Time to do this!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I am a mommy of 4 kids. My oldest is 6 and my youngest is 6 months old. I have spent the majority of the last 7 years either being pregnant or nursing :) Between pregnancy insomnia and LOTS of nursing sessions, I have developed a love for reading blogs. There are so many awesome, fun blogs on the internet and it has been so fun to have a peek into other women's lives, to see how they make it all work! Over the past few years, as I have been navigating the waters of mothering multiple, young children- I have thought to myself- "Hey- this works really well for us...maybe somebody else would like to know about it!" I can't tell you how many recommendations I have gotten from reading all of my favorite blogs!  
So here I am - I am hopeful this can be a place of community for all types of women; but most of all, I am looking forward to keeping a journal of this beautiful journey I am on as a mom. I would love nothing more than for my daughters (and maybe even my son?!?) to look back at this blog when they are grown and mothering their own children and get tips, tricks, and recipes.  

I am so thankful to God for blessing me with my beautiful, loud, sometimes messy, crazy and insanely awesome life. 
Full hands, full heart.


  1. What a sweet little family you have!

  2. I just stumbled onto your blog and now I'm reading all your posts! I have 3 little girls, 4, 2 and a 4 month old. I love that you have 4 little ones! I am pretty sure my husband is done but I go back and forth about having another one. I've been on such a cycle of being pregnant, nursing for a year, then getting pregnant again. It's going to be weird (and sad) when it's time to pack up the baby things for good!

  3. Hi Sarah! Thanks for commenting! 3 girls is SO much! I have such a ball dressing mine all alike :) I agree- when it is time to pack up all of the baby stuff- it will be very bittersweet...but also exciting to know we are entering a new season of life!


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