Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Tuesday!!!

Hope your week is off to a great start!!

So- I don't know about you- but I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen. I pretty much feel like I am either always making a meal or prepping for the next meal! HA!

I thought it would be fun to show you the 4 items "I can't Live Without: Kitchen Edition!!"

//1// KitchenAid Mixing Bowl Set: Aaron and the kids got me this set of mixing bowls for my birthday this past December and I have literally used one or more of these mixing bowls every day since I got them! I love that they are light-weight, have a pour spout and come in such functional sizes. I use the larger bowls when I make banana bread and brownies and the smaller bowls are perfect for mixing scrambled eggs! We got this particular set through Sam's Club- but you can find a similar set HERE!

//2// Rachael Ray Non-Stick Skillets: I have had these 2 non-stick skillets for over a year now and they work GREAT. We eat A LOT of eggs in our house- so we are using our non-stick skillets at least 2-3 times a day! I love how easy these skillets are to clean up and I think the price point is great!

//3// KichenAid 5 Speed Hand Mixer: Along with my mixing bowl set, I got this KitchenAid Hand Mixer for my birthday this past year. Can I please tell you how life changing it has been to have this hand mixer?? I use it ALL the time!! Although I have a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, I have almost exclusively been using my hand mixer because it is so much less cumbersome and the clean is a BREEZE! I still use my stand mixer for making big batches of cookies- but for everything else- I LOVE my KitchenAid hand mixer! 

//4// Ninja Blender Professional Kitchen System: We have had this professional blender system by Ninja for at least 5 years now. It is AWESOME. And a total work horse. I drink a protein smoothie every morning and the kids have a smoothie for an after school snack every day during the week. I LOVE the individual smoothie cup attachment!! I also use the mixing bowl attachment to make my sugar cookies- it mixes the dough perfectly! This is not an inexpensive purchase- but it is for sure a GREAT investment. We couldn't afford the Vitamix- which is priced at over $400- so the Ninja was a great compromise.
If you are looking for a REALLY good blender and can spend in the $200 range for it- I HIGHLY recommend the Ninja!

So there you have it- the 4 kitchen items I use on a DAILY basis!! 
What about you?? What are your TOP kitchen gadgets/tools that you use ALL.THE.TIME??

Hope you have the BEST day!

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Friday Favorites!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Hi!! Happy Friday!!

This week felt fast and slow at the same time...please tell me I am not the only one who felt this way?? HA!

Time to share some FAVORITES!!

We had a lot of fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day!! We all wore green and went to play at an indoor playground after school. I made the kids a green "brinner" complete with green eggs, green pancakes, green yogurt, green applesauce and green milk. They LOVED it! I insisted we get a family picture with Aaron's selfie stick...that little gadget is SO fun!! :)
On Sunday evening, I was planning out my week and thinking when I would be going to the gym...and I just wasn't FEELING IT. Some weeks- I am all over it- and other weeks- the idea of getting to the gym can be very overwhelming!  I told myself all I had to do this week was run 3 miles every day. Nothing more, nothing less. I took an EXTREMELY awkward gym bathroom selfie after each run to document that I had, in fact, GOT IT DONE. I missed Wednesday morning because I had to take the boys to the doctor...but I am happy with 3 days, 3 miles each. Dragging myself onto that treadmill wasn't fun- but feeling great and happy I got my workout in, after I was all done, was definitely a FAVORITE of mine this week!
We are decorated for Easter at our house and it makes me SO happy! Despite the first day of spring being this past Monday, it has NOT felt "springy" at all here in Central Indiana. At least not by my standards :) Having our cheerful, happy Easter decorations up helps with the BLAH weather outside!
We got another picture of our house that is being built in Greenville, NC!!
It's starting to look like a real house now!!! It's SO exciting!!! We are reserving our moving truck, getting things finalized with our mortgage, in contact with a fence is getting REAL!! EEEKKK!!
We have a super FUN weekend ahead of us!! We are picking up Charlotte and Cora from school and heading to my parents' house! The kids have NO idea we are going- we thought it would be such a fun surprise for them! Aaron and I plan to go out tomorrow and just do a little shopping and grab some lunch in honor of our upcoming anniversary next week. We will go to church on Saturday and have a nice breakfast on Sunday morning and then head home! It will be a short and sweet visit- but I am so looking forward to going on a little road trip and getting to see my parents! The kids are going to LOSE THEIR MINDS when we tell them we are going to Baba and Papa's house! I can't wait! :)
Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Weekly Walmart Finds: Bedding for Our New House!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!! We are officially a little under 3 months away from moving and Aaron and I are pretty much constantly talking about something that has to do with our new house or the move!

I have been having a lot of fun planning out how I want to decorate our new house.  My plan is to re-purpose almost everything we currently have- but use it in new rooms or different parts of our new house. For instance- we have a huge mirror that we have hung in our living room, in the past 3 houses we have lived in. In our new house- I am going to put it in our entry way! I love the mirror- I just don't want it in my living room anymore! :)

As far as our bedrooms go- the only new furniture we are getting is a dresser for each of the kids' rooms. The girls will be sharing a room (they really want to- so we are going with it! :) and the boys will be sharing a room. 

The only thing I really want to get NEW for everyone is bedding. I feel like something as simple as a new comforter and some pillows can completely change the look of a bedroom- and I want the kids to feel extra special in their new rooms!

So- of course- you know I have been shopping on looking at all of their bedding options- and I am so excited to share with you today some things I have found!

First up is this ruched comforter set by Better Homes and Garden for our master bedroom.   I have had my eye on this comforter for about a year now and cannot wait to put it on our bed!! Our bedroom furniture is pretty dark and rich- so I think the pop of this fresh white comforter is going to look fabulous! It has incredible ratings and can you even believe a king size set- which includes the comforter and 2 shams is only $44.96?? Done and done!
Moving onto the girls' room! The girls want their bedroom painted a light, purply pink and we are happy to oblige with that request! Aaron is turning Cora and Celine's twin beds into bunk beds and Charlotte will remain in her full size bed.

The cheerful, bright colors in this Pretty Medallion Bed in a Bag Bedding Set make me so happy! and I think this comforter set would be SO fun for Cora and Celine's bed! 

I like the idea of the two twin sized beds having a comforter with a pattern and then Charlotte's comforter being a solid color. I don't think I want to have all three beds have a patterned comforter- just because I think that might be too much- thoughts?
How gorgeous is this lavender ruffle comforter set?? This is another one by Better Homes and Garden and I think it would be perfect for Charlotte's bed!  I love the texture of the ruffled fans and I like the fact that this has a more "older" girl vibe to it...because my first baby girl is growing up! ;)
I am LOVING this BOHO Patchwork comforter set by Better Homes and Garden for Cora and Celine's beds!! I think they would love the bright colors- and I like the fact that it is not super "little girl-ish" and I could see them liking this funky mis-match of fabrics for several years! 
Look at this amazing, embroidered accent pillow that comes with the comforter (and a sham)!! I mean- I kind of want this for MY bed!! For a twin set- which includes the comforter, a sham and this gorgeous, decorative pillow- it is only $48.78!
I plan on doing the boys' room in a patriotic theme. I have red curtains and a big wooden American flag that Aaron has made, that I plan on hanging in their room as a focal point.  
I want to keep their bedding simple and classic!

 I love the preppy look of this patchwork comforter!! This Mad Plaid Blue Bed in a Bag comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter and 2 pillowcases and 2 shams (if you are getting the full) for $39.98!! What a steal!! The colors are perfect for the red, white and blue theme I am planning on in the boys' room and I just really like it :)
 This striped quilt by Mainstays is super simple and could be totally perfect for the boys. Unfortunately it is sold out right now...but I just might have to stalk it online and wait to see if it comes back in stock!

My only concern with this bedding set is that James might hate the stars in a couple years. Momma does not plan on re-doing rooms until the kids are nearing junior
 high- so I really want to be mindful and pick items for their rooms that are more timeless and can grow with them. BUT- I LOVE the stars! HA! And it totally goes with my "America" theme!
And there you have it! I am so excited to decorate all the rooms in our new house- especially our kids' rooms! They are always the first rooms we set up when we move and I can't wait to make them fun, fresh and cozy for them!!

You gotta love Walmart for having the kind of prices that allow you to give each of your bedrooms a mini-makeover for such an affordable price!!

Hope you have the BEST day friends!

Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!!

How was your weekend?? Did you have a fun St. Patrick's Day??

Our weekend was pretty good! We did a lot of organizing and cleaning- which wasn't the most fun- but it was necessary and great to get done!

The weather was pretty yucky on Saturday- so we were pretty much stuck inside all day- which was NOT fun. HA! the spirit of "keeping it real"- I will tell you- almost everyone in our family (when I say 'almost everyone'- I mean EVERYONE but precious Marshall) needed a major attitude adjustment by lunch time on Saturday. There was a lot of disobedience and overall MAJOR sassy behavior happening from the girls, James was just being SUPER special (think lots of hitting and screaming the SECOND things didn't go his way) and Aaron and I were NOT having it. Like totally over it. HA! We started out the day really trying to be chill and unaffected by the kids' attitudes- but we quickly let them affect OUR behavior and things just weren't very warm and fuzzy at our house. And if I am being totally honest- this isn't the first time this has happened and it certainly won't be the last!  

A couple years ago- heck- even a year ago- I would have thrown my hands up in the air, called the day a complete wash and put my kids in front of the TV so everyone would just CHILL OUT. Aaron and I have since realized that is pretty selfish of us- and that as the parents AND adults- we need to figure out a way to positively change the trajectory of the mood/vibe in our house. 
I thought I would share some SUPER SIMPLE activities/actions that we have found help our family re-group and essentially encourage us to push the "re-set" button. 

- Share a couple reasons why we love another person in our family.
This past Saturday we were all sitting in a circle in our playroom, so to avoid who was going to pick who- because everything can turn into battle, am I right?!? HA! We shared about the person sitting to our right. Aaron and I encouraged the girls to look into each other's eyes when they were talking to one another and it was really precious to hear the kind words they shared! This can also be done by everyone coloring a picture for someone else in the family! Or you can put everyone's name in a hat and each person takes a name out and that is the person they share about. Lots of different options for this- but the point is to speak positive and encouraging words to each other. This is SO simple and SO powerful. 

- Play a game. We like to play cards, charades and Headbandz. While it was a little tricky for Celine, we taught the girls how to play Spades and they had a blast learning a new game!

- Have a dance party. I mean- how can anyone stay in a bad mood when you turn up the tunes and just let loose?? I got extra silly and was "dabbing" like a totally professional- which by the way- by girls and Aaron had to show me how to dab- ha! I had NO IDEA what it was. The girls got such a kick out of seeing me be a nut job and I had a blast dancing with them and James!

- Get out of the house. Somehow. Somewhere. HA! Our go-to solution to getting everyone out of a funk is to get outside for a walk or a trip to the park. Or just straight to our backyard for everyone to jump on the trampoline. Well...when it's yucky weather outside- you gotta have a Plan B. For us- we like to take the kids to walk around Home Depot (they love it!) or my beloved Walmart ;) Target is another fun option- the girls LOVE perusing the Dollar Spot. Our local library is another great spot- and we are very fortunate to also have a (FREE) indoor playground right down the road from us at a local church. If all else fails- just getting everyone loaded up in the car for a drive can work wonders! Pack everyone a fun snack, turn up some good tunes and go look at a couple neighborhoods you have always been curious about!

SO SO TRUE...Am I right?? HA!
These are just a FEW ideas that have worked really well for our family- but obviously there are so many others things you can do when everyone needs an attitude adjustment!
Reading books together, building legos, baking cookies, looking at family photo books, the list goes on and on. For Aaron and I- the biggest thing is realizing that we are being just as yucky and crabby as our kids- and FIXING that ASAP. 

When it comes down to it- these 5 crazy kids are the best thing that have ever happened to Aaron and I - and we are just SO grateful for the Grace God pours over us in the moments where we are weak, selfish and not the best version ourself. 
Parenthood is messy. and challenging. and crazy. and sleepless. and giving. and UNBELIEVABLY beautiful.
Hope you have the BEST day!!

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Friday Favorites!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hi!! Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
 How was your week??

I sure hope it's been a good one!
Since it's Friday- I've got a few random favorites to share with you today!!

Do you have a FAVORITE Bath and Body Work's scent?? I have almost run out of my body spray I use as my "every day" perfume and found this 'Love & Sunshine' spray in a basket in my daughters' bathroom. I put a little on and oh my goodness! I LOVE it! I don't know where I have been the last year or so since we got this spray- but I obviously wasn't aware of how lovely it smelled! HA! It's fresh, not overpowering at all and not too sweet. The perfect combination in my opinion!! I would love to know what scents you love from Bath and Body Works- my girls and I are headed there this weekend with a coupon to get a free lotion and I would love to try out a new scent!!
Speaking of my girls- this past Sunday, Aaron and the boys went to walk around Home Depot and look at appliances for our new house. He dropped us girls off at Walmart to pick up a few things and we had the best time wandering around the store!!  We all piled up in a tiny dressing room while I tried on a few things and it was just a really sweet time with my girls! LOVE THEM!
While we were at Walmart- I found these colored chino shorts in the Men's Department and picked up several pairs for Aaron!! They are his new FAVORITE shorts!! If you want, you can check out the post I wrote about some fun Walmart finds I came across- HERE-including these shorts that are SEVEN DOLLARS!! They look and feel like chino shorts from J.Crew!!
Our St. Patrick's Day tradition is to have a green breakfast- I make green pancakes, green applesauce, green yogurt, green eggs and green milk. My kids get their yearly dose of artificial food coloring on St. Patty's Day FOR SURE. HA!
I came across these super FUN rainbow pancakes- and since rainbows are a big FAVORITE of my girls- I am going to make these in place of our traditional green pancakes!!
You can check out the recipe and method HERE!
We are having our green breakfast for dinner's going to be so fun and a great way to kick off our weekend!!

This is one of my FAVORITE prayers. When we lived in Cleveland, we attended St. Basil the Great Catholic Church and the head pastor there, Father Walt (who is AMAZING) says this prayer as his final blessing. 
I just love it and I cherish the memories we have of attending St. Basil!
Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Weekly Walmart Finds!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Thursday!!!

It's been awhile since I have done a "Weekly Walmart Finds" post and I am SO excited to show you some goodies I found this past week while my girls and I were walking around our local Walmart!

First- please look at these absolutely adorable boys' chino printed shorts!!! AAHHH!
I can't even handle them! They are so preppy- they are such nice quality and are very much like shorts from J.Crew's Crew Cuts line! They are $8.88 and you they come in several patterns- you can find them HERE!
(FYI- these shorts are in the Boys' Section- they start at size 4 and go up to size 18).

How cute would these shorts be paired a red polo shirt for 4th of July?? I just love them!
 While I was in the boys' section, I also saw this pair of swim trunks. I LOVE the patriotic stripes- again- these look (and feel) like they are from a higher end children's store! They are $7.88 in the store- but currently on sale online! You can find them HERE! I have bought James his swimsuits from the OP line at Walmart for 2 years now and have been SO happy with the quality! These are an absolute STEAL!
 I LOVE the 'George' brand Walmart carries. I have bought my girls' Easter dresses from the 'George' brand multiple times over the past 5 years and have always been SO happy with them! They are extremely high quality, the fabrics the dresses are made out of are SO pretty and because of that- I keep coming back each year to get my girls' Easter dresses from Walmart!  Look at this beautiful dress I found! I am in LOVE with the blue/white color combo!! It is $17.88!! You can find all the Easter dresses Walmart currently has by the 'George' brand by going HERE! And if you're curious- this is the dress I got my girls! It's online and in the stores!
 Okay- so this is the "find" I am MOST excited about!!
My husband LOVES colored chino shorts and his favorite place to get them is from J.Crew Factory. On sale- we can usually get them for about $22-$25- which is totally reasonable in my opinion!! Well...I stumbled upon this colored chino shorts by Faded Glory in the Men's section and automatically put this super fun turquoise pair in my cart- because I knew my husband would love the color. They are a great length, have a really nice weight to them and they are super soft! My husband LOVED them and we ended up getting him 2 more plates- one in kelly green and another in a slate color. Friends- guess how much these shorts are??? SEVEN DOLLARS. Yup. And they feel like they should be $30!! You can find them online HERE or look for them in your store! 
Just FYI- my husband is a little over 6' 3" and these shorts hit him just right above the knee. Also- he is between a size 34 and 35 waist- and went with a 36 in these shorts!
 The best beach/pool/picnic blanket is BACK! If you did not pick up one of these last year- GET ONE! They are only $9.97 and seriously the best outdoor blanket ever!! One side is water resistant and they wash up beautifully in the washing machine! We keep our's in the back of our van and it is SO handy to have!! I think I am going to get another one- since 5 kiddos with all of their lunches can get a little crowded ;) You can find this AWESOME blanket HERE online- but here's the deal- they are pretty much all sold out AND they are $5 more expensive online! So if you are wanting this blanket- definitely pick it up at your local store!
 And finally- I had to include some of the ADORABLE Easter decorations Walmart is currently carrying! I am telling you- this past year- Walmart has REALLY stepped up their game in their seasonal decor. Everything they have looks very "Hobby Lobby-ish" and is SO cute. I am in LOVE with this "Happy Easter" carrot!! How cute would this look hanging from a burlap wreath! I didn't get it- but I think I am going to have to pick it up this weekend :) It is $6.98! Also- to the left of the big carrot- do you see that adorable "Easter" sign made out of wooden carrots?? The one in front of it says "Welcome." They are $5.98 and would look so great on a front door!!
 Here's another snapshot of some more things they have- I LOVE that bundle of burlap carrots!! They are $4.84! My husband was picking the girls and I up- and he arrived at the store RIGHT as we started looking at the Easter decorations- so I know there is a lot more to mention- I just didn't get a chance to look at everything! DEFINITELY check out the Easter aisle at your local store- there's SO much cute stuff!!
What have you picked up from Walmart lately that you are loving??

I was in need of a green shirt for St. Patrick's day- so I picked up one of my beloved No Boundaries t-shirts for $2.87 and I am set to go!! They have new colors in stock along with the usual classic gray, black and white. If you haven't tried out these t-shirts- you MUST! They are in the junior's section or you can find them HERE (FYI- they have more colors in the store than they do online)!

Hope you have the BEST day (and happy shopping)!!!

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Recipe Club: Weight Watchers Friendly Taco Bar!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello!!  Happy Wednesday!!

So- my brain has been foggy the last couple of days and I had planned on sharing some fun Walmart finds with you today- UNTIL I realized it was the 3rd Wednesday of the Month...which means it's Recipe Club day (I plan on sharing my Walmart finds tomorrow)! 
My blogging buddies Johannah and Heather host this super fun link-up and it's one of my favorites to participate in every month!
Today, I am not necessarily sharing a recipe, as much as I am a "method." 

I don't know a person out there who doesn't love tacos/burrito bowls. We are BIG fans- and we have some form of tacos EVERY Tuesday night!
Taco salads and burrito bowls are two of my favorite things to have for dinner because they are healthy, customizable and fit great within the Weight Watchers plan. 
So- today- I thought I would show you how I make my Weight Watchers friendly taco salad!

I start off by cutting up several peppers. I LOVE red, orange and yellow peppers! They come in a bag of 3 at Aldi for around $2.89.
I spray the peppers with olive oil cooking spray, sprinkle some salt, pepper, garlic powder and maybe a little cumin if I feel like it- and put them in the oven at 450 degrees for about 30 minutes. They roast up beautifully and they are SO good. These peppers add SO much "oomph" to my salad and are 0 Smartpoints!!
While my peppers are in the oven roasting, I dump a bag of cauliflower rice in a microwave safe bowl and cook it. I buy these bags of riced cauliflower at Trader Joes- they are in the fresh produce section. I freeze them immediately when I get home and 1 entire bag cooks up in the microwave in about 5-7 minutes! I like to season my cauliflower rice with some salt, pepper and a couple spoonfuls of salsa! This is another 0 Smartpoint food!! 
I shared last week about my two favorite kinds of ground turkey. I use the same kind for our taco night. I don't always have the Jennie-O 99/1 ground turkey on hand- just depends if I have picked some up at Super Target or not. I always pick up a couple packages of Fit and Active 93/7 ground turkey on my weekly shopping trip to Aldi because I use it for everything- tacos, meatballs, turkey burgers- you name it! 
I brown up my ground turkey using this DIY Taco Seasoning and then put it in a tupperware so it is easy to reheat it when it is time for dinner! 
Five ounces of the Fit & Active 93/7 ground turkey is 4 Smartpoints! (I use a food scale to measure how many ounces of ground turkey I put on my plate :)
As I have mentioned many times before, I do not eat dairy products- so no cheese or sour cream for me! My two favorite toppings are guacamole- I get this kind of guacamole at Aldi and it is SO good! It is 2 Smartpoints for 2 tablespoons. It is also Whole30 compliant if you happen to be following that plan!
Finally, I top my taco salad with some salsa- this is our favorite kind (you guessed it- it's from Aldi- HA!) 2 tablespoons of this salsa is 0 Smartpoints! If you have more than that- it is no longer '0' and you have to account for it :)
And here is my super YUMMY, HUGE taco salad!! You can see some sliced chicken breast on the side of my salad- on this particular night- I added that to my salad because we had some leftover in the fridge. 
This big plate of food is 7 Smartpoints!! (I am not counting the chicken- that is an extra 2 points).
A lot of people ask me if I make myself and my family different meals. And the answer is a big NO. HA! Every meal I plan out totally works with Weight Watchers and that is another reason why I love being a WW member so much!
Aaron has this exact same taco salad- except I give him more ground turkey and he might crush up a few tortilla chips on top of his salad. I also add a little bit of shredded cheese and light sour cream on top of his salad.
I make the kids "Mexican pizzas" using tostada shells! I melt some shredded cheddar on the tostada, top with some ground turkey and they get a side of corn and applesauce. 
Super easy!!

And there you have it- this is how our family does taco night!!
I would love to know- do you have taco night or make burrito bowls regularly at your house?
How do you make them?
To change it up sometimes- I will make shredded salsa chicken in the crockpot or we might use left over shredded pork tenderloin in place of ground turkey! We also love to add refried black beans every once and awhile!

Hope you have the BEST day!