Five on Friday- Pregnancy Edition!

Friday, January 30, 2015

The weekend is here! So happy about that!

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Well- First I think it is important to indicate I am NOT pregnant.  
But...I know of so many women who are pregnant and I have been pregnant FOUR I thought it would be fun to share my 5 Favorite Pregnancy Items!

But first humor me and take a quick walk down memory lane :)
And just a fun fact...we didn't find out the gender with any of our in these pictures I had no idea what we were having :)

Here I am pregnant with our first daughter Charlotte!
Pregnant with our second daughter Cora Maye in this picture!
Pregnant with our third daughter Celine!
And less than a year ago...pregnant with our baby boy James! now that I got that out of the way- here are my FIVE FAVORITE pregnancy/maternity items!

This dress from Old Navy.  I got this during my last pregnancy and wore it ALL THE TIME!  When it was still chilly outside, I would wear it with a cardigan or a denim jacket.  When it got hot during the summer (I had my baby in early July) I wore it every Sunday to church and several days during the week.  It became known as THAT DRESS in our household.  My daughters would see me wearing it and say, "Mommy- you are wearing THAT DRESS again?!?"  Yup..sure am! :)

This pillow.  During my 3rd pregnancy, I had horrible sciatic back pain and just kind of suffered/dealt with it.  When I got pregnant with my 4th baby, I knew I had to find a body pillow to help me sleep comfortably at night.  I had seen a lot of reviews for the bump nest pillow on various blogs and my sweet husband ordered me one.  OH MY GOODNESS.  This pillow is heaven.  SO SO SO comfortable.  It is an investment- but I highly recommend it.  Especially if you plan on being pregnant several will be a staple during your pregnancy!  
Confession: I would still be using it if my husband didn't feel like it was the third person in our bed! HA! 

These tank tops from Old Navy. I have several in black and white and wore these throughout my last 3 of 4 pregnancies.  They are exactly like the non-maternity version and I just really love them.  I also really like wearing them the first few months postpartum when you need a little extra room but want to feel nice and "smoothed out" under your t-shirts or blouses.

LOVE these pants! I worked out regularly with all of my pregnancies- so having a good pair of workout pants (that also functioned as every day pants too) was a must for me.  I pretty much wore these pants at least 5 days a week for almost my entire last pregnancy.  They never faded, never stretched out and I was able to wear them up until I had my baby!  I know some women don't like the full tummy panel...but for me- I am definitely on Team Tummy Panel :) I just find it more comfortable than the low-rise waistband options. These pants also come in a capri version (which I have and they are so great for the warmer months!) Also- the great thing with Old Navy is that all returns are free!  So if you are unsure of your size or not sure how something is going to fit- just order it in a few sizes!  You can send back the ones you don't like or don't fit- for free! YAY! 

These tops from Motherhood Maternity.  The colors available now are different than when I bought them- but I got a black, white, coral and mint color.  They have some spandex in them so they don't stretch out and get all frumpy looking.  They were a GREAT staple in my maternity wardrobe.  Basically, every day, I would put on either black maternity leggings, my black compression pants (shown above) or maternity jeans, one of my Old Navy maternity "tamis," one of these shirts, and either a fun pair of earrings or a statement necklace.  I am all about sticking with what works!  

After going through multiple pregnancies, I figured out my "style" or more like a "uniform" that worked for me.  By just having a few staple maternity pieces, you would be surprised how easy it is to mix and match different outfits with existing items you already have in your closet (that can function as non-maternity or maternity)!  And of course, accessories are where it's at when you are wearing more basic pieces.  There were definitely days when I bummed around in my pajama pants and wore my husband's oversized sweatshirt- but overall- I really made sure I got dressed every day when I was pregnant.  It just made me feel better!  

What are some of your pregnancy favorites? 
I would love to know what other ladies consider their MUST HAVE maternity items!


  1. You looked so adorable pregnant!! The Old Navy Tanks were the best when I was pregnant :) I hope you have a great weekend. Found you on the Link-Up
    Chelsea @

    1. Hi Chelsea! Aren't those tanks the best?! Have a great weekend!!

  2. I'm on Team Tummy Panel too! TTP for life! ;) I always thought that the extra layer just smoothed my stomach out nicely under shirts, especially when my belly button popped. And I felt like my big ol' belly was getting a little more support. Great post Justine! I've only been pregnant once but I would say my staples were my Old Navy maternity skinny jeans and my maternity tank tops. That way I could keep wearing all of my cardigans, denim jacket etc and just swap out the tank colors and add a scarf or fun jewelry!

    1. Totally laughing about TTP for Life! HA! I loved your style during your pregnancy with Camille- so classic and chic!

  3. Found you on the linkup! Your family (and baby bumps!) are adorable! And I agree- I couldn't have made it without my body pillow!

    1. Hi Tara! Thank you for your sweet compliment! Don't you kind of wish you could still use your body pillow!? SO comfy!! :)

  4. I read this pregnancy edition ad its helped him allot and also tell me how to spend your 9 month during the pregnancy thanks for share it Wendy Robinson .

  5. You look extremely beautiful in all your maternity pictures. I really love the first maternity dress from Old Navy. I am sure you looked absolutely stunning in it. My husband and I are also very excited as we are getting our 2nd child very soon and so I am also almost ready to loose all this weight I gained, thanks.

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr Koziol


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