Hello Monday!!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Hi friends!!!

Happy, Happy New Year!!!

It has felt like FOREVER since I last posted!! I must say, the break felt wonderful...I barely opened my computer and spent lots of time away from my phone. BUT- I definitely missed checking in here and I am so happy to be back to my regularly scheduled programming! :)

While I know most people are probably over hearing about Christmas and New Year's... I thought I would just share a few highlights from our Christmas Break!
We decorated sugar cookies with our cousins and the kids had SO much fun. They got really into decorating the cookies and they turned out SO good!
The kiddos got new scooters and bikes for Christmas and they were SO excited! After we opened up all of the presents on Christmas morning, we went outside so everyone could test drive their new sets of wheels!
We went to Christmas Eve Mass and I was just completely obsessed with the kids' Christmas outfits this year!!! I you see the boys' bow ties??? I could not even handle it. The girls' dresses are from Lands End...just simple, classic red velvet dresses with a little ruffle at the bottom. SO pretty! I wait all year long to pick out their outfits for's one of my favorite things to do! :)
New Year's Eve we went to Mass and then came home for an appetizer party!!! This was our 3rd annual New Year's Eve party and we had the best time. We let the kids drink juice out of our wine glasses...and gave Marshall a shot glass to drink his from (HA!) and they thought they were such BIG stuff. LOVE seeing how little things like that make them so happy!!!

This past week, Marshall went back to school for one day and I had to work one day. We had a really nice low key weekend and now it is back to REALITY. UGH. I don't know if I am ready for it!!!! But here we are...MONDAY. 

So I am starting this week with a grateful heart for such a wonderful time spent with my family. I will be honest- at times it felt VERY full. We did a lot of fun things, we had several visitors stay with us, we traveled on Christmas day and Aaron had to work A LOT. But...amidst the craziness...there was so much GOOD. Quiet moments reading together in our sunroom. Time spent playing our new game that Santa brought us. Being super silly and laughing LOTS. And just being together without having a tight schedule to follow. Lots of highs and lows and everything in between. And I am thankful for it ALL!

In an effort to maybe help you ease into the week a bit easier- I thought I would share my menu plan for the week! I shared this on my IG account: fullhandsfullheart_fit4life this past Friday...but thought it might be helpful to post it here too!
And here's my menu plan...which is just a modified version of our "main" menu plan!
Aaron and I eat a little differently from the kids...but our "main" entree is pretty much the same! I will tell you- Aaron definitely joins the kids and eats pizza on Friday...he loves himself a good salad...but not when it's pizza night! HA!
Hope you have the BEST day!
If you re-entering the "real" world and are back to school and work...I am right there with you!!

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  1. I am so glad you guys had a great Christmas! And the kids outfits, PERFECT! I love the bow ties! So so cute!!!

  2. Look like a wonderful Christmas! Love the kids outfits.
    Thank you for sharing your meal plan!

  3. What a fun break! I love seeing your kids in coordinating clothes. And boys in bow ties is my FAVORITE. Happy New Year!

  4. It's back to reality this week! I hope all goes smoothly. The Christmas outfits were just darling!

  5. Looks like a fabulous Christmas! I too often tweak the meal plan for the adults versus the kids meals so that we can all enjoy a healthy meal without too much extra work on my part.

  6. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! You always have the kids dressed so cute. Have a great week!

  7. What a wonderful Christmas. I love the girls' dresses and I also love the bow ties. So cute. I tweak the meal plans as well. Thank you for sharing yours!


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