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Friday, December 14, 2018

Hi!! Happy Friday!!!

I am feeling especially happy today because yesterday was my last day at the preschool I work at until JANUARY!! I love my job...but I also love NOT feeling like I am being pulled in 100 different directions. HA! Next week, Marshall is out of school, but the 4 big kids still have school. It's going to work out great...they all have so many programs and parties going on..and since I am not working..Marshall and I will be able to attend all of them!!! I am so excited!

Anyone else in a state of disbelief that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away? I am "physically" ready for Christmas (minus needing to mail a couple packages and get a few more stocking stuffers)- but mentally...I am sitting here thinking..."HOW?" A new year is just a few weeks away and it's just crazy how fast time flies by. 

Since it's Friday, I am sharing some FAVORITES of mine from this past week, including a few things that would be great gifts to pick up if you still need to finish up your shopping!

If you are looking for a great, inexpensive gift and USEFUL gift- get this SD card adapter!!
My beautiful friend April mentioned this on her IG stories and I promptly sent Aaron the link to it :) He got it for me for my birthday and I have been like, "Where has this thing been the last 8 years??" I used my "big" DSLR camera A LOT and it can be kind of a pain to always have to insert my SD card into my computer, upload the pictures and then send them to my phone. This little gadget, that is under $10 solves that inconvenience!! It is SO great! So glad April shared about it!! You can find it HERE if you are thinking you or someone else in your life could use of these little adapters!!!
On Wednesday, I gave a little virtual home tour of our house decorated at Christmas- you can check out the post HERE! This little area, on top of our piano, is one of my FAVORITE spots in the house. It's simple and pretty and I just love it! :)
(P.S. I got that little "Joy to the World" manger sign from WALMART! They have several REALLY pretty signs like that currently! I found mine in of the special, holiday decor aisles! It was $3.97!)
I know there are SOOOO many wonderful Christmas books out there. We have SO many and I just love all of them! But- if I had to recommend one to add to your library this year- it would be "Room for a Little One"
The illustrations are beautiful and it is the sweetest, simplest story of CHRISTmas. 
You can find it HERE on Amazon! And with a Prime membership- it can be at your house before Christmas!
A couple nights ago, I shared on my IG stories about what we are giving the kids' teachers for Christmas. It is my FAVORITE gift to give because who doesn't love smell "special" soap from Bath and Body Works and a couple festive hand towels??!? 
I wait until the soaps for on sale for $2.95 each and I stack that sale price with a $10 off $30 coupon. They go on sale like that about 2 times during the holiday shopping season and I always buy the maximum amount allowed when they run those sales! The hand towels are from Walmart and they come in a pack of 2 for $3.88! They have several different sayings and patterns...but this "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" towel set was my FAVORITE.
I am all about giving thoughtful, yet functional gifts. The way I make the gifts EXTRA special is by having the kids write thank you notes to their teachers in a pretty Christmas card. I know their teachers love getting a nice gift..but I think more than anything- a handwritten note of appreciation means the MOST!
I just love this quote :)
This is probably our most "sparkliest" weekend of the whole month :)
Tonight, we have a Christmas party at church for all the adults who work with the youth of our church...they are providing free childcare for the kids- which makes the evening EXTRA awesome!
Tomorrow- Aaron is working all day- but when he gets home from the hospital- we are headed to one of our local nature preserves to go to Santa's Workshop!! The event is all outdoors and there are going to bonfires, hayrides, hot chocolate and Santa is going to be hanging out!
Sunday, Aaron is working (again ;) and we have church and then his work Christmas party in the evening. 
It's going to be a jammed packed weekend but I am looking forward to all the special holiday fun!

What do you have going on? Is it a "all is calm and bright" kind of weekend? Or more like a "rocking around the Christmas tree" kind of weekend?

Whatever you are up to..I sure hope it's lovely!


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  1. We have a Christmas party tomorrow and a play of A Christmas Story on Sunday so it's going to be a nice festive weekend.

  2. I love those tea towel sets from Walmart! I gifted them to all my friends and teachers last year. I'm thinking if I had that SD card adapter I'd use my big camera more often. Need to put that on my Christmas wish list ASAP. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. What a fun-filled weekend you have planned. I agree, the best thing you could give a teacher is a heartfelt note. But those soaps and towels are super nice too! I love them. You are a life changer with this whole SD-card converter. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love the towel/soap gift idea! Perfect for teachers.
    I ordered that adapter from Amazon last night. Seriously why didn’t I order it a long time ago!!

    1. I know!!! It’s the best little gadget ever! So fun that you ordered one!

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