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Friday, January 6, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!!

How was your week?? It was kind of a short one for us- my girls were off school Monday and Tuesday and went back on Wednesday. So- we only had to do our school routine 3 times this week- and I am not complaining about that one bit! Next week is going to be a rude awakening when we actually have to get back on our regular schedule. HA!

Here's some FAVORITES of mine from this first week of 2017!!

I have been wanting to have a more organized storage system for my ornaments and Christmas decorations for years....and I finally took some Christmas money that I received and got these AWESOME ornament storage boxes from the Container Store!! Now- you can get these type of boxes anywhere- but I really liked how sturdy these were- and the fact that you can store up to 75 ornaments in one box!! They are $16.99 each and in my opinion, worth every penny! We got three of them- and we had plenty of room to store all of our ornaments and a lot of our little Christmas trinkets too!! I know I am a huge dork- but these ornament storage boxes are one of my FAVORITE purchases I have made recently!! :)
One of my Christmas presents from Aaron was a 2017 planner from Plum Paper Company! This is my 3rd year in a row using a Plum Paper Planner and it is hands down my most FAVORITE planner!! Aaron always picks out the picture and pattern that goes on the front of my planner- and this year- for just a couple extra dollars- he added a couple more sections to my planner! I am so excited to have a fresh, new planner and was so happy to start using it this past week!!
Earlier this week, my girls and I had a "mommy makeover" afternoon. I painted their fingernails and toenails and did their makeup- complete with some eyeliner and mascara!! 
We listened to Kidz Bop on Pandora and had SO much fun. I am so thankful I get to be a mommy to three beautiful, funny and DRAMATIC little girls. They are my FAVORITES :)
After baking several different kinds of cookies over the holidays, I have decided, FOR SURE, that cowboy cookies are my FAVORITE cookie. I know this a strong statement...but I have done a lot of thinking about it (and eaten a lot of cookie dough and cookies) and feel confident in saying this. HA!  I have posted my recipe for cowboy cookies multiple times here on the blog, but it is worth posting again! I HIGHLY recommend you make a batch of these cookies this weekend. Trust me :)
I am so excited- one of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend! I met her through one of my childhood friends when I moved to Chicago way back in 2004. I had just graduated from grad school and had completed an internship in San Diego. I moved to Chicago for my first "big girl" job and I moved in with my childhood friend and Michaela! We hit it off immediately and when I moved to Austin, TX two years later, she decided to also move there and we lived together until Aaron and I got engaged. We are the type of friends that don't have to talk or see each other for several months and then pick up right where we left off. Aren't those the best kind?!?
We are going to go for a winter nature walk tomorrow and then I got a babysitter so we could go out for dinner sans kiddos :) 
I don't have many friends...but the ones I do have, I treasure! 
Annnddd....Just one more thing :)
Most of you already know this- but I am a consultant for Thirty-One. Their products are how I keep my family of 7 organized (and looking cute :)!! Some of you belong to my Facebook page, where I post about 31 products and deals- but if you aren't a part of that group- you can check out this page- I did a round up of the items I featured this week!!
And if you want to become "friends" on Facebook and be a part of my 31 group- just "friend" me and I will add you!! :)

Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Happy Friday! I need something better for our ornaments, too. I'm glad those boxes worked out for you. Did you order online?

  2. Just stopping by from the link up!! I am LOVING that planner! I am going to need to remember that one for next year! Have a great weekend with your crew!

  3. Lots of fantastic stuff here! I need ornament boxes too and I love the planner! Happy Friday!

  4. The cowboy cookies are a HUGE hit at my house too! My very picky son declares them his favorite and we love making them together- just made some last night for a friend recovering from surgery!

  5. I love those ornament totes! I need to get a couple of them. Your planner came out perfect!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. What a fun time with your girls - so sweet! Love those ornament totes - and now I'm convinced I totally need them when I look down at our basement right now! Ha! Have a great weekend!

  7. What a sweet picture of you and your girls! And how have I not seen those ornament totes before!? Amazing!!! I'm off to see if I can order a couple online. Have a great weekend!

  8. Ornament boxes-genius! Have fun with your girlfriend...those times are precious and feed your soul for sure!

  9. Hey, I'm stopping by from the momfessionals link-up. I am LOVING your ornament containers and I am going to invest in those next year. Happy Friday!


  10. I'm just wondering why the cookie recipe says not to use butter?

    1. hey steph! I don't have a good answer for that! HA! I have used the same recipe for over 10 years and have just always followed it by using margarine! I don't know if they would turn out differently if you used butter in place of margarine..but let me know if you try it out! Have a great weekend!

    2. Hey steph- just did a quick google search and found the recipe i use- except this one calls for butter! If that's what you prefer to use- I say give it a try! :) Let me know how they turn out!

  11. I have used Google calendar online for years, but this year I decided to use a paper planner for meal planning, blog ideas, and keeping track of a few other things. I ordered a Plum Planner a few days ago and can't wait to get it! Have a happy weekend!

  12. I need tha ornament organizer! Enjoy your time with your friend!

  13. What a great way to store ornaments. Mine are a hot mess!!! I'm a paper planner as well but always order the Erin Condren life planner:).
    I need a blog planner!!
    I really need to make those cookies. Happy Friday. 😘

  14. Okay --- you've made me do it!! I've saved your cookie recipe and will make them for our MOPS meeting later this month.

  15. Love those ornament organizers!! I'll have to keep that in mind for next year. My storage system could definitely use a revamp. Your Mommy Makeover with your girls looked like so much fun!! I'm guessing your girls will be requesting that activity regularly. Yay for new planners! I love our systems where our hubbies give us new planners for Christmas. Great minds think alike :) Hope you have a wonderful time with your friend - hooray for babysitters. Stay warm!!

  16. Your girls' day sounds so fun! I'm going to have to schedule one with my chica soon! Happy weekend!


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