Hello Monday!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hi Friends! Happy Monday!!

Linking up with my girl Johannah today for "Hello Monday!"
How was your weekend??
Were you busy doing "Christmasy" things?

We spent our Saturday volunteering in the morning and then baked cookies and did a TON of laundry. Saturday evening, Aaron and I went to his work Christmas party! We put the boys to bed and then our wonderful neighbor came over to hang out with the girls and put them to bed for us. We had a great time and of course forgot to take a picture...which made me so mad because I can't remember the last time we went out on a date where we got all dressed up! Oh well. You win some and lose some. HA!

Sunday, we woke up super early, thanks to our darling children (seriously- our 2 year old and 6 year old get up SOOOO early- like 4:50am early!) and the girls and I headed to church later in the morning. Poor little James has been super sick- and has just been a hot mess the last couple of days, so Aaron stayed home with him and Marshall. After we got home from church- one of the longest days EVER began. HA! It was SUPER freezing outside and the kids were all super "special." Lots of screaming, tattling, crying, and all sorts of fun emotions. HA! In the kids' defense- none of them were feeling well...and they really don't do well being cooped up inside...but OMG. Aaron and I were both about ready to pull out our hair by 3:30 pm. HA! Thankfully- we re-grouped at the dinner table, had ice cream for dessert and got everyone tucked into bed nice and early. 
So thankful to have a fresh start today- because goodness knows- the Leshikar crew needs one! HA!

And to kick off my fresh start...I thought I would share some "happy" from this past weekend! Because there is ALWAYS so many things to be grateful for :)

I got the SWEETEST Christmas card from a friend that I have "met" through blogging!! 
She wrote me the nicest little note and surprised me with a gift card to Walmart!! Thank you Rathi!! Your kindness warmed my heart!! :)
 I picked up these "happy" Christmas sticker/activity books at the Dollar Tree and gave them to the kids at their "Elf breakfast." They have been such a huge hit and they are really cute- and only $1 each! If you have a Dollar Tree in your area- you should pick up a couple!! They would make a great stocking stuffer or even a fun party favor!
 One of our family traditions during Advent is to volunteer at a shelter for families experiencing homelessness. We work in the children's room and watch the children staying at the shelter while their parents go pick out gifts for them for Christmas at the "store" the shelter has set up. I always bake a bunch of Christmas cookies and the girls have so much fun giving them to all the kids. I don't know about you- but chocolate chip cookies with Christmas sprinkles just make me HAPPY! :)
 And for your final dose of happy- here's precious Marshall gazing at our Christmas tree. 
OH MY HEART. I can't handle him!! Look at his cheeks!! He is mesmerized by the lights and just loves to look at them. So thankful for our Marshall. He is seriously pure JOY!
Hope you have the BEST day- and if you're starting fresh like me- YOU GOT THIS! :)


  1. Hope your week is better, friend :) But I couldn't agree more...always something to be thankful for!
    That sweet Marshall, I could just squeeze his cheeks! So precious!!

  2. Thanks friend! Kids are crazy...especially mine! Ha!

  3. This week is supposed to be very, very cold, so I'm bracing myself for a long week. Hopefully, we'll all make it! haha! Yay for date nights!

  4. Hope your Monday is a "fresh start!" Being cooped up with kids not feeling their best definitely makes for a very long day. Hang in there! :)

  5. Isn't it to fun when kids decide to be all crazy!! Here is to a fresh start for Monday! Other than that it sounds like your weekend was great! And how amazing that you all volunteer at a shelter. I absolutely love this!
    I hope you have a great Monday, Justine!!

  6. Polar vortex. Why?!?! Marshall, you are delicious!

  7. Lots of happy things!! I'm glad you got to go out for a Christmas date night and Marshall looking at the Christmas tree is so cute! Love your cookies and love your family volunteering. What a special way to spend the holidays. Hope everyone is feeling better. It's definitely gotten COLD which means tons of inside activities.

  8. A WalMart gift card is the most perfect gift for you! No doubt!


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