My Experience with Microblading!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hi friends!!!
We've had a busy start to our has your week been so far??

So- today I thought I would share about something that is NOT important at all...but that a couple of you have commented on and asked about...MY EYEBROWS. HA!

About 5 months ago, I got my eyebrows microbladed!! I know some people have heard of it and probably some of you know what it is...but maybe you don't know much about the process. 
I thought I would share my personal experience with it!!

First- before I get started- here is a definition of what microblading is (that I pulled off the internet): "a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hairlike strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows." plucked the HECK out of my eyebrows when I was in junior high and high school. Because of that...I had A LOT of sparse areas on both of my eyebrows. For a long time it didn't bother me, but as I got older, I started wanting a "fuller" look to my eyebrows. 
So then- I started filing them in with a brow pencil and that was working fine...but I was starting hearing about micro-blading and became very intrigued!

I reached out a local hair stylist/esthetician who is certified to do microblading (and came highly recommended) and we texted back and forth and decided on a plan for my eyebrows!

Here is me with my skinny, sparse eyebrows:) You can see- I have a good amount of hair on my brows but they are thin and definitely sparse in some areas.
Here's a more up close picture I sent to the girl who did my eyebrows.
And one more...just so you have a good reference point of the "before." 
At the beginning of my appointment, my esthetician went over EVERYTHING with me. What she was going to do, the risks (the main one being infection), how I should take care of my eyebrows, ect. She was SUPER thorough and kept asking me if I had any questions.
Then we went back and she cleaned my face really well and we took a "before" picture!
Don't you love my SWEET headband!?
This is my FAVORITE picture. HA!
My esthetician measured everything to make sure it was perfect, filled in my brows with a marker and drew them on so she knew exactly how they would look before she started the microblading process. She checked with me and asked me if I like the look of them and we also picked out how dark of a color of I wanted my brows to be. I picked the most "natural" brown shade because I didn't want them to be SUPER dark.
The whole process last about an hour.....I think. I can't specifically remember! HA! It was painful but not horrible. I wore ear phones and listened to music because my esthetician recommended I do that and I am so glad she did. She also gave me some "stress" balls to squeeze during extra painful moments which was helpful.  

For me- the worst part about the whole process was not the actual microblading part- it was having SUPER DARK, SCARY looking eyebrows for a couple of weeks. HA!
Aaron and I went on a date after I got my eyebrows microbladed and I felt like such a nut. He kept laughing at me! It was pretty funny. You can see in this picture my eyebrows are DARK.
For the first 2 weeks after you get your eyebrows microbladed you have to be very careful not to get them wet and protect them with a layer of aquaphor to help them heal and NOT become infected. My eyebrows healed perfectly and I had absolutely NO issues. I followed my esthetician's care instructions and it was all good! Over the course of a month, my eyebrow color faded and settled into it's real color.

Here's a close up of my brows about 6 weeks after I had them done!
 And here's another one!
I got what you could call "partial" microblading done because I had a good amount of hair to start with. Because of that, I only needed one tiny touch up. Everyone is different and it totally varies on your esthetician!!
 And here's a picture I posted on Instagram this past weekend. You can see my eyebrows look much more defined and fuller than my "before" pictures. 
I will be honest- since I had such "skinny" eyebrows to start with- it took a couple a months to adjust to my fuller eyebrows...but I really, really love the results from my microblading experience. 
I will definitely get them re-done when they need it (usually 1-2 years depending on your skin and how the ink fades). I LOVE not having to fill my eyebrows in every morning when I am doing my makeup!

So- let's talk price now. Because what my esthetician did to my eyebrows was not a FULL micro-blade- the price I paid is not representative of what is normally charged to get your brows microbladed. My esthetician charges $400 to $450 to micro-blade a full set of eyebrows and that includes a follow up appointment at 6 weeks to touch up any areas that need it.  It is definitely EXPENSIVE- but if you have barely any eyebrows or your eyebrows are something you are really self-conscious about- it might be worth looking into!
My best advice is to ask around- specifically your hair stylist to see if he or she knows of an esthetician or a local spa where you have had other services. 

So there you have it!!
Do you have any questions??

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday...I will see ya'll back here on Friday for some favorites of mine from this past week!

Friday Favorites!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Hi friends! 

I wanted to thank you so very much for the heartfelt comments left on my previous post about Charlotte Robson. I know everyone is just absolutely heartbroken for April and her family. What has been so absolutely amazing is how SO many people have come together to help the Robson's through donating on GoFund Me, purchasing off of their Amazon wish list and most importantly keeping them in your daily prayers. For those of you on Instagram, April has created an Instagram account (@charlottesjoy) to document sweet Charlotte’s leukodystrophy journey — focusing on JOY while navigating the ups and downs. She has posted lots of updates and I feel like it is such a privilege for us to follow along in their journey. April will do ANYTHING for her children, and while I know it's not easy for her to document many aspects of what they are going through, if she can help just one person and bring awareness to Leukodstrophy, it is WORTH it to her!!!

In the midst of so many HARD things going has really made me aware of what matters and what doesn't. I am focusing more on the simple pleasures that are SO often taken for granted....because those are the REAL moments that make up our lives!!

Here are just a few things that brought me a lot of happiness this week!!

This past Saturday, we went on a family run and then headed over to our town's local farmer's market!! We had SO much fun and left with a watermelon, zucchini, squash and a brisket!! It was such a fun way to spend our Saturday morning!
We have been so busy traveling this summer that we have not had a chance to go to the pool on the weekend! The kids and I go 3-4 times during the week- but Aaron hasn't gone with us a once due to him working and us being gone a lot. Despite a rainy weekend, we snuck in about an hour and a half at the pool this past Saturday and the kids were THRILLED Daddy got to swim with them!! 
With the new school year approaching FAST, I have been looking for easy breakfast options that are packed with protein. So many of my friends love this Kodiak pancake mix, so I picked some up at Walmart the other day...I made them for breakfast and ALL the kids loved them. That is what I call winning. HA! I put a little smear of peanut butter on their pancakes and they gobbled them right up. I am going to try and make a good amount ahead of time and keep them in the freezer! We just bought a waffle maker- so this mix will be great for making waffles too!
The girls and I went school supply shopping this week and I picked up these super cute earrings as a treat to myself!! Walmart has the CUTEST earrings and there are a lot of them that are on clearance!
Do you read my friend Owen's blog, The Davis Duo? She lives here in Greenville and we connected through our blogs and the fact that our husbands sometimes work together.  I reached out to her about a month ago, when it was time for me to get my hair done, because I knew her sister was a hairdresser. Keelhn, her sister, did my hair a couple of days ago and we just had the BEST time chatting. And she did an amazing job on my hair!! I know the internet has MANY downfalls...but oh my goodness...I have been connected with some of the MOST amazing people through my blog...Owen (and now her sister too) is one of them!
Speaking of amazing people I have met via my blog, I want to give a HUGE shout-out to my friend Johannah. Owen, another local friend named Emily and I have been up to a little fundraising project for the Robson's this past week and I messaged Johannah to see if she could help us out by designing some graphics for the fundraiser. Literally within MINUTES she had the most PERFECT graphics made and I am just so thankful for her help!! I love you Johannah!! THANK YOU!!!

Okay friends...I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend. 

Please keep praying, praying, praying for the Robson's.

Also, I know some of you might also be going through a hard time. I would love to pray for you. If you feel comfortable sharing your prayer request in the comments- please do so! If you don't- email me at 

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Prayers for Precious Charlotte Robson

Monday, August 6, 2018

Hello friends :)

I hope this finds you having a great start to your week:)

I have to be honest with has been HARD the last couple of weeks.
Personally, there are some things going on in my family that have been so very difficult. 
I don't mean to be vague at all...I promise to share more soon- I just have to find the mental energy to write that post :) 

And then last week, I received absolutely devastating news that one of my dear friend's daughter had been diagnosed with a rare, incurable and terminal disease. 

Many of you follow April's blog, Smidge of This and also follow her on Instagram. If you know April personally, you can attest to what an absolutely STUNNING, classy, kind and funny woman she is. She is the absolute BEST mom (she puts me to shame- she is SO patient and sweet!) and a devoted wife. She is just one of those people you could talk to for hours and I have felt so grateful to become friends with her, first through emailing back and forth and now in real life! 

My heart was crushed and has remained broken since finding out the news about precious Charlotte's diagnosis of Leukodstrophy. As a mother, while I have NO idea what April is going through, I can FEEL her pain- because us mamas just KNOW. We all would do anything for our children and to be faced with the unimaginable...well there are really no words for it.
I know not very many people read my blog, but those of you that do- are the sweetest women with the biggest hearts. And I know all of you are reading this (or when reading April's post on IG last Friday) are thinking-- I want to help her! How can I help?!?!

April has an INCREDIBLE network of angel friends in Charlotte who have banded together and literally taken care of SO many things for the Robson family. They really are an amazing group of ladies- a true testament to what real friendship looks like.

They have gathered up a few ways that we can all help April and her precious family.

First, April and Ian covet your prayers more than anything right now. 
April shared on her IG stories yesterday, they have a big appointment today where there is some important testing being done- so if you could pray specifically for positive results, as well as April and Ian to feel strength and comfort as they go through a hard, long stressful day of testing- I know they would be SO appreciative.
Also, ongoing prayers for Charlotte, April, Ian, their precious daughter Camille and their baby boy Lochlan as they navigate this journey of many unknowns are needed.

If you feel led to give financially,  a Go Fund Me page has been set up for them.
 This will help with all of the medical expenses that are not covered by their insurance- which will be EXTENSIVE.
Any amount that you feel you can give will absolutely make a difference and would be SO helpful.

An Amazon Wish List, you can find it here: , has been set up for ongoing items they need. There are several different options of gift cards on their wish list- if you want to treat them to a meal or some coffee at Starbucks!

**Some people are having trouble with getting the packages sent to the Robson's. 
Christina from North Carolina Charm put these easy directions on her blog to make sure you know your are doing it right!**

Step 1: Select Item from Wish List

Step 2: Add Item to Cart & Proceed to Checkout

Step 3: Select Robson Family (hidden) Address for Shipping

I know one of the ways I love helping out a friend is to bring them a meal. Cooking is the last thing on someone's mind when they have million other things to worry about. You can purchase a Postmates gift card for the Robson family- and they will be able to use that to get a hot meal delivered right to their door! Please use the email: when purchasing the gift card.
Here's the link to Postmates:
They live in Charlotte, NC- so just plug that in the search bar!

And finally if you are local to Charlotte, this Tuesday, April's amazing friends have set up a carwash fundraiser. They will also be selling lemonade and cookies- and there is a park right by the carwash- so your kids can play while your car gets washed!
Please email me ( and I will get you in touch with the person to schedule your car wash appointment!!
I wanted to leave you with this bible verse from Corinthians 4:9-10:
"We are perplexed, but not driven to despair, persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed."

I believe with my whole heart, when the cross is heavy, God is ALWAYS present, giving strength to endure what seems impossible.
Hanging onto this truth for my precious friend and her beautiful daughter.

I hope you have a beautiful Monday!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Hey friends!!!


I know for several of you- it's your last weekend before school starts next week! CRAZY! We have one more FULL week of summer break and you can bet I am going to soak up every minute I don't have to have 5 kids and myself out the door by 7:30 am! HA!

We had a VERY low key week...the weather has been pretty yucky here in Eastern NC...and I just feel like we needed a breather after all the traveling we have been doing!

Here's some FAVORITES of mine from this past week!

I am SO behind on my kids' yearly photo books!!! 
I asked Aaron to sneak away for a couple hours this past Sunday afternoon to make some progress on Cora's and James' books (FROM LAST YEAR) and he was all for it!
I set up camp at a table by the window at Starbuck's and had the loveliest time working on getting Cora's book done. I LOOOOVVVEEE my kiddos so much it hurts- but it felt good to have a tiny bit of time away! 
When I got home from Starbuck's, the girls informed me it felt like I had been gone for HOURS and they were STARVING. HA!
They have never taken an acting class in their lives...but they sure do have some major skills in being UBER dramatic!! HA!

Cora and I put together a fun little snack tray for everyone and she wanted to take a picture of it for my blog! :)
 I know I have mentioned this before- but my kids LOVE snack trays!!
I just piled up some wheat thins (Aldi brand), cut up some colby jack cheese (from Aldi! They have the BEST, most inexpensive cheese selection!) and then included some apple slices and baby carrots for good measure ;) 
It was rainy day when they had this snack tray- so we spread out a blanket in the living room and had a picnic. Just a super simple way to make snack time a little more fun!
I don't know how- but Cora got it in her head that if she wrote Tinkerbell a letter, she would drop all the girls off pixie dust. She wrote her the cutest letter and both Celine and Cora drew these adorable pictures!
Tinkerbell didn't show up the first night, but on the 2nd night, after she stopped by the Walmart craft aisle (HA!), she dropped off fairy dust for each of the girls!!
It was SO cute to see their reactions in the morning once they saw she ACTUALLY came to the house. I just love having little girls! :)
I picked up this fun "athleisure" top from Walmart last week and wanted to share it with you!
It is by Avia- and it is a 3/4 length sleeve light weight sweatshirt- with kind of a cowl neck/hoodie thing going on. It is SO cute- and you can find it in the active wear section of the women's clothing. It comes in this gray color, a light pink and black! It is a perfect transition piece heading into the fall! I have a tendency to get chilly when the air conditioning is I have been wearing it at home! It is $14.96- and unfortunately, I have searched HIGH and LOW for this top on and just cannot find it!!
BUT- it you are in your local Walmart this weekend- look for this top- and GET IT. 
It's a good one!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend....any fun plans???
We don't have much going on...which is SO not normal for us! 
I know FOR SURE (because my girls have asked me about 100 times) we are going school supply shopping. The girls are so excited....which makes me excited :)
Even though I am not ready for school to supplies are pretty darn FUN! :)

Happy Friday!!

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Hello Monday!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Hey friends!! Happy Monday!!

I'm back!! YAY!!

We got back from our trip to Illinois super late this past Friday. I was so tired I barely remember anything other than taking a shower and collapsing into bed. The next morning Aaron and I were talking about how out of it I was and he was like, "you were OUT." HA!
That's what a combined 32 hours in the car, multiple 4:30 am wake-ups and spending time with NINE awesome kiddos will do to you!!!

Our week at my parents' house was filled with LOTS of noise, SO much dirt and sand (my mom is a "YES" grandma- and she has a sand box- AND she let them use the hose to make "pies.) and TONS of fun.
So grateful for the time these 9 cousins got to spend with each other!! It is rare they are all together and it was definitely precious to see them all enjoying each other so much!!
Here's the big daddy van we rented to drive up to Illinois. It was a beast! HA! My brother graciously drove the WHOLE way to Illinois. I got to drive the van around all week, taking the kids to the park and to do other activities. We jokingly started calling it my "daycare" van. HA!
We had a little snafu with the van and had to switch out to another 15 passenger van for the ride home. I would give Enterprise a B+ for how they worked with us to get our situation figured out. We ended up with a new van, I think it was a Ford Sprinter, and the kids REALLY loved that van because there were tons of windows and it felt more like a mini-bus.
My brother liked it because it drove smoother than the daycare van and we got home a little faster than we anticipated. Needless to say, I was so thankful we had a safe, uneventful road trip and I was SUPER grateful to see my FAVORITE Toyota Sienna when Aaron picked us up in Raleigh on Friday night. I was down with the daycare van for a week- but I missed my Sienna!!! HA!
And now it's Monday and all the girls can talk about is going school supply shopping!!! AHHH! I am just NOT ready to admit school starts in 3 weeks!! 
I love summer SO much and jumping into the fast paced schedule we have during the school year is just not something I am ready for yet! Anybody else feel me on that??

My goals for this week is to be "normal." We aren't traveling anywhere, we don't have much going on and I just want to keep a chill pace. 
I haven't been to the gym in over a week- so we will be going there every morning and I know the kids want to make a trip to the library. Other than that, our schedule is pretty wide open and that feels REALLY good! July has been JAM PACKED and I really like the idea of transitioning into August at a slower pace :)

What are you up to this week??

What's on the menu for dinner at your house?

Here's a super quick run-down of what we're having:

Monday: Grilled Chicken, tossed salad and green beans (kids will also have cheesy bread)
Tuesday: TACOS! (using lean ground beef)
Wednesday: Hot dogs on the grill and steamed green beans
Thursday: Taco salads (using shredded chicken seasoned with taco seasoning) + cheese quesadillas and applesauce
Friday: Pizza!!
Saturday: We're going to a pool party and dinner is being served! A NO cook night for me! YAY!
Sunday: Burgers and grilled veggies

It is GLOOMY and raining in our neck of the woods- and the rest of the week's forecast doesn't look much better. BLEH.
Here's to making it a great week regardless and doing everything I can to keep my kiddos and ME from going to stir crazy!! HA!
Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful week!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Hi friends!!

Happy Friday!!! How was your week??

I don't know about you- but I seriously feel like the month of July is flying by at WARP speed. The kids go back to school the second week of August and I just can't wrap my head around that!!!

I am going to avoid reality at all costs and just NOT pay attention to the school supplies set up in the stores. My daughters keep begging me to go school shopping and I just keep saying, "NOT YET!" HA!

Anyway...that's where I am with school starting so soon. HA!

 now for some FAVORITES from this past week!

On Monday, I posted about all the fun adventures we've had the past couple of weeks. You can check that post out HERE! We went camping last weekend for James' 4th birthday and had an absolute BLAST. I feel like Aaron and I have never held back, per say, on traveling or going on adventures with the kids, even when they were little....BUT- we have definitely been saying "YES" to a lot more trips and activities as the kids have gotten an older. 
It is a REALLY fun season of life to be in!! 
Don't get me wrong- things are still CRAZY 98% of the time...but it's manageable. HA!
I LOVE exploring with these 5 kiddos- I feel like I am living out the dreams I had before I was married and had kids when we go to new places and experience new things together as a family!!
I know there has been a lot of hype about Amazon Prime Day and all the great items on sale- but I honestly didn't pay attention to most of it! HA! We really just don't NEED anything!
One recent Amazon purchase I did make this past week were these running shorts. I don't own anything by the brand Lululemon...but apparently these are VERY similar to a pair of running shorts they have! I actually won't wear them running (I like to wear workout capris when I run)- I got them more as an everyday pair of shorts to wear when I don't feel like wearing jean shorts or my J.Crew chino shorts. They are SO comfortable! They are under $25- which is still a little pricier than I would normally pay for a "workout" pair of shorts- but they are really good quality and I know I will get a ton of wear out of them!!  

Sunday, after we went to the pool- we hit up Sonic Happy hour and got slushies and diet limeades. Is there anything better than getting 7 drinks for less than $6??? HA!
I LOVE these sweet sisters SO much. There is a fair amount of drama always happening...but aside from that- they are my 3 little best friends and I am kind of obsessed with how sweet and fun they are!!!
I have been using a new shampoo and conditioner and I am LOVING it. It is by the OGX brand and I ordered mine off of (because anything that can get delivered to my doorstep versus me having to buy it in the store will always be my FAVORITE).
My hair has been feeling ROUGH between the chlorine from the pool and from the fact that I color my hair. I saw the word "miracle" and I am sucker for pretty packaging- so the rainbow colors in "coconut oil" sold me. HA! 
The good new is- I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner! It smells lovely- but is not overpowering. It makes my hair feel SO good. I really feel like the conditioner has "repaired" my hair- but it doesn't feel heavy at all. It is definitely worth giving a try if you are on the lookout for a new shampoo and conditioner!! I got mine HERE!

I posted some before and after pictures of the closet makeover Aaron did this past weekend!! It is kind of amazing the space we gained and just how ORGANIZED and CLEAN our closet feels now!!! You can check the post out HERE! The girls are obsessed with it and have told me our closet is their new FAVORITE room in the house! HA!
The kids and I are headed out on a BIG road trip this weekend!
We are leaving early Sunday morning, along with my niece and nephew, to drive to Illinois! 
I rented a 15 passenger van to fit all of us (I KNOW. Kind of insane) and my brother is going to drive with me.
(Aaron can't take off work- so my brother is really being amazing. He is driving with us to Illinois, will fly back to Raleigh for the week to work and then fly back up to Illinois so he can drive us home. He's a ROCKSTAR!) 
We will be staying at my mom and dad's house and my sister and her 2 kiddos will also be there. So all NINE cousins will be together!!! It's a going to be a super fun time and everyone is SO excited!
Just FYI:
I am going to next week off of blogging so I can spend all of my time focused on my family.  We rarely are able to get all of the cousins together and I haven't seen my parents since November. I don't plan on opening up my computer or being by my phone much!!
So- I will see you back here the week after next!

I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Closet Makeover!!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hi friends!!

Happy Thursday!!!

So- on Monday I posted about our weekend and that Aaron tackled the HUGE project of making over our master closet- you can read about it HERE!

Ever since we moved into our house last June- we have wanted to make our closet more functional. It is a GREAT size. But the space was being totally underutilized with the builder grade, wire racks. I don't like dressers in bedrooms (I know- I am SUPER weird)- so we also had 2 dressers in our closet and it was basically a HOT MESS.

Here's the before picture of my side of the closet....
If you walk into our closet- this is what you saw. This is the back wall of our closet and WOW. It was organized SO well. HA!
Here's Aaron's side....such a disaster zone! HA!
We started looking at closet organization systems and quickly realized we would have to do something on our own. Creating a custom closet and having someone else install it for you is about the same price as a used car. HA!

We ended going with Home Depot and because Aaron is amazing- he measured everything out, asked me specifically what I was looking for and then "designed" us a closet. 
He bought all sorts of different shelving, drawers, and rods to create our "custom" closet. 
In full disclosure- this was NOT cheap. 
But- it was TREMENDOUSLY less expensive than if we had it done by someone else.

All the pieces got delivered by Home Depot...there were SO.MANY.BOXES. and Aaron got to work Friday night after the kids went to bed. He worked for a large portion of Saturday (we had a few other things we did) and then once we got home from church on Sunday, he didn't stop working until about 6 pm. So this was NOT a small job at all.

But look at the finished product!!
Aaron took this panoramic shot with his phone!
And here are some pictures with all of our things moved in!
Please excuse the's horrible because there is no natural light!

If you were walking into our closet- this is the left side...and it's where I have all of my things.
 Here's a different view of "my side."
Do you see all those little ceramic creatures?? The girls have painted them for me and they LOVE that I have them on display :)
 Here's Aaron's side!
 And here is the back wall!
You can see we still have SO much open space!! 
We gained so much room with this closet makeover! 
 The only thing that still needs to be done is add shelving to the very top of the closet so if we wanted to place things up there we could. Home Depot forgot to include hardware to install the shelves- so we are waiting on them to send that.

I absolutely LOVE the dresser "system" we picked out!! We went with one of the "higher end" options and I am so glad we did. The drawers are extremely high quality and super roomy.

It feels SO good to have such a clean, organized, functional closet. We both keep saying we feel extremely spoiled and definitely do NOT deserve to have this nice of a closet! :)

I am SO thankful to have such a handy husband. He truly is skilled when it comes to this sort of thing and I am so appreciative that he spends his precious time doing things like this for us!

YAY for a new closet!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

See you back here tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!

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