Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Tuesday!!

How was your weekend?
Is your week off to a good start?? I sure hope so! is the LAST day of February. TWO MONTHS of this NEW year have already flown by.

Can you even believe that?? Time is a crazy thing. There are moments or situations that seem to drag on forever....and then on the other hand- a week or even a month can happen in the blink of the eye. 

I started off 2017 with specific goals I wanted to achieve. I also wanted to begin the process of changing my focus on some areas of my life and shift some of my priorities around.

Two months in- I can say that I have been doing great with some of my goals and I have also been struggling with some of them. Through a lot of prayer and reading several great books, I have been made aware of A LOT of things that I need to work on- which I am SO grateful for....but that kind of awareness is also a little daunting- because it shows how much more work I have ahead of me :)

Do you know of Lara Casey? She has an amazing blog, a super inspiring Instagram account and is the author of Powersheets and other tools that can help you plan, organize and realize the roots of your goals and dreams. I personally have not used the Powersheets but am considering getting them for 2018! 

Anyway....I really do have a point to all of this rambling...HA!

Lara is super transparent AND encouraging- which I just love. A couple weeks ago she wrote a blog post and mentioned that come come February- gym attendance goes way down and fast food consumption goes up. Six weeks into the new year- people are already BURNT OUT.

Then she went on to say....YOU don't have to give up. 
Progress doesn't have to happen FAST for it to be meaningful. 

You don't need a "new year" to start over. Goals don't have to only be set on January 1. 
We can start FRESH and re-focus any time we want!! I don't know about you- but sometimes I feel like I have messed up so bad (e.g. a yucky parenting day) that I just feel like throwing in the towel all together. But we have the choice, EVERY day- even every MINUTE of the start over, start FRESH and re-commit to being the BEST version of ourselves.

I am really writing this blog post for myself (I know- I am super selfish- HA!) 
But maybe it will be encouraging to you too?

Have you felt like you started off the year with a BANG- and slowly but surely- you have let go of all of your goals and you are right back where you DON'T want to be?

Or maybe- did you not even bother to make some (needed) changes at the beginning of the year...but are realizing that those changes REALLY need to happen?

Today or tomorrow or whenever you decided your ready- could be your "January 1st." 
You don't need a new year to start working towards your goals and dreams!

So here's to FRESH starts, GRACE and PROGRESS over perfection.

Hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!! I am a firm believer in goal setting!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I have Powersheets for this year and I LOVE them. This is the first time I've kept goals for this long. I love doing the prep work, all the inspiration, and marking my progress. I recommend them. There is also an amazing Powersheets Facebook group that are so helpful.

  3. I feel like you crawled into my heart and said exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you!!
    My goal that I struggle with the most is exercising and eating right! But I have done so much better this year then I ever have!!
    Have a great day!

  4. I need to do a blog post for accountability of my goals for this year. Eek! I hope it won't be too awful. Thanks for hosting the link up!

  5. I attended a conference this past weekend and realized how I've really gotten away from goal setting and list making and how it really has caused me to be a little scattered. Hoping to get back on track with some goals to guide me but not rule my life.


  6. Great reminder! I like to start out the new month with new goals and your post made me refresh myself on my 2017 goals. I feel like there's always so many things I could be working on so I appreciate the reminder that consistency and progress is important. Baby steps are better than no steps towards my goals. I've not used the power sheets, but I've heard really great things about them. I would also love to learn to garden like Lara :)


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