Tuesday Talk!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!!

So...last week I shared some goals Aaron and I have for 2017 to help us strengthen our marriage and today I thought I would share with you my health/wellness goal for 2017!!

I have been a Weight Watchers member, on and off, for the last 10 years. I used to attend meetings and then once I had children, I got an online membership (but didn't attend meetings). By following the Weights Watchers point system, I lost all of the weight I gained with each of my pregnancies.
But- up until now- I would get back to my "goal" weight and then get pregnant again :)
Well, now that we have our precious Marshall and our family is complete with our five precious kiddos- I am ready to be at my goal weight and STAY there :)
I absolutely LOVE Weight Watchers and the fact it is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle of healthy eating habits. No foods are off limits. If you want a slice of pizza or a brownie for dessert- you can have it! You just have to plan for it and it can't be an all the time occurrence!

Anyway...I have been doing Weight Watchers online for the past several months- and at the end of this past December- I decided I was going to re-join as a "meetings" member, get to my goal weight and achieve "lifetime status." 

Being a Weight Watchers lifetime member means: "as a lifetime member, you must hit your goal weight and maintain it by weighing no more than two pounds over that goal for six weeks. At the end of that maintenance period you'll become a lifetime member." 
Once you become a lifetime member, as long as you weigh in once a month and are at your goal weight (+/- 2 lbs), you don't have to pay for your WW membership- but you have all the perks of being a member!

I went to my first WW meeting this past Saturday morning, weighed in and am SO excited to  officially be on the journey to reach my goal weight! I have been doing Weight Watchers for such a long time, but because I have been pregnant or nursing for almost all of the last 8 years, I have not even considered trying to become a lifetime member. It is so exciting to be at a place in my health and wellness journey where I am ready to achieve this goal!

So- since I have been an online WW member for the past 5 months- nothing will really change for me as far as how I am eating. I am just EXTRA motivated to reach my goal weight- because I am SO ready to be a lifetime member (and not pay for my membership)!!

LOVE this quote. This is honestly what Weight Watchers is ALL about for me!
If you all are interested (totally OK if you are NOT interested! HA!)...I would love to keep you posted throughout my journey and let you know how things are going!

Also- I would love to know- are you doing Weight Watchers to help you become a better YOU?
Or doing another healthy eating program like Whole30 or the 21 Day Fix? Or just trying to eat healthier foods and eat smaller portions?? 
Let me know in the comments- we can share our favorite recipes, tips and tricks!

(And I feel TOTALLY silly even saying this, but this post is (obviously) NOT sponsored by Weight Watchers. I just love the program!!)

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. That is an awesome goal!! I know you can do it!! I would love to hear updates! please share!! :)
    I just started a Heath Bet challenge with the 21 Day fix yesterday! I have a whole new mindset this go round and I am so excited to see changes!!

    1. That's awesome friend!! I have heard SO many amazing things about the 21 day fix!! I love the whole idea around using the different containers to help encourage eating the right foods and the right size portions! I will for sure keep everyone posted and I hope you share about your journey too!

  2. Would love to hear more about what your eating for meals and snacks!! Such an inspiration you are getting back to your goal weight after 5 pregnancies!

    1. Oh thanks so much Kendra!! I definitely plan on sharing more- I am the worst at taking pictures of my snacks and meals...but I am going to try and be better about it- so I can share what I am eating! :)

  3. I would love to follow along on your journey! I think you look great and j love your attitude about health and wellness. :) I don't really weight myself but I like to look a certain way in my bathing suits. Living in a Florida that's a more important goal for me than a weight! ;)

    1. Aja! Thank you!! I totally know what you mean about not being as concerned about a "number" as much as how you feel and look in your clothes. I have a "number" where I feel my best...I will never be a skinny goal is to be fit and healthy! :)

  4. Keep us posted! I know you will reach that goal even sooner than you think. I love that it is a lifestyle change and not a diet!

  5. I am using my fitness pal. It's compatible to weight watchers but it's a free ap and your friends can check your food log and hold you accountable!

    1. My friend uses the "my fitness pal" app and she has lost over 60 pounds! Such a great weight loss tool!!

  6. I started WW for the first time after Thanksgiving. I have lost 5 lbs but have been stuck there for a few weeks. Feel like it's a bit early for a plateau so I'm hoping to lose more in the next few weeks with more exercising!

    1. So fun that you are also doing WW Jen!! Way to go on your weight loss so far!! I am sure with you adding in some more exercise you will have success!

  7. This month we are focusing on just trying to eat healthier foods and eat smaller portions and working out 3-4 days a week. Next month we are going to kick it up a notch with a round of 21 day fix. In March, we are going to tackle the beast that is Whole 30. The idea is we are going to slowly condition our bodies to not want sugar and processed foods.

  8. Way to go! I'm sure you'll be at your lifetime goal in no time. You're such a hard worker and I'm always motivated by you to eat well, make time for exercise and take care of my crew. I always enjoy reading healthy tips and recipes. I'm not doing anything official, but am trying to drink more water, eat more salads for meals, eat less processed food and walk often. I'm excited for a healthy new year :)

  9. I would LOVE to see what snacks, meals you are eating! I would also like to know what type of exercise routine you have. Thanks!


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