Friday Favorites!!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Hiiiiii!!! Happy Friday!!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be writing a "Friday Favorites" post!!
It's so fun to be blogging again!

How was your week?? We had a good one at our house. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in our area the last couple of days and it just makes me so happy! Summer time can't get here fast enough!!

Okay- let's get this's some things that have been making me smile lately!!

I am LOVING my Ja-Vie Flats!!! One of my favorite friends April is always talking about how much she loves her Ja-Vie flats- so around Christmas time I took advantage of a great sale they were having and picked up this pair!
I have been wearing them all.the.time for the last 4 months or so and I have to say: these flats are SO comfortable, SO cute and I just love them. And I feel like that's saying a lot since I basically despise wearing closed toed shoes and if it was appropriate- I would wear flip flops EVERYWHERE.  They are also perfect for this weird in between weather we keep know- too warm for boots...but still a little too chilly for sandals?!?
I have already got my eye on the next pair I want to get (the leopard print) and would HIGHLY recommend them if you are looking to try out a new, comfortable and SUPER stylish pair of flats! 
You know you're old and a legit parent when you get super pumped up about a new griddle. HA!
Aaron mentioned a couple weeks ago that he wanted to start making pancakes for the kids on Sunday morning before church- which I thought was a great idea! Our biggest non-stick pan isn't really even that big- so we decided to try out this copper non-stick griddle!
We got it from Walmart- you can find it HERE! They had it on display in our store- but didn't have any in stock- so we just ordered one and had it shipped to the store so we didn't have to pay shipping on it!
Aaron has made lots of pancakes using it and he said it works SO great. It is a super non-stick surface- so much so that you don't even need cooking spray!
I have started making our grilled cheese on it- I love that I can make all of the sandwiches at one time!
So- moral of the story- if you are in the market for a griddle- because who isn't?!? HA!
Check this one out!
Aaron and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last month and he got me a bouquet of hydrangeas- almost identical to the ones that were in my wedding bouquet!!
Hydrangeas are one of my FAVORITE flowers and I have just loved looking at them everyday, sitting on top of our piano!
Here's the super fun part about these flowers- so I took this picture 2 days ago (April 17) and I have had these flowers since March 29!! Can you believe how beautiful they still look??? Aaron got them from a Harris Teeter by his office...they must be feeding those flower super food! HA!  
Two weeks ago, our family flew to Texas to visit Aaron's parents and a bunch of his other family! His parents live about an hour outside of Austin, so the day before we flew back home, we made the trek from his parents' farm to downtown Austin and spent the day exploring our old stomping grounds! It was the BEST day. Seriously. I had several "pinch" me moments that I was back in one of my most favorite cities ever, with my 5 kiddos and amazing husband!
Some of you who have read my blog for awhile know about our love story- but for a quick recap- Aaron and I met in Austin and on day 5 of dating he told me he loved me. We were sitting on an iron bench on the town lake trail that goes around downtown Austin. The bench we were sitting on had a plaque on it dedicated to a man named "Bob Albee." 
You can bet that after we had an amazing lunch at Shady Grove- we took our kids to the "Bob Albee" bench so they could see where Mommy and Daddy's love story started! 
Here we are all piled up on the bench! Hands down my favorite picture from our trip!
(And PS- if your curious about the FULL story on how Aaron and I met- you can check it our HERE)

Just wanted to thank all of you for your kind, encouraging comments about me starting to blog again!! 
Seriously- it just makes my heart happy- so THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!
Do you have any fun plans? 
We are doing a 5K race tomorrow morning and then Aaron and I have a date night tomorrow night! Yahoo!!

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  1. I'm so glad that you are BACK! I think I need that Griddle! HA
    So sweet that you got to show your kiddos that bench!

    1. Thank you friend!! And it really is a great griddle!! Ha!

  2. So I am in major spring clean and get rid of stuff mode and I got rid of a bunch of old shoes that I need to replace. I tend to hold onto some for far too long. So I'm looking for a couple pairs of flats as a part of that and I will have to check out your recommendation! Thanks for sharing!

    1. FYI: The flats are definitely a little pricey- but SO worth it in my opinion!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I need a griddle as well! Also, I love your white painted piano with the sign and decorations! Have a great weekend! - Shannon

    1. Thank you Shannon! The piano was the one my mom had growing up and I just love that we get to have it in our home now!

  4. So great to see you back on the blog, Justine! I have always enjoyed reading! Have a fantastic weekend:)

  5. I am so excited Justine that you are back to blogging!! You really have no idea how much you were missed in the "blogging world"!!
    Aren't griddles the best! I bet the non stick is even better. And how awesome that you can literally make all of those grilled cheese sandwiches at once. What a time saver for you!!
    I cannot believe that your hydrangeas are still alive and doing well! They are certainly beautiful =)
    I love love love that you all had your picture taken on the bench. So fun!!
    Have a great weekend, friend!!

  6. How adorable is your family?! I love that you took your kids back to that bench and the site of your love story--so sweet! And how sweet is your husband with those flowers? Ugh love. And I love that piece hanging above the piano. The best words. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I was seriously so excited when I was scrolling through the link ups and saw yours again! I've always loved reading your blog each week!

  8. Justine!!! I am so excited that you're blogging again! Seriously just this week I was thinking how much I miss reading and here you are! So glad :)

  9. Isn’t it so great to go back to where you fell in love?!? When we go back to Chapel Hill I get all the feels!! Where are you guys going for date night?! We are going to try Luna Pizza tonight for the first time... I can’t wait!

  10. Hooray for date night! I need to plan one for us soon. Hope you have a great weekend! That family picture of your crew on your special bench in TX is AMAZING!! It'd be the perfect canvas print for you new house :) So glad you were able to show your kids that special spot.

  11. The bench! AAAAHHHH. How awesome. Love that picture.

  12. Happy Friday! I love my griddle! I use it all the time!

    PS I checked my one Walmart & they didn't have the natives, checking my other Walmart tomorrow! Crossing fingers & toes!

  13. Such a wonderful family photo! I think it's so sweet that you brought your kids to your special bench.

  14. Okay, those flats sound AMAZING! I have the worst time finding flats that are comfortable and cute. I'm definitely checking those out. Have a lovely weekend!


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