Tuesday Talk: Adventure Awaits!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Tuesday!!!

So last week, I alluded to some big things happening for our family in 2017...and I am so excited to share all the details today!

Just a little back story for those of you who don't know about the journey we have been on for the past 10 years....

A year after Aaron and I met (and 2 months after we got engaged), Aaron made the decision to go back to school- medical school specifically. Because his bachelor's degree was in Political Science, he had to first get an associate's degree in Biology before he could even apply to medical school. So for two years, he went to school, full time at night, while working full time during the day as a rehab technician. THEN- after the "fun" application and interview process, he got into medical school and we moved to Cleveland, OH, where we lived for 4 1/2 years while he went to school.  THEN- he graduated and we moved to Indianapolis in May 2014 and he began his 3 year residency.  And now we are here- less than 6 months away from him graduating from residency!!!
The last 10 years has been QUITE THE ADVENTURE. HA!

All of the stress, countless hours of studying, and LOTS of time not seeing each other have been totally worth it because Aaron has been pursuing his dream and he absolutely LOVES what he does. And- he is really good at it :)

The question we have been asked a lot this past year is: "What are your plans after Aaron is done with residency?"  We have had several different sets of plans...but really wanted a certain "plan" to work out.  And I am SO crazy excited to share with you that it DID!
After a whirlwind interview in early December, Aaron was offered a position with an incredible practice in GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA!

We are moving to the South Ya'll!!! :)

Our goal, ever since Aaron started residency, was to get a job in North Carolina...but there were quite a few hoops to jump through to make that dream into a reality. As with this whole entire journey we have been on, we just stayed focused, stayed positive and did what needed to be done. Well- Aaron has been the one studying, taking ALL THE EXAMS, interviewing, ect...but we're a team- so I say "we." :)

Living in Greenville, will mean that we are 1 1/2 hours from my brother and his family (they live in Raleigh) and 1 1/2 hours from Aaron's brother and his family (they live on the NC coast). We have NEVER lived that close to any family since we have been married- so to say we are just giddy with excitement would be a mild understatement :)
We are also only 1 1/2 hours from the ocean...EEEKKK!!! :)

We just signed papers to start building a house- the builder should be breaking ground in the next couple of weeks and our house should be complete by the beginning of June- which is a very good thing- since we will be moving in the middle of June! 

We are just SO very excited for this chapter of our lives and SO very thankful!!!
So- that's our big news!!! I still can't believe in less than 6 months we will be moving to a new state and a completely different part of the country!!! 
We are ready for the adventure that awaits us!

Also- I posted about this yesterday- but wanted to share it again today!
JohannahHeatherJennifer and I are hosting a fun little nail polish swap!! 
We would love it if you joined us!! 

Here's the details: click on this LINK and it will send you to the sign-up form.
You will get paired up with a friend to buy some nail polish for- the maximum you can spend is $15 (not including shipping).
Send your friend her nail polish by Jan. 31st and blog about your goodies (or share on Instagram if you don't have a blog!) on February 7th! SO easy and FUN. The perfect little pick-me-up to give and receive during this kind of BLAH winter season! :)

Hope you have the BEST day!
 Let me know if you have any questions about the nail polish swap!

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Full Hands Full Heart

Nail Polish Swap!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Monday!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

I am super excited today because I am joining some of my blogging buddies and we're hosting a NAIL POLISH SWAP!
So- here's the deal- 
click HERE to fill out a form that will allow us to get you matched up with a friend to send some new nail polishes! The price limit is $15 (not including shipping).
It's just a fun and simple way to brighten someone else's day with some new nail polish AND you also get some happy mail!! 
I don't know about you- but the months of January and February can be so BLAH with the yucky weather...I love the idea of having a little something fun to look forward to in the mail!

How funny is this?!?! SO true! :)

Johannah, Heather, Jennifer and I sure hope you will join us for this fun little nail polish swap!!

Let me know if you have any questions!!

P.S. Here's the LINK to the sign-up form in case you missed it!! 

Hope you have the BEST day!

Friday Favorites!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Hi friends!!! Happy Friday!! We are giving each other high-fives at our house...we completed our first full week back to school AND daddy has been out of town- and we're all still alive! HA!

I sure hope it has been a great week for you too!!

It's here are some FAVORITES of mine from this past week!

One of my best friends came and visited us last weekend and we had such a great time!
All of the girls squeezed into my friends ADORABLE mini-cooper and went shopping while the boys were napping and Aaron was studying. Girl time doesn't happen very often- so when it does- it makes me SO happy!
I shared last week about Aaron and I working on doing small things to give our marriage a BOOST (you can read that post HERE :)  I opened my wallet the other day to pay for something and I found this sweet little note and a gift card to Starbucks! Such a sweet surprise!!! Love that my husband of mine!

For my birthday, my sweet mom got me a gift card to Ulta. I am not one to spend a lot of money...especially on beauty products. I love my drugstore brands! :) However, I have had my eye on the It Cosmetics CC cream for quite some time and my ALL time favorite eye shadow is Urban Decay's shade called Verve. Soooo- I got all fancy and used that gift card and treated myself!! I am so happy to report that I am loving the CC cream- I was worried about spending that much money (it is about $30) and then not totally LOVING it. But I do! YAY!

I just started working out again this week, after taking an almost 2 month break. I went swimming for the first time in 1 1/2 years- and I was SO nervous!! I was really worried I was just going to be an out of shape blob in the water (HA!) but I am so happy to report I felt great! I can't really explain how great it felt to get back in the pool and swim laps. Swimming has always been my favorite way to exercise and it just feels so good to be getting back to "me!"
Yesterday I was able to catch up with my best friend on the phone- we talked for over an hour!!! We both have crazy lives...she lives in Arizona and has 6 kids- so between our families and the time difference we don't get to talk nearly as much as we would like. It was SO good for my heart to talk to her!!! We haven't seen each in almost 5 years- but that has not impacted our friendship one bit. We have always made an effort to stay in touch with lots of text messaging, emails and phone calls when we can find the time! So thankful for our friendship....everyone needs that ONE friend who you can always count on and who just gets YOU :)

Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful weekend!!

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Thoughts for Thursday: Random Ramblings...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Thursday!!

Sooooo....I just have a bunch of randomness to share today. 
I highly recommend grabbing a cup of coffee or hot tea to go with these ramblings. HA!

- My little James is one of kind and is absolutely NUTS (and totally adorable). Because of his extra "spirit" I have started using the time we are in the car, driving to and from my daughters' school as my time to "work." I save all my phone calls I need to make until we are all packed up in the car because it is the only time he is quiet and sitting still! HA! I have also started taking an extra 5 minutes once we get home from dropping the girls off at school in the morning and will keep our van parked in the driveway, let him continue to watch his show and I will put on my makeup! My neighbors must think I am a nut- but seriously- I not get a whole lot accomplished with my precious little James underfoot. HA!

- I just went through all my clothes and filled up two shopping bags worth of items I don't wear anymore. I didn't have a lot of clothes to begin with- but now I REALLY don't. And I love it! I have my "go-to" items I wear all the time and that's all I need! There's a lot of things I like to spend money on...but clothing for myself is not one of them. for my kids...specifically my daughters??? Well...that's a completely different story. HA!

- I am completely obsessed with our precious baby Marshall. OMG. I can't even convey to you how stinking cute he is!!! I know I am his mom- so I might be a bit partial- but seriously- he is the happiest, most easy going, squishy, perfect little baby. I am so, so thankful for him!!
He is sitting up, playing with toys, squawking and trying to crawl. He is super chunky and has the most beautiful smile. My girls fight over who gets to hold him all day, EVERY day. 
He is definitely the fan favorite at our house!!

- This past weekend I went to Ulta with my girls and my friend. It was such a weird experience. 1) There was a lady there with her daughter or granddaughter (I couldn't really figure out their relationship! HA!) and her teenage daughter and she was talking SOOO loud. And it seemed like everywhere we went...she was right there, looking at the same items. She was nice...but SO loud. And she kept looking at me like she wanted me to join in on her conversation! HA! 2) I have NEVER seen a longer line at Ulta than I did last Saturday. Like- I waited at least 20 minutes to check out. Even the sales girls were commenting that they didn't know what the heck was going on. 3) Wouldn't you know it- guess who ended up RIGHT behind me in line. Yes. Super loud-talker. Needless to say- I was very happy and relieved once it was my turn to check out! HA!

- I just recently got cleared to start working out again..and I went to the gym for the first time in 7 weeks on Tuesday.  It felt SO good to be back in the gym! It was also extremely humbling....I am soo out of shape!! It's going to be awhile before I get my groove back! Ha!

Well...that's all the randomness I've got for you today :) 
Anything random you want to share?? Tell me in the comments!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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I'm Ready for you 2017!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Wednesday!!!

So...I have already done two posts on goals I have set for myself for this year, but I thought I would do one more final post :) I am joining Shay and Erika for their "Workin it Wednesdays" series and today's topic is "New Year's Goals."  Perfect springboard to wrap up my thoughts on my hopes for this year!!

Last week- I wrote a post on some marriage goals Aaron and I have set for ourselves.
You can check it out HERE!
In a nutshell- we had our precious 5th baby last year as well as SEVERAL unexpected surgeries between the two of us. The last 6 months of 2016 was spent recovering and just trying to make sure we were still getting our kids to school and that they were fed. HA!
Our goals for this year are to do small things, consistently, to show each other that we are a PRIORITY. We plan to focus on "US" more and I am so excited we have a plan in place to do this!  
Yesterday- I posted about my health/wellness goal for 2017- you can read the full post HERE! I am been a Weight Watchers member off and on for the last 10 years and this past Saturday I re-joined (I was an online member) as a "meetings" member. My goal is to reach my "goal" weight and become a Lifetime Weight Watchers member!  This has been a long time coming for me...I have been pregnant or nursing a baby for the last 8 years and my body has always kind of been in "limbo." I am ready to get back to the weight where I feel my best and maintain it!  
Finally- I just want to make the most out of the year ahead of us. 
2017 is going to be a BIG year for our family (can't wait to share more about WHY soon!) and I don't want the trivial inconveniences and challenges that life can present us to throw me off of my main focus which is LOVING and TAKING CARE of my family. 

I specifically want to be MORE: 

I want to worry LESS about:
my kids' "special" behavior (HA!)
what people think of me

I have already been prayerfully focusing on these things and just in the last few days God has really spoken to me and challenged me to look at specific ways I can be making positive changes. So thankful for that!!

2017: I am ready for you!!!
What are some goals/dreams/aspirations you have for this year?? I would love to know!

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Tuesday Talk!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!!

So...last week I shared some goals Aaron and I have for 2017 to help us strengthen our marriage and today I thought I would share with you my health/wellness goal for 2017!!

I have been a Weight Watchers member, on and off, for the last 10 years. I used to attend meetings and then once I had children, I got an online membership (but didn't attend meetings). By following the Weights Watchers point system, I lost all of the weight I gained with each of my pregnancies.
But- up until now- I would get back to my "goal" weight and then get pregnant again :)
Well, now that we have our precious Marshall and our family is complete with our five precious kiddos- I am ready to be at my goal weight and STAY there :)
I absolutely LOVE Weight Watchers and the fact it is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle of healthy eating habits. No foods are off limits. If you want a slice of pizza or a brownie for dessert- you can have it! You just have to plan for it and it can't be an all the time occurrence!

Anyway...I have been doing Weight Watchers online for the past several months- and at the end of this past December- I decided I was going to re-join as a "meetings" member, get to my goal weight and achieve "lifetime status." 

Being a Weight Watchers lifetime member means: "as a lifetime member, you must hit your goal weight and maintain it by weighing no more than two pounds over that goal for six weeks. At the end of that maintenance period you'll become a lifetime member." 
Once you become a lifetime member, as long as you weigh in once a month and are at your goal weight (+/- 2 lbs), you don't have to pay for your WW membership- but you have all the perks of being a member!

I went to my first WW meeting this past Saturday morning, weighed in and am SO excited to  officially be on the journey to reach my goal weight! I have been doing Weight Watchers for such a long time, but because I have been pregnant or nursing for almost all of the last 8 years, I have not even considered trying to become a lifetime member. It is so exciting to be at a place in my health and wellness journey where I am ready to achieve this goal!

So- since I have been an online WW member for the past 5 months- nothing will really change for me as far as how I am eating. I am just EXTRA motivated to reach my goal weight- because I am SO ready to be a lifetime member (and not pay for my membership)!!

LOVE this quote. This is honestly what Weight Watchers is ALL about for me!
If you all are interested (totally OK if you are NOT interested! HA!)...I would love to keep you posted throughout my journey and let you know how things are going!

Also- I would love to know- are you doing Weight Watchers to help you become a better YOU?
Or doing another healthy eating program like Whole30 or the 21 Day Fix? Or just trying to eat healthier foods and eat smaller portions?? 
Let me know in the comments- we can share our favorite recipes, tips and tricks!

(And I feel TOTALLY silly even saying this, but this post is (obviously) NOT sponsored by Weight Watchers. I just love the program!!)

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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Full Hands Full Heart

Friday Favorites!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!!

How was your week?? It was kind of a short one for us- my girls were off school Monday and Tuesday and went back on Wednesday. So- we only had to do our school routine 3 times this week- and I am not complaining about that one bit! Next week is going to be a rude awakening when we actually have to get back on our regular schedule. HA!

Here's some FAVORITES of mine from this first week of 2017!!

I have been wanting to have a more organized storage system for my ornaments and Christmas decorations for years....and I finally took some Christmas money that I received and got these AWESOME ornament storage boxes from the Container Store!! Now- you can get these type of boxes anywhere- but I really liked how sturdy these were- and the fact that you can store up to 75 ornaments in one box!! They are $16.99 each and in my opinion, worth every penny! We got three of them- and we had plenty of room to store all of our ornaments and a lot of our little Christmas trinkets too!! I know I am a huge dork- but these ornament storage boxes are one of my FAVORITE purchases I have made recently!! :)
One of my Christmas presents from Aaron was a 2017 planner from Plum Paper Company! This is my 3rd year in a row using a Plum Paper Planner and it is hands down my most FAVORITE planner!! Aaron always picks out the picture and pattern that goes on the front of my planner- and this year- for just a couple extra dollars- he added a couple more sections to my planner! I am so excited to have a fresh, new planner and was so happy to start using it this past week!!
Earlier this week, my girls and I had a "mommy makeover" afternoon. I painted their fingernails and toenails and did their makeup- complete with some eyeliner and mascara!! 
We listened to Kidz Bop on Pandora and had SO much fun. I am so thankful I get to be a mommy to three beautiful, funny and DRAMATIC little girls. They are my FAVORITES :)
After baking several different kinds of cookies over the holidays, I have decided, FOR SURE, that cowboy cookies are my FAVORITE cookie. I know this a strong statement...but I have done a lot of thinking about it (and eaten a lot of cookie dough and cookies) and feel confident in saying this. HA!  I have posted my recipe for cowboy cookies multiple times here on the blog, but it is worth posting again! I HIGHLY recommend you make a batch of these cookies this weekend. Trust me :)
I am so excited- one of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend! I met her through one of my childhood friends when I moved to Chicago way back in 2004. I had just graduated from grad school and had completed an internship in San Diego. I moved to Chicago for my first "big girl" job and I moved in with my childhood friend and Michaela! We hit it off immediately and when I moved to Austin, TX two years later, she decided to also move there and we lived together until Aaron and I got engaged. We are the type of friends that don't have to talk or see each other for several months and then pick up right where we left off. Aren't those the best kind?!?
We are going to go for a winter nature walk tomorrow and then I got a babysitter so we could go out for dinner sans kiddos :) 
I don't have many friends...but the ones I do have, I treasure! 
Annnddd....Just one more thing :)
Most of you already know this- but I am a consultant for Thirty-One. Their products are how I keep my family of 7 organized (and looking cute :)!! Some of you belong to my Facebook page, where I post about 31 products and deals- but if you aren't a part of that group- you can check out this page- I did a round up of the items I featured this week!!
And if you want to become "friends" on Facebook and be a part of my 31 group- just "friend" me and I will add you!! :)

Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful weekend!!

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