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Friday, February 15, 2019

Hi friends!!

Happy Friday!! 
PHEW. It's been a week! HA! 
James ended up not having anything more than a virus- which I am SO thankful for- but I have been picking him up early from school so he can rest more at home. My babysitter has been out of town- and she is the one who picks up Marshall from school for me a couple of days a week while I am working- so I have had to change up my schedule a bit AND the kiddos randomly got out of school at 11:30 yesterday because of something taking place at our church. Combine that with several appointments and a crazy on call day for Aaron-- and I kind of feel like I have been on a hamster wheel...running my little legs (even though my legs are NOT little-HA!) as fast as they can go!


I've got some major random FAVORITES to share with you today!!

First up- this fun little organizer bar we put up in our hallway closet!!
Originally- we just had our broom and mop just stacked up against the wall. I picked up this organizer bar off of Amazon and now everything is put away!
I's the little things! HA!
Do you think I am the LAMEST person ever for sharing a picture of my hallway closet as one of my Friday Favorites?!? HA! I just love that everything is off the ground and it's just a better use of a small space! You can find the organizer HERE!
I picked up this scent of wax cubes at Walmart last week and I have to tell you- they smell LOVELY! 
Yes. Floral Candy. Kind of hard to imagine the combination of both of those together...but I love it! It's light, slightly fragrant...but still has a very fresh smell to it! 
Friends. Walmart's girls' section is AMAZING right now!!!
They have the CUTEST tops that totally look like something from Crew Cuts. Not sure if you can see in the pictures...but that is embroidery on the sleeves and it's just SO cute!
Also- totally obsessed with the t-shirts with the eyelet ruffle detail on the sleeve and at the hem!
Since we are North Carolina...I think we might have some of the spring stuff out a little earlier than maybe up if you don't see any of these shirts in your Walmart store now- just keep an eye out for them!
I read this and it made me laugh out loud! 
My friend Laura- who doesn't blog- even though she should- totally have this relationship. There are moments when we are sending DMs to each other over IG- and I have 2 IG accounts- so a lot of the time- it's back and forth on both accounts while we are texting each other. I can also call her with the most RANDOM question/topic and before you know it we've been on the phone for an hour. We met when we were living in Cleveland and we have remained great friends since then! 
I don't have a ton of "local" friends...but I do have a handful of friends I have made over the past 10 years when we were moving around a lot- and I am SO thankful we've made the effort to keep in touch and that we can text each other 50 times in a row and it's totally normal :)
One of my best blogging buddies, Johannah, did it again and designed the most precious graphic for something my friend Emily (@threeboysandagirlblog) and I are doing for Owen, who writes over at the blog, Davis Duo (and you can find her on instagram @mrsordavis).

If you don't already know from social media, Owen had twin girls, Lucy and Molly, at 24 weeks old and they have been little warrior angels since the day they were born! Owen and her husband have been spending every minute they can at the NICU with them while also taking care of their precious 2 year old Vivi. They are such a faith-filled, amazing family who is demonstrating so much grace and strength in such a HARD time. Lucy and Molly have already had to fight off several infections and little Lucy just had surgery on her tiny hip yesterday at Duke Medical Center. Owen and her family live right here in Greenville, so along with the help of her sister and Emily (who lives in a nearby town), we are doing a cinnamon roll fundraiser to help them with any and all costs that come up during a time such as this.

If you feel so inclined- even if it's just giving up your Starbucks for the day and donating $5- it can make a big impact! Here is the link to the paypal account that has been set up in support of the Davis family- ALL proceeds will go directly to them!

Please be praying for Lucy and Molly (and Owen, Garrett and Vivi) as they have a long journey ahead of them. 
And THANK YOU Johannah for ALWAYS creating me the most beautiful graphics!! 
And that's all I have for today!!

I have to work for a little bit this morning, I need to sneak in a workout, return a few things, get to the store...and somehow fit this all before I have to pick up my hooligans from school this afternoon! HA!
We've got a family Valentine's dance at our church tonight and the girls keep asking me if I am REALLY going to dance. Yes. I am. Yes they will probably be mortified.
I used to have some it's just more like awkward, Elaine from Seinfeld type dancing that I do. HA!

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. I totally agree that getting things off the closet floor makes everything cleaner and more organized. Walmart must have some awesome new clothing designers because I feel like the women's department is rocking lately too. Love the graphic and thoughts regarding the Davis family. I am following along on IG. I'm so happy to help them out in a small way. Have a fun weekend!

  2. I LOVE those Walmart tops! I've got to get there this week and check them out for Olive for Spring. Thanks for the heads up. I also love when I find a simple organizer item that makes a space so much better. Glad you found something for all your cleaning stuff. Hope James is feeling better and that next week is a completely boring week :) haha

  3. I have seriously had a bar like that for probably 6 months waiting for my husband to hang it for me...I swear he does this to me just to drive me nuts! haha . And I had not popped over (obviously) to Owen's blog in a really long time. Thanks for the update on their current situation. Will be praying for the girls!

  4. Love the organizer and yes, getting the floor clear is something to get excited about. Love the WM tops and will have to check ours out for some for my Grangirls. Bless the little babies and praying they will soon be thriving. Have a great new week!

  5. Hope everything is ok, have not seen a post in a while. Love and prayers to you and your family.

    1. You are so kind! All is fine..just taking a little break from my computer/internet/social media!💗

  6. Have missed your posts. Hope all is well. I have had to shop Walmart without your guidance. :)

    1. You’re so sweet! Just taking a step back from the internet/social media for a little bit!💗

  7. Ok so I thought you were giving up the blog for Lent but Easter is over and I miss you.
    Hope you and the family are all doing well.

  8. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D



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