I love leggings! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Over the past few years, I have developed a love for leggings (like the rest of women in America-HA).  What's not to love?  They are stretchy, if they fit right- they can make you look nice and trim and for me, they are super comfortable as I am running around picking up and dropping off kids at school, on the floor playing with my kiddos and I love them for working out as well!
My husband was in school for the past 7 years and this past May started a job as a resident physician; which means, I have been living on a budget for quite some time!  So- these leggings not only make you look great and are comfortable- but they won't break the bank!

So...I am not sure if a lot people know this...but Wal Mart has AWESOME workout clothes!! And you just CANNOT beat their prices! I have several pieces from their Danskin Now line and these leggings are by far my favorite!  First- they are $12.96.  I mean....COME ON.  They have a nice wide waistband, have just the right amount of stretch and support, and they are made mostly out of polyester- which means the black color stays nice and black- no fading.  After wearing the heck out of my first pair, I just bought another pair!  And I will tell you- I have been known to wear these both ways- as workout leggings and with tunic style tops for casual, non-workout outfits!

Danskin Now Women's Performance Leggings

The leggings also come in capri style and I LOVE these for working out and wearing in the summer.  These stay put while I am running on the treadmill and running around the park after my kids :) Again, love their wide waistband and the stitching on the sides of the legs is very flattering.  Definitely get a pair of these for when the weather gets warmer!

Danskin Now Women's Performance Capris

My husband picked these up for me and at first I was mad at him because he paid $23 for them and I thought they were supposed to be on sale for $10! He insisted I try them on....and as soon as I did I was okay with paying $23 for them:) They do not call these "compression" leggings for nothing! I actually really like this because I have very bad varicose veins from all of my pregnancies and it's nice to feel like my legs are being supported when I wear these. The waistband provides nice coverage and definitely helps smooth everything out:) They are also fairly warm- I wore them on a power walk when it was windy and 35 degrees outside and my legs weren't cold at all!

Women's Old Navy Active Compression Leggings

After seeing all of the amazing reviews on these leggings, I asked for these for my birthday.
My sweet husband delivered :) I LOVE the wide waistband and how I feel very "held in." What I don't like about them is that the fact they aren't super black. Does that make sense? I think because they are mostly made of cotton the coloring is not as intense as the leggings made with mostly polyester . They definitely are comfy and usually wear them when I am wearing a "dressier" top.

Hue Ultra' Wide Waistband Leggings

And these are the next pair of leggings I want to add to my arsenal!  They have awesome reviews and I love that Nordstrom has free shipping and returns- with no minimum purchase!
There are actually a ton of things I want to try in the Zella line...I am such a sucker for quality, but not crazy expensive workout clothes! And while these leggings are a little more than I usually spend, Nordstrom runs great sales- so I hopefully I can catch a pair when they are marked down!

Zella Live In - Space Dye Pop Leggings

Have I left out any MUST HAVE leggings?? I would love to know if you have a favorite pair that I haven't mentioned here!!


  1. Hi Justine! I was reading your "how we met story" via Shay Shull's blog, and loved that you taught! I'm currently a school administrator, but spent 6 years in the classroom teaching 2nd grade. Just wanted to comment on the leggings; I am also on a pretty strict budget (thanks private, Christian school) :), but splurged on the Zella leggings since I'd heard they were dupes for Lululemon (which is SO out of my price range). I can happily report that the Zella "lived in leggings" are well worth the $50. NO sagging, drooping, or needing to tug/pull up at all. They are very high quality, good compression style waistband, and reversible, which is really cool. One side is a brushed/soft/cottony type feeling, and the other side is a matte fabric. I wore them to a Pure Barre class on Saturday, AND out for my Valentine's Day date with a long, black tunic since we had a snowstorm and negative temps this weekend. Hope that helps! :) God bless!

    1. Katie! Thank you for commenting! I worked in elementary schools for 4 years as a speech language pathologist and LOVED it! And thank you so much for your personal review of the Zella leggings! I am really wanting a pair...and I think you just might have convinced me to use some leftover birthday money and get a pair! Thanks again and I hope you have a great week!! :)

  2. Hi Justine! My husband is also a resident so I can totally relate to life on a budget! And I also love Walmart's workout clothes. I have a few of their tank tops that I work great and you can't beat the price! :)


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