Hello Monday!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Monday!!

I am joining one of my best blogging friends, Johannah for her "Hello Monday!" link-up party!
How was your weekend??

Our's was FULL and FUN! The girls and Aaron had their Daddy/Daughter dance on Friday night- and they all came home saying they could barely walk because their legs were too tired from dancing! HA!
The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday and we took full advantage of it by taking a family walk/bike ride to the park!
Sunday- we went to church, I did a lot of baking for the girls' class Valentine's parties, we worked on school projects and took a quick trip to Walmart. The kids were quite "special" so I didn't get a chance to do my usual perusing of ALL THE THINGS. My goal was to get in and get out in the least amount of time so the minimum number of people would see our CrAzY. HA!
A couple of you have mentioned to me that you like when I post my meal plans for the week- which I haven't done in FORVER. I still plan out our meals- but I have stopped posting them because honestly- I just feel like what we eat is SO boring!! We rotate through about the same 10 meals- my kids are picky and for my sanity- I just stick to what I know the kids will eat.  With that being said- I thought I would share what we have on the menu this week....just because! :)
For Monday night's taco chips, I just put a bunch of tortilla chips on a baking sheet and sprinkle them with seasoned taco meat and shredded cheddar cheese. I put Aaron's chips on a big bed of lettuce and he crunches them up with some sour cream and salsa to make a super yummy taco salad. I have a taco salad with the seasoned ground turkey (I use the Fit & Active 93/7 ground turkey from Aldi and make my own taco seasoning using them recipe!), lettuce, guacamole, salsa and red, yellow and orange bell peppers that I roast in the oven. It is SO delicious and depending on how much meat I put on my salad, it comes out to about 6 SmartPoints!

Tuesday night, we are having a fancy, family Valentine's dinner. Aaron and I are going to have grilled steak and shrimp and the kids will have dino-nuggets (SUPER FANCY over here!) We will also have mashed potatoes (pre-made by my good friend Bob Evans) and sauted brussel sprouts. YUM.

Last week, I took two lean pork loins that were pre-marinated in a mesquite barbecue sauce (I got them from Aldi!) and put them in the crock pot with some chicken broth, a generous squeeze of ketchup, a couple shakes of worcestershire sauce and a sprinkle of brown sugar. I cooked it in the crock pot on low for about 8 hours and it turned out SO good! The kids and Aaron had it on rolls for sandwiches and I had mine over spaghetti squash. So on Wednesday, we're repeating this meal this week because we had enough to have two meals!! I love when that happens! :)

On Thursday, we're having breakfast for dinner. I am going to make homemade sausage gravy- you can find the recipe I use for the gravy and the biscuits I make- HERE. We will also have scrambled eggs and the kids will have applesauce too :)  This is  an EASY, inexpensive meal that my whole family loves! 

Every Friday night, we have pizza! The kids have a pizza picnic and eat their pizza on a quilt in the living room and watch a movie. Unless Aaron is working super late, he makes the pizza and it is one of my favorite nights of the week because I don't have to cook and everyone in my house LOVES pizza! :) 

We're headed out of town to visit my parents this upcoming Saturday- so I am going to get a couple nights off of cooking! WOO-HOO!!

Sooo...that's what's on the menu at our house this week! SUPER simple- which is all I can handle! HA!

What is your family eating this week?
Do you have any fun plans for Valentine's Day?

Hope you have the BEST day!


  1. What a great weekend! Ella and I are baking mini cupcakes this afternoon for her class tomorrow! She is SO EXCITED!
    your meals sound so yummy!!
    Happy Monday Friend!

  2. Did you cut your hair? It looks Beautiful!!!! I have been reading your blog for a few months and found myself without kids in Walmart the other day and immediately thought of your blog :)

  3. What a fun weekend! I hope you have a terrific week!

  4. I love your short looks so spunky and cute! We have a very similar menu this week - steak and baked potatoes for V-Day, breakfast for dinner one night, and homemade pizza Friday night! Have a good one!

  5. Your hair looks amazing!! Your menu sounds delicious. It's been a while since I've made BBQ in the crockpot so thanks for that reminder. It feels good to know your family is going to eat certain foods so I don't blame you for fixing their faves. Hope you have a fantastic weekend with your family :)


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