Thoughts for Thursday

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hey friends!!

Happy Thursday!!

How's your week going so far?? We're soooo close to the weekend!

Feeling chatty I just thought I share some random thoughts today!

Sooo...I shared this on Insta-stories last week- but I am LOVING using the Peloton app for working out!!! I definitely go through seasons where I feel more motivated than others to exercise ...and while I am feeling very motivated to work out currently- I have definitely been feeling bored. I have a hard time finding classes at my gym that challenge me enough AND I don't have an unlimited amount of time to spend in the gym. I just finished my 5th workout using the app this morning and I am HOOKED. I am loving the challenge of the Peloton workouts and just how easy it is to find a class that fits my needs in that moment and then pressing "start" and it's READY.TO.GO! 
If you are looking for a change in your exercise have nothing to lose in trying out the classes on the app for free for two weeks! Ok..I am done gushing about Peloton. HA!

I know it's VERY controversial (which I don't know WHY)- but I am curious where you stand in Christmas decorating and when you do it?!

I just thought this was too funny. HA! People are SO serious about this topic!
So..the past couple of years- I have done it in early November because Aaron works every 3rd Saturday (I need his help with our trees) and then we have been out of town, traveling to Illinois, for Thanksgiving. My birthday is in early December and I always like to have my decorations up before that- so decorating early has made the most sense for us!

This year, we're not going anywhere for Thanksgiving, so I don't feel the push to get out our decorations just yet. I am thinking we will put up our trees next weekend and then I will spend the following week decorating. If I am being honest- I am feeling kind of apathetic at the thought of getting everything's weird! I don't feel anxious about all the work that goes into decorating...I just don't really have a huge motivation to do it. But on the flip side...I want to make our house feel festive and it's important to me to decorate. AHHHH. This is how my brain works! I am ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE. HA!

Ok...time for a little heart talk.
Parenting has felt quite INTENSE for the past few months.
Aaron and I have coined the phrase that we are joyfully trudging through this season with our kiddos. HA!
My girls are all SO different and very intense in their own ways...and we have a lot of growth and maturing happening which lends itself to a lot of resistance and testing boundaries. 
My girls are not PHYSICALLY exhausting to take care of (they are SO independent!)- but mentally they can DRAIN me.

And my sweet boys. WOW. God knew I really needed to be humbled when he gave me James and Marshall. These boys are SO spirited and push boundaries ALL.DAY.LONG. 
 And we're not talking pushing boundaries like not cleaning up their toys or wrestling too hard with each other- more like leaving the house to go down the street to play with the neighbors without telling me, after I have told them YOU MUST ASK ME. Or like finding their dad's ladder, moving it over to the deep freezer, climbing on it (not completely set up) and going inside the freezer. Let's just pretend these are hypothetical examples and not real life. HA!  Anyway...they are requiring a lot of discipline and demand almost all of my attention and it's just A LOT. 

I share all of this because I hope my vulnerability might make you feel less alone if you are in a particularly hard or challenging season of life- whether that be parenting or another type of relationship. I feel like if we share that we are having a hard time- people assume we aren't grateful or aware of our abundant blessings- 
which is exactly what my children are: ABSOLUTE GIFTS from GOD. And he is teaching me, slowly, surely and at times quite painfully, that I can do none of the work I have been called to do as a mom without him.

And wrap up my ramblings for the day...let's get SUPER serious and talk about PUFFY UNDER EYE SYNDROME.
Yes. This is a real thing. I have diagnosed myself with it. HA!

I am not getting any older and I am becoming more and more conscious of taking care of my skin and if I am being honest- pretty self conscious of the puffy area under my eyes. I don't necessarily have dark under eye circles as much as I do major PUFFINESS.

Give me your best eye creams and I will be SO thankful!!

Also- if you have a certain anti-aging/wrinkle cream(s) that you love- I would so appreciate you sharing those with me too!

I am in the process of trying to figure what I should buy, how much I should spend on said items and I really want to NOT waste money on products that really don't work.

Okey dokey...that's all the random I have for today :)
I am off to drink some more coffee and celebrate the fact that tomorrow is FRI-YAY!
Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. The inside of my house was decorated before Halloween since I was hosting my Sip & Shop. I have never decorated this early but I gotta say I LOVE it!

    Oh Boys! Ian is almost 15 and is still so "spirited" I thought he was in his room the other day...Nope he was in the neighbors backyard trying to shoot squirrels. I about had a heartache. He did tell me that he didn't shoot any thank goodness!
    Hanging in there Mama!

  2. Love this mix of topics! I agree - my daughter challenges me mentally and my son never stops going/climbing/jumping/risking another ER trip. No wonder my gray hair is coming in strong. Love them to pieces, but it's crazy how different each kiddo is. We buy a real tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and then spend the following few days decorating it. We usually leave everything up for one month. My house is decorated for Thanksgiving now. Some of our neighbors are all decked out for Christmas so my kids are wondering why we are so far behind - ha!

  3. You are seriously so real and fun!!! It’s amazing to me that while raising our kids in the same house, with similar rules and expectations and they are so different. Enjoy and embrace the moments easy and hard because they go by in a minute! Thinking of all of you and your sweet mom in the first holiday.....

  4. Have you tried a jade roller for puffiness?! So good! I don't have a good eye cream recommendation, I'm still looking, too. Grace at just reviewed some new retinol Olay products, that may be a place to start!

  5. Hi, I am super behind on my blog reading (obviously!) but wanted to chime in for two things: I recently researched eye creams, and bought this Fresh Black tea one and I LOVE it-- Feels great, makes an impact, and has a very subtle scent. Second, love your honesty here--such a refreshing reminder that momming is HARD and none of us have it all together all the time!


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