My New Favorite Spot in Our House!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hello friends!!!

Hope you've been having a great week!!
I had all intentions of getting this post up yesterday...but Marshall woke up MUCH earlier from his nap than he normal does...which meant my blogging time had to take the back burner!!
Here we are! And I am so excited to give you a sneak peek of my new favorite room in our house!!

When we were building our house, we originally planned to have 5 bedrooms. Well...when we were getting approval everything, we were told we couldn't have the 5th bedroom that was on our floor plan because of the size of our septic tank. So- Aaron re-designed our floor plan, put the closet in that bedroom in the hallway and kept the 5th bedroom (which wasn't a bedroom anymore because it didn't have a closet) and wouldn't you know it- our floor plan got approved! Building codes and regulations are SO weird. Essentially we couldn't term our house has a 5 bedroom...but actually having the 5 room wasn't really a big deal in relation to our septic tank.
Ok. That was probably waaayy more information than you needed..but thought I would give you a little background on this room.

So when we moved in- the 5th (fake) bedroom, was Marshall's room. We set up his nursery in the room and it was PERFECT for him! Well...last summer, Marshall started sharing a room with James and we have done NOTHING with the 5th (fake) bedroom. 

We decided over Christmas to pull the trigger and buy me a desk...YAY!
This past weekend, Aaron re-organized all of our decorations (which are kept in the hallway storage closet) and got the room cleared out. He painted it, put together my desk and basically created dream office for me!!

Here's a picture of my desk!
Can something feel cozy AND clean and fresh?? HA!
Because that's how my desk feels. I just feel so cozy and happy and productive in my new little space!
We got the desk off of Amazon and it is such a GREAT piece. Extremely sturdy, I LOVE the look of it and it was an awesome price! We picked up the chair from Tj Maxx...I didn't want a traditional rolling chair...just something simple and slightly rustic to go with my desk! 

On the other side of the room is our big leather, COMFY chair. We had this downstairs in our living room originally...but moved it up to this room when we got our new couch!
And finally- this is the other "area" of the office. This beautiful dresser/armoire is an antique my parents refinished years ago and I just love it.
So as you can see...I have some decorating to do now!!

Which makes me VERY HAPPY :)
We used the color Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams for the paint color and it is SO pretty. (Here's a great blog post talking about how awesome Sea Salt is!!) 
Depending on the can look like a light, oceany green or if it is takes on a more blue tone. I just LOVE it!

I created a little collage of inspiration for how I would like to decorate my office!
I absolutely LOVE this painting and plan on buying a print of it and frame it in a big, rustic white frame. 

I love the idea of getting some reclaimed windows and putting them behind the armoire that currently has the printer on top of it. LOVE that layered look!!

And I want to get five big, open frames and hang them on the walls on either side of the one window we have in this room. I want the frames to be open because I want to have the ability to hang up all the neat artwork the kids make me! The girls love painting me pictures on canvases and I would love to be able to hang them up and then change them out when they paint me a new one!

And there you have new, favorite, cozy and fresh spot in our house!!
I will be sure to keep you posted once I get it all decorated!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!! It's Friday Eve...YAHOO!

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  1. I love it Justine! It looks so good! And the paint color is so pretty =)

    1. thanks friend!! I can't wait to get it decorated and make it feel even more cozy!!! :)

  2. Oh I love your desk area! So pretty! Have so much fun decorating!!

  3. I love your new desk!! What a fun space to call your own. Glad you were still able to work in this fake bedroom haha :)

  4. I love it! We found my desk on Amazon too. Who knew it would be so easy to order furniture online?


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