Our Home at Christmas Time!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hi friends!!

Happy Wednesday!! 
Hope you're having a great week!!

So excited to be "opening' our home to you today and showing you how we have it decorated for Christmas!!

Welcome!! Come on in!!
If you were coming over for a visit, before we started our home tour, you know I would pour you a cup of coffee with my FAVORITE holiday creamer!!
Let's start in the kitchen!

In our little "everyday" dining area, I have this "NOEL" sign up.
On our kitchen table, we have this little Christmas tree. We are doing this fun 25 Days of Christ activity and everyday the kids read a bible verse and hang out an ornament associated with the verse! This is our first year doing this activity and the kids are loving it!
Moving from the kitchen into the living room!
I love decorating the space on top of our piano!
On our mantle, I have some garland and then one of these little trees with gold and silver ornaments on both sides of the TV. 
From the living room, we're going to head out to our sunroom!
This is our "fun" tree that the kids decorated themselves and it is just a mish-mash of ornaments!! I LOVE this tree!
Fun, festive Christmas pillows!
I have always wanted a space where I can hang up a bunch of Christmas wreaths!! I was so excited to get to do this in our new sunroom!
 Leaving the sunroom, we're going to head upstairs!

This is the girls' Christmas tree they have in their room. They decorate it themselves and it is just the SWEETEST little tree!
 The boys have this tiny little Christmas tree in their room and SANTA!
We have a little reading nook at the top of the stairs and I set up all of our Christmas books in a basket and set out the kids' Little People Nativity scene for them to play with while they are reading!
The kids' Christmas artwork on display on top of the bookcase in the reading nook!
Now we're back downstairs!
We have our Advent wreath set out on our dining room table. I got this beautiful, simple Advent wreath from Dayspring last year and I just love it!
 And we're ending the tour at our gigantic "fancy" Christmas tree!
 And there you have it! This is what Christmas looks like at our house!!
I hope you enjoyed the tour!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. So beautiful. I love all the wreaths on the windows.

    1. Thank you friend!! The wreaths are definitely a big favorite of mine!!

  2. Your home is just beautiful. I love the color of your front door. I bet the sunroom is your favorite place to soak in that cute "kids" tree and all the wreaths! Also, I love the little reading area. We have a similar "soft" felt/fabric tree from when the kids were toddlers.

  3. So So beautiful Justine!! Everything looks gorgeous. And I love that you let the kids decorate a couple of the trees =) I want to come visit =)

    1. COME VISIT ME. The beach is 90 minutes away!! Pretty please?!? HA! Thanks for your kind words...they LOVE decorating their own trees and I was happy to only have to decorate one, albeit, HUGE, tree!

  4. Love all the wreaths! That would be such a great place to sit and enjoy a warm drink and good book.

    1. That's exactly what I am doing right now!! It's definitely a special spot in our house!

  5. I love it all! The wreaths look so fun on the windows! Next year I'm hoping to put small wreaths on my kitchen cabinets

    1. Thank you Danielle!! Wreaths on your cabinets!!! LOVE that idea!

  6. I love your home! It looks so beautiful and I love the wreaths in your sunroom. That advent wreath is so pretty. I love it all!

  7. So festive and beautiful!! Love that noel sign

  8. Everything looks great!! I love those mini wreaths on your sunroom windows. Your fancy tree is beautiful and I really love the color of your front door. I've been contemplating changing our front door to a similar color this Spring.


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