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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Wednesday! 
Today,I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for their Favorite Things Party- $10 and Under Edition!

I picked up this necklace a couple weeks ago when I was at WalMart!! 
Get this- it was on clearance for $3!!
I also picked up these earrings at WalMart for $5!  Can't wait to wear them this summer!  They are super light weight and I feel like all the colors will go with everything in my summer wardrobe!
Wal Mart's jewelry selection is SO awesome right now!  Seriously- you need to head to your local WalMart and check it out for yourself!!
Keeping with the WalMart theme :), I got this adorable Valentine's shirt and leggings for my youngest daughter there!  The shirt was $4.97 and the leggings were $4.97 as well.  
$10 for super cute Valentine's outfit- LOVE it!
I couldn't find the link for the shirt and leggings I got her, but this super sweet shirt is online and I have seen this shirt in person too!  It is SO cute! It is $5!
And finally...these are my girls' new favorite pair of pants!  I got them from Southern Tots and they have several colors of the same pants on sale for $8.99!  They are so soft, comfy and CUTE!

What are some of your favorites under $10?? I LOVE a good deal! :)

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