Friday Favorites!!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Happy Friday friends!!!

Phew! What a week! Is anyone else barely making it or is that just us? I hate using the cliched "time change" reasoning- but I am telling you- when it starts getting dark at is just NOT good. My kids have been WONKY and I have seriously considered hiding in my closet come dinnertime. HA!  Needless to say- I am super grateful the weekend is almost here and we get a couple days to recharge and hopefully find our groove!!

Here's some FAVORITES from this past week that have been making me smile!

This past Saturday, one of my best friends came to visit us! My friend Michaela lives in Chicago (I used to live there with her many many years ago!) and she too a quick flight to Raleigh and Aaron and the boys went and picked her up on Saturday morning. We did tons of fun stuff, ate some pretty yummy food and on her last day- we got some special girl time and I just LOVED every second of it! She flew back to Chicago on Tuesday and we are already planning our next visit!
I go through stages where I ALWAYS want my nails painted. I am currently in one of those stages. HA!
While I love a good gel manicure done at the nail salon...I just do NOT have the time for one of those in this season of life! What I have been doing lately is getting Marshall and I in the car about 10 minutes early before we need to leave to pick the kids up from school. I do my base coat and my nail color before we leave the house. Then my nails dry all the way to school and then I do my top coat while I am waiting in the car pool line. Gotta make every minute count, right?!? HA!

I was feeling a neutral color this week and pulled this pretty purplish gray color out of my nail polish bin and I am LOVING it!
I have several colors of this LA Colors brand...and it's a totally great nail polish for just under $2.00! It definitely doesn't last 10 days for me- but I can get a good 4-5 days out of it and that's not too bad in my opinion!
Did you see my post from yesterday?! I shared about this AMAZING faux fur vest that is from Walmart and is under $20!! I put together 5 different outfits- using the vest as the focal point! I had SO much fun creating some fun, AFFORDABLE outfits- definitely go check it out HERE and let me know which outfit is your FAVORITE!
I shared about this special cabinet in my post on Wednesday- but I had to share another picture of it again- because it is definitely one of my FAVORITE pieces of furniture in my house!! This hoosier cabinet was my parents and my mom recently gave it to me! My husband had it re-painted for me and it is in my office, housing all of my craft stuff and sewing machine! I just LOVE it!
Friends. This quote. Wow. It is speaking to me!!
Aaron and I are currently setting some pretty exciting goals and dreaming BIG and I think this perfectly describes what it means to really set a GOAL!


What's made you smile this week?
I'd love to know what one of your FAVORITES has been!!

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL Weekend!

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  1. My sister in law has an old hoosier cabinet for her sewing stuff, too! Love your hack for painting your nails - that's really making the most of your time!

  2. I do something similar with my nails. Lots of times, I paint them and then go on a walk! Have a terrific weekend!

  3. I love that hoosier! It looks so pretty! And I love your nails =) I love to have mine done too, but I never have time for it, so usually I always do them myself. I'm so glad you and your friend had a great time! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. I'm always looking for things to do while I'm waiting in the car. Nails is a great one! I just added some hand lotion to my console because my hands are always dry and I never take the time to put on lotion at home. It's great for waiting in the car! I'm so glad your family heirloom furniture is getting a new life at your house. Does this mean that your mom is downsizing or moving or decluttering her home?


I love hearing from you! Let's keep it nice though...ain't nobody got time for anything else!