Hello Monday!!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Hey friends!!

Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??

Our's was good! Just the right of amount of activity and rest!!

Saturday morning- I had a meeting at church for an upcoming women's retreat we are having. I met up with Aaron and the kids at Ashley furniture afterwards, because I want to get a new chair for my office. The one we currently have is too big and just doesn't fit the space well. Also- it doesn't go with the vibe I am trying to create. HA! 
Of course, everything we liked was SO expensive and I just had to laugh at what they were wanting to charge for an ARM CHAIR.

Anyway- here's some ideas of what I like...comfy, neutral...basically- just a nice little reading chair!
If anyone knows where I can find either of these chairs and they don't cost EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS...let me know!! HA!
Saturday evening, we had friends over for dinner and it was SO fun!
I made italian beef in the crockpot- I shared the recipe I love and use in last Friday's post- you can check it out HERE! Our friends have 2 ADORABLE daughters- so the kids were SMITTEN with them the whole time. Aaron and I had an awesome time fitting in bits and pieces of grown up conversations with our friends...they are the neatest couple! 
After they left, we got the kiddos in bed and COLLAPSED on the couch. 
I was so tired (I hadn't been feeling super for a good part of the day) that I contemplated not washing my face or brushing my teeth. It was that kind of tired. HA! 
(I did end up doing both...I'm not that gross)

Sunday was a pretty quiet day...we had church and then came home for lunch.
I thought of my friend Whitney who always is making the MOST FUN lunches and dinners for her family with her creative charcuterie boards and was inspired to make my kiddos a snacky lunch. They LOVED and just thought it was SO fun!!
Then we had QUIET time at our house from 2 - 4 pm. 
No one was allowed to make a peep. HA!

Aaron is currently studying for a super big exam and I desperately needed to get caught up on my family blog (I have had a private blog only for family and extremely close friends since 2009...I update it weekly and it's basically our family scrapbook)- so the kiddos were sent upstairs with a couple of movies and instructions not to come downstairs or talk to Aaron or I until 4:00 pm. James came down once to tell me he was hungry but other than that- it was SILENT and oh my was glorious!!
Just what everyone needed after this first week back to school and our faster paced schedule!

We had our favorite 4 ingredient chili with corn muffins for dinner and then of course, ice cream sundaes for dessert...because that what's we do on Sunday's!

I am feeling pretty good- because I did get a chance to plan out our menu for the week!
Here's what we'll be having for dinner this week!
Monday: Crockpot meatballs with pasta and steamed broccoli
Tuesday: Shredded beef burrito bowls (shredded beef and cheese nachos for the kids!)
Wednesday: Crispy chicken tender salad (and chicken nuggets for kids)
Thursday: Cheeseburgers, waffle fries and green beans
Friday: Potato corn chowder and grilled cheese
Saturday: Family Date night!
Sunday: Shredded beef over egg noodles and steamed broccoli

The game plan for the shredded beef is that I will make one big beef roast in the crockpot and then use it for Tuesday and Sunday dinner! I am really trying to work smarter and not harder when it comes to dinnertime!!

Okay friends- it's Monday and we GOT THIS.
I hope you have an amazing day and a wonderful week!!

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  1. We have 2 of these chairs and we LOVE them! They are so comfy!

  2. Do you print your family blog you use as a scrapbook? If so, what do you use? I've looked at the various options out there, and they're either overwhelming or don't look like what I had in mind. Thanks!!

  3. When we were refurnishing our house, I had great luck shopping in person at Ashley and then going on Amazon and searching for the item. I ordered my desk and hall table like that - free shipping, the EXACT same item, and half the price. Give that a try. Or if you're a costco member, they have their furniture in-store for the month of January. Lots of good deals there. ;)

  4. We literally have a store here that I walked into a few days ago...looked at some chairs becuase they were so darn cute. They were $1100!! No thank you. We did spend alot on our sofa because we knew it would be a super long time purchase but I just change my style too much to invest $1000 in a chair! Great job on the meal planning!

  5. Seriously Whitney does make the cutest lunches and boards!!

  6. Your snacky lunch looks just perfect!! My FAMILY loves these meals and I love using up all the little bits of food. It feels easier somehow than cooking a big meal :)


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