Holiday Steals and Deals!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!

How has your week been going??
It's absolutely FRIGID here and poor little James AND Marshall are super sick :( 
I am so thankful for antibiotics and a wonderful pediatrician! :)

Despite the boys being sick, we've been having lots of holiday youngest daughter had her Christmas program earlier this week and it was just SO sweet!
And now we're just one day away from the weekend- YAY!

Soooo...I just had to share a few holiday steals and deals with you!! 
The sales all the stores are having are just SO good- I am trying to keep my shopping to a minimum...but these are a few goodies that are totally worth mentioning!!

First up is this ADORABLE Christmas tree tunic by Cat and Jack, from Target. I just got this for my girls- it is 12.99, this past Saturday, clothes at Target were 25% off and then because I spent $50, I got another $10 off! Each shirt came out to $8.30 each!! Even at the full price of $12.99- I would buy this cute shirt! It's so soft, it's perfect for my older daughters who aren't really into the "cutesy" Christmas outfits and it's really well made. Heck- I would wear one if they had it in my size! HA! You can find it HERE!
FYI: Right now- the deal is you buy one clothing item, you get the 2nd one 1/2 off!
The next holiday deal that I have to mention- which I am sure most of you already know about- are Old Navy's flannel pajama pants. These are my absolute FAVORITE PJ pant! I am wearing some right now! They are currently on sale for $7.00!!! These make the PERFECT gift and come in so many fun patterns and colors! AND- you have 3 more days to place an order with Old Navy and be guaranteed to get your items by December 23!!
 In the need of new stockings for your family? I know it might be a little late for that- but maybe you realized a little too late you don't have a complete "set" for your family...or maybe you want to get new stockings for everyone for next year! Check out these absolutely ADORABLE stockings on that come personalized for $13.97(free shipping if you spend $50)- there are 8 different patterns available and these precious stockings have been given a 5 star rating by over 400 people!! My two favorite patterns are the snowman and the penguin- you can find them HERE!
And finally, I had to share the perfect gift to get your hubby, boyfriend, dad, brother...any guy or gal, for that matter- would love this stainless steal koozie!! This is perfect for the man in your life that loves a nice, cold beer or maybe your bestie who always has a diet coke in her hand! Aaron has two of these koozies and absolutely LOVES them! They are only $7.74- talk about a STEAL!! it's your turn...any deals or steals to share??? Tell me in the comments!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. Those stockings are a steal!!

  2. That Christmas sweater is so cute!! Target was having some great sales this weekend. I realized we were in major need of some winter pants so I stocked up for Olive! I'll have to see if I can find that sweater for next year. I'm hoping Santa brings me one of those Ozark cups and I am thrilled to have a new, matching set of stocking this year. I found a great deal on them on TJ Maxx's website. I didn't even realize they had one until recently. Stay warm because it is FRIGID!! Hope those sweet boys make a quick recovery. I hate when my kids are sick :(

  3. oh my glitter...I am at Target every other day and I have never seen that cute sweater :(
    I need those Pj pants like yesterday!
    Thank you for the shares:)

  4. I love Old Navy plaid PJ pants-wearing them now!

  5. I love the new line, Cat & Jack. I think it such a grown up line for little boys and I like that for Connor.


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