Recipe Club: Homemade Creamed Corn!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!

I am super excited about today- because it's Recipe Club day!! Two of my best blogging buddies, Johannah and Heather, host Recipe Club, every 3rd Wednesday of the month. All you have to do is share one of your favorite recipes and link up with them!!
I am part of the meal ministry for funerals at our church and recently had to make a hot vegetable dish for a luncheon. I seriously had NO idea what to make- because I ALWAYS sign up to make a dessert!
So, of course, I did a quick search on Pinterest and this SUPER easy and YUMMY recipe from Damn Delicious (one of my favorite food blogs) popped up:
Slow Cooker Creamed Corn. It is made in the crock pot. You only need 5 ingredients- all of which I can almost guarantee you already have. It is ready to serve in 2-3 hours. 
Here's the main ingredients you will need:

1 cup of milk
(3) cans of whole kernel corn (15.25 oz) DRAINED (please note- I only have 1 can of corn pictured- but you will need THREE for the recipe!!)
8 ounces cream cheese
1/2 cup (1 stick) of unsalted butter- cut into small squares
(not pictured)
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon pepper

**Line your slow cooker with a crock pot liner for easy clean up!**

Place corn in slow cooker. Mix sugar, milk and pepper together until well combined. Pour over corn. Do NOT stir!! Top the corn/milk mixture with cut up butter and cubed cream cheese. Cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours.

Uncover and stir until butter and cream cheese are well combined. Cover and cook on high heat for another 15 minutes.

Serve Immediately!

Or you can do what I did- and put it in a dish that can be re-heated and serve it later!
Since this was the first time I made this recipe- I can't say if it would freeze well or not. I will have to make it again and try it out! 
Friends. This simple side dish turned out SO yummy! And seriously- it maybe took me five minutes- MAX- to get this prepped and ready to go in the slow cooker!

Wouldn't this be a great side dish to have at Thanksgiving? It is perfect if you are cooking for a big could have this as your "starch," make a big tossed salad, grill some steaks and chicken- and BOOM- you have a gorgeous meal!

My husband is from Texas and he looooveeess his creamed corn- especially with BBQ ;) I am excited to make this dish again so he can enjoy it with some BBQ pork!

Let me know if you try this recipe out and what you think of it! I have NEVER not loved a recipe from Damn Delicious- they are all so yummy (and easy to make)!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!! I sure hope your week is off to a WONDERFUL start!! know the saying.."if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" or the one "it's an oldie, but a goodie!"

Well- both of those sayings apply to something I routinely use when I do my hair!

Behold: My TWENTY YEAR OLD hot rollers!!!
Yup. I got these hot rollers for my 16th birthday- from my sweet brother!! 
And I am STILL using them!! As you can see- they no longer have a nice little cover around them, I am missing one roller and I keep the metal clips for the rollers in a ziploc baggie- but guess what- THEY WORK GREAT!

I was doing my hair a few days ago- and I thought to myself..."I bet all of my blog friends would totally get a kick out of the fact my hot rollers are basically an antique." HA! 
And then I figured, I might as well show you how I do my hair- because honestly- I think hot rollers are totally underused and under-appreciated in the land of hair tools! 

YES. These are the random thoughts that actually go through my mind....I am a WIERDO! HA!

Okay- let's get started :)
So- I wash my hair at night and just go to bed with it wet. When I wake up- it sometimes still needs a little more drying time...and this is what it looks like. HUGE and FLUFFY and FRIZZY!

So- If it is a "hair" morning for me, I plug in my hot rollers before I head downstairs to get my coffee. That way, they are nice and hot by the time I head back upstairs to curl my hair.

I have a TON of hair. It is long and extremely thick. So the easiest way for me to roll my hair, is to section my hair off and roll the bottom section first, then take some hair down, roll that section up and so on and so on. 
And here you big ol' head covered in my 20 year old hot rollers! 
I am the COOLEST. HA!

I GENEROUSLY (and when I say generously- I am not playing around! HA!) spray my hair after I have it all up in the curlers. I don't use anything fancy- my favorite hair spray is the Equate version of TRESemme Two Extra Hold Hairspray!

Side note: One of the biggest reasons I love using hot rollers is because it takes NO time at all to get my hair up in curlers. While I was taking pictures for this post, I decided to time how long it took me to curl my hair- UNDER 5 minutes! BOOM! It takes me quadruple that to curl my hair using a regular curling iron! 

So after I have all of my hair up in curlers...I am able to get my makeup done, help the kids get ready, make beds, put away name it! I LOVE that my hair is getting curled while I am able to be doing other stuff!! One of the major perks about using hot rollers versus curling your hair with a curling iron!

Anyway- once my rollers have completely cooled, I take them out. 
And this is what my hair looks like.

So....if you are a fellow hot roller user like know that you have to finger comb through your with the curls a little bit and get everything situated. I always usually take my curling iron and straighten out/re-curl the few pieces of hair around my face. This takes me just a couple of minutes!

And here is the "finished product!" It took about 15 minutes total for me to get my "done." But 10 of those minutes I was putting on my makeup and doing other stuff- hot rollers are a multi tasker's DREAM! HA!

Since my hair is so thick...I only have to wash it a couple times a week. So- these curls will actually last me a couple of days! On days 2 and 3 (post washing it/curling it), I just use some dry shampoo, hair spray and touch it up a little bit with my curling iron.
EASY PEASY. This mama does not have the time or patience for a long, drawn out beauty routine! ;)

So I have to know-- am I the only out there using an old school set of hot rollers???
I sometimes think to myself that I should buy a new set...but I quickly shoot that idea down- because mine still work SO great! 

If you don't currently use hot rollers, but are interested in trying them out- I found this set and it seems to be the "updated version" of my 18 year old set of rollers :)

I'd love to know- what's your "go-to" way of doing your hair?? Do you have a set "method" like I do? Or do you use a variety of different tools?

And I just had to include this- because it couldn't be MORE TRUE!! HA!
Hope you have the BEST day!!!

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Full Hands Full Heart

Hello Monday!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record over here- but time is seriously just moving by SO FAST! How can we be half way through October already???
I think a lot of it has to do with being so busy with school and work during the week- and then on the weekends- the weather has been INCREDIBLE- so we have just been doing all sorts of fun things, soaking up every minute we can be out and about- enjoying the outdoors!

Anyway....we are back to Monday again- and I don't mind it! I actually like Monday's- I am a big fan of "fresh starts" and routine...and Monday's are good for both of those things! :)

Linking up with Johannah today....if you have a blog...and you don't already- join her every Monday for her fun "Hello Monday" link-up party!! :)
We kicked off our weekend on Friday night, with our usual pizza picnic! Aaron makes several semi-homemade pizzas (it's a night off of cooking for me- YAY!) and the girls and James watch a movie and eat pizza in the living room. It's such a great way to wind down from the busy week- and we all enjoy it so much! 
Per Johannah's recommendation- we got "Spookely the Square Pumpkin" for the kids to watch- and they LOVED it! 
We ended up just paying $5 and buying it on our Amazon account! It is such sweet little movie- and I like it because it's friendly- and has a very sweet theme about it- not creepy or scary like most Halloween-ish movies are!
Saturday was a FULL day- but tons of fun. I go for a long run outside every Saturday (weather permitting) and I look forward to that 45 minutes of pounding the pavement all week. A little time alone + fresh air + gorgeous weather + watching the sunrise + working up a good sweat = THE BEST :)
After my run, we had our 'usual' Saturday morning breakfast of semi-homemade cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs...and then headed out to run a bunch of errands.

Later on in the afternoon- we went to a Fall Fun party being hosted by a family that goes to the same school as our girls.  We had never been to their house before- but I knew they had just finished building imagine what my jaw did when we pulled up to their driveway and I saw this....
UM. Three words: RED TIN ROOF.
Isn't it just gorgeous???
They live on 10 acres and have goats and chickens! We went on a hay ride, the kids decorated pumpkins, everyone brought tons of yummy food and the kids just ran around wild having the best time in the wide open space! The weather was fabulous and it really was just a super FUN afternoon! 

Sunday- we went to church-- which has recently gotten SUPER SPECIAL- all because of a certain year 2 year old little boy who shall remain nameless ;) We are definitely in a season where church feels like the longest hour of our lives...but that's ok :) We know it's temporary...we've been through it with our girls- and they have beautiful church behavior now :) Gotta love a toddler's little mind and the fact that he associates Jesus and time with God with DONUTS. HA!

After we got home from church, we got the boys down for a nap, the girls and Aaron played outside and I was able to get a lot of things done in the kitchen!
Aaron wants to bring his co-workers homemade biscuits and gravy to this week, so I got the sausage gravy made, baked 2 loaves of pumpkin bread and made a huge batch of meatballs (we're having meatball subs tonight for dinner). It was so nice to have my pumpkin waffle candle burning, the screen door open- with a cool breeze coming inside and a couple of hours to get a little bit ahead on meals for the week!!
Speaking of meals....I used to post our weekly menu plan every Monday- but I stopped for two reasons...1) Our meals have gotten pretty boring and we are eating a lot of the same things because that's what works for our family right now. We would rather stick to the same 10 meals- since we know the kids will eat them- rather than me trying to be creative and try new recipes :) 2) I started to think posting my meal plan on Monday was not the smartest thing- considering I meal plan on Friday afternoon/Saturday morning and then grocery shop over the weekend. I am assuming most of you do the same thing?? 
So- a couple questions for you- do you meal plan? If so- when do you plan out your meals/grocery shop for the week?
Are any of you interested in seeing our SUPER BORING meal plan for the week? I am thinking maybe posting it on Thursday might be more helpful?

Let me know your thoughts on this!!

And speaking of menu planning- 
Isn't this printable SO cheerful?? You can download it from HERE!
I write out our menu plan on a big chalkboard in our kitchen- but I also love to have it written down on a piece of paper to keep in my planner...definitely going to be printing out some of these to have on hand when I am doing my meal planning for the week!! :)

And finally- just a little PSA- I posted this on my Facebook page- but also wanted to share it here: This Thursday, Oct. 20, Thirty-One Gifts is turning 13 and they are throwing a big ol' party!

For one day only (October 20) they will be bringing back home past customer faves and offering them again as bundles at 31% off. 
I'm going to be throwing my own party and sharing deals through a Facebook event. 

If you want to be invited- email me at and I will add you to the invite list! I am creating the invite today and will send it out tonight! And for all you friends who have already commented on my Facebook page- I have you down on the invite list! :) I am excited! I can't wait to see what prints/products are going to be featured in the sale!! :)

Hope you all have the BEST day!!!

Friday Favorites!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Friday!!!
Another week is down in the books...and life is good :) 

We had a fun, busy week at our house- how about you???

Here's some of my FAVORITES from this past week! 

I write my girls a note every day and put it in their lunch. I will be honest- some days I just want to throw a sandwich, a juice box and some gold fish in their lunch bags and be DONE. But- at the beginning of the school year- I made a "goal" to write them a note every day :) So- anyway...the other night when I was putting Charlotte to bed- she said, "Mommy- you might want to look in that spot where we hang papers up." I went downstairs and looked in that exact spot and saw this PRECIOUS note. And we can please talk about the eyes she drew that are "winking???" I am telling you- I wasn't sure how I would feel about my kids getting older...but it is SO fun and SO awesome!
One of my best blogging buddies Whitney, shared about THE perfect utility vest she picked up from Sam's a couple weeks ago. Being a huge copy cat- I went to Sam's last weekend in search of the THE VEST. And I found it! It is $20 and SO cute!!! I really don't have a lot of clothes- I have a good foundation of basics that I mix and match a lot- and this vest is the perfect addition!!! Thank you for the heads up about this vest Whitney!!! 
Um. Do any of you know about Sid the Science Kid?? Well- he is a big FAVORITE of mine. HA!  James JUST started to like watching shows....and he is OBSESSED with Sid. Do you want to know why I love Sid so much?? Because I can now take a quick 10 minute shower or take care of Marshall in his room- because when Sid is on James is GLUED to the TV. YES- you are reading this right- I am happy my kid loves TV. HA! James is a complete tornado- so for him to just sit still for a couple of minutes has really been life changing. HA!

Speaking of my precious James....earlier this week- my daughter had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch, and Marshall, James and I went with her! It was the BEST day. The weather was gorgeous and it was just so fun to be outside doing all the Fall things :)
So- we took a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch- to pick out a pumpkin- and while I am trying to safely get off the tractor while wearing Marshall and holding Celine's hand...James manages to scurry off and this is where I found him. Sitting with one of the guys who works on the farm...talking to him about his tools that he had in the golf cart. 
He is NUTS. And I love him SO much!!
Can I be totally cliched and say that fall is one of my current FAVORITES?? I normally don't like when the weather gets cooler- but it was a GORGEOUS week here in Indianapolis and I just couldn't help but be so thankful for the cool breezes and warm sunshine!!! 
I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Friday Favorites Link Up!

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And lastly, linking up with KatieTifDella & Caitlin for High Five for Friday!

Thoughts for Thursday!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Thursday!!!

How has your week been?

It's been a full week over here....nothing big going on...just lots of little things that need to get done- that add up and make me feel like I don't have a whole lot of time left over to do OTHER stuff that I would like to get done (you know- things like cleaning the toilets- ha!)- does that make sense?? HA!

I am feeling random I hope you are in the mood for a "stream of conscious" style post! HA!

- First- I feel the need to share that I now eat bananas. YUP. This may not seem like a big deal to you- but up until a few months ago- I could count on one hand how many times I (choked) down a banana in my 35 years of living :)  I have always been fine with frozen bananas in my smoothies- but eating a fresh banana used to almost make me dry heave! HA!  Anyway- I don't know what prompted me to start eating them- but I am! And I don't hate them! I wouldn't say they are my favorite fruit- but they are very handy to grab when I am on the go and they are very filling. My favorite way to eat them is on top of peanut butter toast :)
So- welcome to adulthood tried a new food and actually liked it! HA!

- If you have kids- are you the type of parent that goes all out for your kids' Halloween costumes? Do you buy them a new one each year...or maybe even make them one?? 
You are SO nice. I am NOT that parent. HA! You know what I tell my kids they can be for Halloween?? Anything they can find in our dress up bin.  I refuse to buy costumes when we have gorgeous dress up dresses and several bins of costumes that have been given to us! Luckily- my girls are totally cool with this...and James has no idea what's going on :)  

- So....Aaron and I haven't been on a date in QUITE A LONG TIME. We have some WONDERFULLY AMAZING friends that have offered to watch the kids for us so we can go out- but we have had something going on every weekend- and I am SUPER weird and find it easier to just NOT go out until Marshall is older because he is still nursing so much 
( I know I can pump and do bottles- I just find that super annoying :)  
Anyway- Aaron and I were chatting the other evening while the kids were playing outside, after a particularly ANNOYING dinner experience (you know- everything was GUH-ROSS and James threw his plate- filled with food across the floor and Marshall was a huge fuss bucket)- and we both were like, "WOW. We could use a couple hours where we are clocked out of parenting." But then we both looked at each other and I said, "But really- I don't want to be away from them." And he said, "Yup. me too." :) The truth is- we are SO used to always being with our kids- that it feels super weird to NOT be with them. 
And so when we do get to out on a date...we usually have fun for about an hour- and then want to go pick up the kids- because it just feels un-natural to not have it be all 7 of us! HA!  I DEFINITELY know this will change for us as the kids get older and more independent...but for now- I am good with date nights on the couch once the kids are all tucked into bed :)

- Again- since this is the most random post ever- what are your thoughts on me sharing: 

1) How I pick out outfits for family pictures? (Someone commented that I should share about this- but are the rest of you interested??)
2) Snacks and meals that I eat while following Weight Watchers?? 
3) A day in the life post? (Again- someone suggested I do a post like that- but I have just always felt like my life is so routine and boring that no one would really want to read about my day! HA!)

Let me know what you think!!! :)

Ok- so my little buddy James just woke up (about an hour earlier than he normally does ;) - so it's time for me to go :)

I hope you have the BEST day!! 

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