Friday Favorites!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!
How was your week??

Is anyone else just REALLY ready for the weekend?? We had a great week...but I am VERY happy about the fact that tomorrow is Saturday!!

Here are some of my FAVORITES from this past week!

Last Saturday night, Aaron and I went on a double date with two of our best friends! We went to this super cute, unassuming little restaurant, and had such a fun time! The food was delicious and we had such a great time talking about anything and everything. Isn't my friend Katie beautiful??? 

This past Sunday- we celebrated Aaron's 38th birthday!! We had lots of yummy food and the kids made him the cutest cards :) The girls got him a selfie stick since we always make him take our family selfies...we took waaayyyy too many pictures with our selfie was too funny!! 
So thankful for this man!! I know I am biased...but he makes 38 look pretty darn good! ;)

Speaking of Aaron's birthday, for his cake, I made a double layer yellow cake with homemade chocolate buttercream icing. It was SO GOOD.
I get my cake mixes from Aldi- they carry chocolate, white and yellow mixes- and I think they taste just as yummy- if not yummier than the major brands! I used this recipe for my icing and let me tell you- it took some major restraint (Hello trying to achieve lifetime status with Weight Watchers!!) to not eat a big spoonful of it right out of the bowl!!
The kids (and Aaron) LOVED the cake and it was just SO cute seeing how excited they were about it and how they kept on going on and on about how I am the "best baker there ever was in the world!" HA! Not true at all- but so sweet my kids think that! HA!

This past Wednesday, Aaron was supposed to have an extremely busy morning of surgeries...but they all either got canceled or moved around to a different time in the afternoon. So- we ended up having a fun morning together! We went to the gym and worked out, came home and had breakfast together and then took the boys to this new indoor play scape that a local chuch built!
James and Marshall had the best time- and it was such a fun treat to have Aaron with us! He really is my favorite person to hang out with AND it is SO nice to have an extra pair of hands to wrangle my crazy James!
Here's a picture of the playscape...isn't it amazing??? It is free and open to ANYONE!
Such an awesome concept!!
Yesterday, as I was leaving my girls' school after dropping them off- this is what I saw.
How amazing is the beginning of this sunrise?!? I am going to be honest- I can be SUCH a grump about the craziness that happens at our house from 6am - is A LOT to get 5 little people ready for the day and out the door that early in the morning. 
But, we always make it :) While it is NOT my favorite to load my crew up in the pitch black- getting able to see absolutely stunning sunrises like this one make it all worth it! 
 So- do you have any fun plans for the weekend??

We don't have much going on- we need to go to the grocery store and I am trying to convince Aaron we (and I mean him) need to paint our guest bedroom furniture ;)
I want to use chalk paint to achieve a white/slightly distressed look- have any of you used the Rust-Oleum Chalked paint from Home Depot?? It has pretty good reviews and that was what we were thinking about using!

I hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. You and Aaron are just the cutest!!
    That sunrise....WOW~
    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

    1. Oh thanks so much friend!! And seriously- the picture of the sunrise doesn't do it justice!!

  2. We have a few churches with really cool indoor play areas and they are perfect for when the weather is downright miserable.

  3. That sunrise is beautiful :) Love the birthday pictures and that cake looks so good!! Y'all are so cute!

    1. Oh thanks so much Kristi!! The cake really was YUMMY! Have a great weekend!

  4. Happy Birthday Aaron! That morning together sounds so fun. We don't have to leave the house until 8:20 during the week and I must say the sunshine vs pitch darkness does help a bit. What did you decide on the hair? Can't wait to see it Tuesday! Good luck with the chalk paint. I've never used it, but your hub is a master with DIY, I am sure he'll make it look great.

  5. um I seriously want to tell my church about the play area, that's genius!!!! What a great way to welcome people in :) Also you had me at that place and I agree most everything is just as good or better! Have a great weekend! xoxo ERIN

    1. Isn't it the BEST?? It is an amazing way to evangelize and build community. We are so thankful it's so close to us! And yes- Aldi is the BEST!!! :)

  6. I've decided that you just gleam with the light of God. I know these are only the best moments and not every moment is sunshine and rainbows but you always come off real, honest, and just so content. You are such an inspiration! This weekend my friends and I are going to Memphis to see Garth in concert. I'm super excited!

  7. Such sweet pictures full of joy! Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

    1. Thank you Melissa!! What a kind comment!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. What a sweet week! That birthday cake looks so yummy and I'm sure Aaron loved it. That indoor play place at the church is AMAZING!! I bet the kids have so much fun. Glad you got to go on a double date and have Aaron home during the day. Hope you're staying warm on this super cold weekend :)

  9. Whoa- that sunrise is breathtaking!!! Hope you had a great weekend :)


    1. Thank you Jennifer! We had a really good weekend! I hope you did too!

  10. There is a church by my parents house in Michigan that does that as well! It is such a blessing a great way to pull the community into the church! I wish more places offered that during the freezing winter! I just can't justify paying $10 for my 13-month-old...


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