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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hi friends!!

Happy Friday!!!

Well...we survived our first week back to school for the kids and back to work for me!!
There were definitely some HIGHS and LOWS...but I would say overall...we are coming out on top...heading right into the weekend! YAY!

So...I thought it would be fun to share some FAVORITE gifts I received for Christmas this year! All of these items are just GREAT and it doesn't need to be Christmas for you to get yourself one or all of them ;)

I LOVE the 90 Degree by Reflex leggings. I have them in black and when my mom told me she wanted me to pick out an outfit as part of my Christmas present from her, I promptly went and put this fun, dark fuchsia (they are officially called dark magenta haze ;) pair of leggings in my Amazon cart! They are SUCH a fun color and I love wearing them. They fit perfectly and I really just can't say enough good things about these leggings!! They are definitely my FAVORITE leggings...out of the many different kinds I own! You can find them HERE on Amazon!

One of my gifts from Aaron was my FAVORITE shampoo and conditioner. I have loved the Wella brand since I was in graduate school. It smells amazing and I really do think it extends the life of your highlights/color (if you get your hair highlighted/colored)!
It is pretty darn we waited for Ulta to do their 50% off sale on their jumbo sizes of shampoo and conditioner. These are normally $32.00 a PIECE. OUCH. The only way I will buy them is if they are on sale. I got a shampoo and conditioner from their Brilliance line as well as a shampoo and conditioner from their FusionPlex line. I will probably not have to buy shampoo/conditioner for another 6 months at least! There are so many great salon brands on sale...and it runs through January 26- so if you need to stock up on your favorite shampoo and's a great time to do it!

This sweatshirt is PERFECTION. This is what I picked out to go with my fuchsia leggings and I have been wearing it NONSTOP!! It's from American Eagle/Aerie of all places! You can find it HERE. It's currently on sale for $25 and I am telling you- it's worth every single penny! It's comfy and cozy. Looks so cute with leggings or jeans. It has POCKETS! If you have some Christmas money to spend or have been looking for a great sweatshirt- you need to check this one out!
When I ordered the gray sweatshirt up above- I decided to also get this aqua colored crewneck sweatshirt. YUP. It's my FAVORITE too! HA! These sweatshirts are definitely stick with your normal size for sure! This style of sweatshirt comes in this pretty aqua color and a beautiful lavender color...both would be perfect for spring when it's still chilly outside...but you're ready to wear light, pretty colors!!
Just for fun- here's a picture of me wearing it a couple weeks ago!
//FOUR// few weeks ago, Jess from @newlyjess (on IG) posted about these high rise skinny jeans from Universal Thread at Target. I decided, 'what the heck?!' I'll order them and give them a try! I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a pair of jeans that fit me well and don't cost $200!! HA! I considered these a gift from me to me ;)
Wouldn't you know it...I got them (I had to try a couple different sizes out) and they fit PERFECTLY. They have the perfect amount of stretch in them...enough you feel like you can move...but not so much that they are falling down and not holding you in. I am on the taller side and I went with the regular length and they are just right!
Right now they are full price at $24.99- which is a pretty amazing price! I snagged mine when they were running a I got mine just a bit cheaper. I am telling you- if you have been looking for a GOOD pair of jeans- it can't hurt to try these out!! Order them online, get a couple of sizes, try them on in YOUR house and then take them back to Target if they don't fit. That's my favorite way to shop! HA!
Finally...just wanted to share a few highlights from my fullhandsfullheart_fit4life IG account. I can't tell you how much fun I am having with this new account! It's my FAVORITE :)
This week- I shared about how I had to break up with peanut butter (break ups are hard to do! HA!), why I pack my lunch and how sometimes you just have to GET.IT.DONE - even when you are NOT feeling it! 
I'd love for you to come follow along!!
Hope you have the BEST Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!!!
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  1. Oh I am heading to Amazon right now for those cute! Also, I love your new insta account. That lunch looked so good. I love those sweaters, they look so comfy. I love that picture with you and your girls. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Those leggings are my favorite too!

    1. Aren't they the BEST?!? And I am loving having a pair of colored ones...breaks up all the black I wear!

  3. Super cute leggings. I've mostly been sticking with fleece lined ones lately!

  4. Everyone is talking about those leggings!! They are super cute =) And those sweatshirts, they look oh so comfy! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. They really are SUPER!!
      The sweatshirts are SO comfy it's dangerous...they're the only thing I want to wear now!

  5. The Arie sweatshirts are the BEST! I have had my eye on the turtleneck version all winter, I did just scoop up the chenille turtleneck that I have been eyeing, can't wait to get it! Thanks for sharing and happy Friday!

    1. Oh fun!! YES. I am obsessed with this sweatshirt and want all the colors now! HA! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I loved your post on IG. I always tell the kids (and myself) to "get it done" when it comes to exercise or church stuff. I tell them you'll never regret the time you spend on those things! Love those leggings!

  7. I LOVE that color of leggings. I have a few of the 90 degree black and gray leggings so I probably need a bright color next :) Love those sweatshirts and the picture of you and your cute girls. Everyone looks so cute and sporty. I'll have to go and check out your posts about peanut butter bc I must have missed them. I'm really enjoying your new IG account, too.


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