different. And his love and commitment to me was life changing. 
Now please, don't misconstrue my words and think that I needed a man to affirm my worth. Because that's not at all how it was. I KNOW God put Aaron in my life as tangible evidence of His love for me. Aaron's love gave me the confidence to truly figure out who I was...and he loved me no matter what. just to summarize...I moved from Chicago to Austin in the summer of 2006, with a short stay with my parents. I was at my heaviest weight when I left Chicago. I very gradually started to lose weight AND became so much mentally happier over the course of the summer and by the time I met Aaron in September of 2006, I had lost about 30 pounds, just by eating less, moving more and becoming so much more aware of my distorted relationship with food. Things were so much better for me...but I was definitely still a MAJOR work-in-progress!!

Aaron and I just had SO much darn fun while we were dating. It was a whirlwind relationship and we were engaged 8 months after we met. While we were dating, I felt SO happy and content. BUT- I definitely was focused on continuing to lose weight, learning more about how I could manage my control or more like LACK of control when it came to having episodes of over-eating and in general, just becoming the healthiest version of myself! 
I had been trapped in a body that didn't feel like mine for so long due to poor choices/habits as well as not being totally honest with myself about my "dysfunctional (for lack of a better word- HA!) relationship with food. I was very focused on working towards being the woman I knew I was meant to be. 

Fortunately, Aaron was/is a SUPER active person, so we worked out together every day and for the FIRST time in my entire life, I was able to be completely transparent with someone about my struggles with my weight, my struggles with food and I even told him how much I weighed (GASP!). It might seem melodramatic for me to say this- but the freedom I found in having Aaron as someone I could confide in about this "dark" side of me was truly a God given gift. 
Aaron was amazing and LOVED me for who I was at the weight I was. He loved me when I ate too much and he was honest with me when I needed to be motivated and challenged me when I needed to change certain habits. He has always been exactly what I needed and I will be eternally grateful for his confidence in me and the love and support he showed me in the early stages of us being together. 

Okay...getting back on topic :) A couple months before Aaron and I got engaged, I decided to join Weight Watchers. I knew I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and was definitely still struggling with my relationship with food (I am totally an EMOTIONAL over-eater). I joined in March 2007 (I think?!) and immediately started having success on the program. I LOVED the idea of not having to count calories or restrict any foods from my diet. Weight Watchers just really clicked with me!! By the time we got married in March 2008, I had lost 18 pounds and felt SO good!! 
And then about a month after our wedding, I was feeling funny and wouldn't you know it...I was PREGNANT. HA!
Best wedding present EVER ;)

So...I had a great pregnancy with Charlotte and gained the normal amount of weight. I think maybe 28 pounds? And I used Weight Watchers (informally) to lose the baby weight after I had her. Then I got pregnant with Cora Maye, had another great pregnancy and gained normal weight again. And you guessed it. I used Weight Watchers to lose the pregnancy weight, along with exercise, to lose the baby weight. Then I got pregnant with Celine, SO blessed with another healthy pregnancy and average weight gain. I used Weight Watchers yet again to lose my baby weight, but this time around, I was ready to challenge myself. I had just had 3 back to back pregnancies and I was really wanting to feel IN CHARGE of my body again. I started to really focus on my nutrition and change up my workouts to not only include running, but I also started swimming laps and lifting weights. Aaron was in medical school at the time and the YMCA was our home away from home :) The girls and I would go every day and I would work out for an hour, then get showered and dressed. They would play in the amazing childcare center and I got to do my thing. It was amazing. Especially when Aaron did 4 separate month-long rotations in different cities/states and I was a single mom! 
By the time Celine turned one, I had lost all of the weight I had gained during my pregnancy with her plus another 5-7 pounds. After having 3 babies, I was in the best shape of my life and I tell you what- that felt EMPOWERING. I was mentally, spiritually and physically the strongest I had ever been and I was just so grateful.

Then...I got pregnant with James! I had another healthy pregnancy (SO thankful) and for the 4th time, utilized Weight Watchers to lose my baby weight and got back to the ideal weight I had reached after I had Celine.

A major turning point in my health journey happened when James was about 9 months old and while I had lost all of my pregnancy weight, I still looked "bloated" and was having some major digestive issues. (Sidenote- I had always had GI "issues" but I just chalked it up to that being how my body was wired.) Anyway..while my diet was pretty "clean," I started researching any and all reasons I could be feeling the way I was- and it all came down to cutting out dairy. And wouldn't you know it- the second I cut out all dairy products and products with lactose in them, out of my diet- my symptoms were GONE. The digestive/stomach issues I had been dealing with my whole life were literally OBSOLETE. It was insane. I tried a couple of times to eat a little dairy to see if I really was intolerant and my body made it clear when I did that- dairy was NOT welcome. HA!

I never pursued any formal medical testing to see if I was/am dairy intolerant or allergic to dairy- because to me- it doesn't matter. I know how my body feels when I did eat dairy and I know how it AMAZING it feels when I don't. So- in April 2015- I started following a dairy/lactose free diet and I have NEVER looked back!

Okay...soooo...I was back to my "happy" weight after having James, I started following a dairy-free diet and then.....became pregnant with Marshall in August 2015:)

I was so very fortunate to have a fifth, healthy, uneventful pregnancy!
Things got pretty interesting with Marshall's birth story though. And that's where I will pick up next week with my 3rd and final installment of my healthy and wellness journey- if you are still reading along. HA!

Seriously- thank you for taking the time to listen to me ramble about my past. It's been quite a journey and I am thankful for every part of it- the good, the bad and everything in between :)
Also- PLEASE feel free to email me or comment with any questions you might have!! I am an open book!!!

Hope you have the BEST day and I will see you back here on Friday for some FAVORITES from this past week!

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Hello Monday!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Hey friends!! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend???
Ready for the week to start?

We are actually have the day off because of Columbus Day so it's a nice break from not rushing out the door by 7:30 am like a chicken with my head cut off. HA!

We had a really GOOD weekend. Aaron and I went on a date Saturday night and we talked about just how thankful we felt to have a day where it felt like we had some MARGIN after having an especially full week last week. 

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early so Aaron could run a 5K with Ainsley's Angels, which a running group we are a part of here in Greenville. It was a great race and then afterwards, we dropped our boys off at a local daycare (it's a pay by the hour kind of place and we LOVE it!!!) and we surprised the girls by taking them out to breakfast!!!

We do almost everything together as a family...but the truth of the matter is- the boys require a lot of attention and time from Aaron and me. They are still very little, they are totally nuts and honestly- can just be A LOT sometimes. Aaron and I were talking earlier last week about how we felt like we needed to be more intentional about finding ways to spend time with "just" the girls- so we made plans to do a breakfast date with them!
We went to a cute little breakfast place and the girls each got a chocolate chip pancake and scrambled eggs. We talked about the most random stuff and it was just SO SO GOOD.
So very grateful for the special time we spent with our girls!
I have some sunroom updates!!!

We had to have our exhaust system from our fireplace re-routed- and that is done!
Last week, we had the walls drywalled and mudded- so that is another task we can mark off!

Now- all we (and when I say "we" you know I mean Aaron. HA! I have NOTHING to do with these projects except attempting to keep us on budget with this project!!) have left to do is paint, trim work around the windows and base of the floor (we are also doing crown moulding) and lay down the flooring!! On the outside- Aaron has 2 more sides of the room to put up siding- so that project is 1/3 of the way done.

Here's a picture of the room before Aaron started painting it on Saturday afternoon!
 Here's a picture of the flooring we picked out. It is not an EXACT match to the flooring we have inside our house...but it's pretty close. It's a really nice, heavy duty laminate wood floor and I think it's going to look SO good!!
We are using the ceiling paint we had leftover from the builder for the ceiling and for the walls, we picked out a color called, "Icicle" by Sherwin Williams (we got it from Lowe's). It is a very light, gray-ish blue color....I think it will look so nice against the bright, white trim and a crown moulding!!
So we are moving right along and making really good progress!!
It's so funny...this sunroom started out as a covered patio. HA! Then we were like...well...let's screen it in. Then we decided...let's make it a sunroom so we can use it (pretty much) year round. And now, when it's all said and done we will have another completely finished room added to our house. HA!

Last week, I posted about some meals we were having including meatball subs. I picked up these freshly made meatballs from the meat section at Aldi and it was the first time we had tried them and I wanted to report back and say that my family LOVED them!! I tried the tiniest bite of them (they have cheese in them so I can't have them because of my dairy intolerance) and the little bit I had was DELICIOUS!
These would be delicious with not only meatball subs, but in any kind of pasta dish and I even thought they would be yummy on a homemade pizza!! 
Definitely recommend trying them out if you have an Aldi and you see them in your meat section!! 
At my Aldi- the meatballs were $2.99 for a dozen of them. I bought two packages for my family and we had enough leftover for Aaron to have them in his lunch for two days!
And finally- wanted to make sure all of you who have a blog are planning on linking up with Tanya, Erin, Heather, Johannah, Erica and me on October 17th to share your favorite fall/comfort food/cold weather recipe!!

That's all I have for today!! We're off to do some adventuring with some friends and enjoy this day off from school!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Friday Favorites: Fun Fall Finds Edition!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Hi friends!!

Happy Friday!!
How was your week??

I feel like our's kind of flew by! Aaron's work schedule was CRAZY this I think that has contributed to feeling like we have been running at about 90 MPH all week! HA!
The good news is- he is NOT working this weekend and we have only a few things planned...including a fun 5k tomorrow, a special date with our daughters and a date night for us! 

It has been all about work and school this I don't really have any fun pictures to share....soooo instead...I thought it would be fun to share some inexpensive, fall finds that I have picked up in the last couple of weeks!! 

I shared this doormat in my Monday post- but it's worth mentioning again! I got this from Aldi for $6.99!!! They have several different fall/halloween doormats and they are all SO cute! And for $6.99?? You can't beat that price! 
I have been taking advantage of the sales Bath and Body Works has been running on their hand soaps and this is one of the soaps I got! First of all- it is just too cute. And on top of being cute- it smells SO SO good! My girls love it and it's definitely our FAVORITE right now!
Another fun Aldi find are these seasonal set of 2 hand towels!! They are $3.99 for two and they are the perfect little towel to have in your kitchen or bathroom! I especially like the one with the pumpkin!!
 Here's the other towels that are part of the set!
For $3.99- I think they are really good quality. They are definitely not a plush, high end towel you might find at Home Goods- but they are perfect for a half bath or even for your kiddos' bathroom! Our downstairs 1/2 bathroom is CONSTANTLY being used by the kids- so I don't keep super "nice" towels in there. These are festive, inexpensive and work great!
*Sorry the lighting of these pictures are so bad..I took them at night!*

We went to Sam's Club last weekend and we picked up a couple boxes of these Veggie Chips Ghosts and Bats chips. OMG. They are SO good. 
For this huge box of 40 individual bags of chips- I think we paid $7.50- which is a great deal (in my opinion)! 
They are a great snack (and for all of my WW friends- one bag is 2 points!!)
They are just a fun little festive treat to have for the month of October and also a great snack to have on hand if you are having any Halloween themed playdates!
And finally I had to share my festive jack-o-lantern t-shirt :)
I work with little preschoolers- so I figure life is too short not to be festive!
I picked up this t-shirt at Walmart (duh!) and it is only $5.88!!
I found it in the junior's if you happen to be at Walmart this weekend- check and see if they have these shirts!! So cute and SO cheap. My kids love when I dress up for any holiday...and that probably won't last I am going to go with it while I can!! :)
So there you have it...some fun, fall finds...all of which are under $10!!!

Tell me...what are some fun little fall/halloween purchases you have made?? I try not to go overboard with buying a bunch of junk we don't need...but a few festive things just make this time of year a little more special and fun!!

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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