Happy Birthday to My Man :)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today is my amazing husband's 36th birthday!
I have been giving him quite a hard time about being SO old ;)

Before I met Aaron, I had a "list" (you know about the list...right?!) of all of the characteristics I hoped my future husband would have.
Wouldn't you know it...God blessed me BIG time and gave me a man who had so many characteristics I had hoped for and many more I didn't even realize I wanted or needed for that matter.

Aaron is SUPER funny, EXTREMELY hardworking and VERY competitive...
He is the BEST dad, is SO focused on taking care of his family
and LOVES to make his kids laugh and smile.
He stills gives me butterflies, makes me pee my pants laughing (happened yesterday:) and loves me unabashedly and unconditionally.

Happy Birthday Babe!! So thankful we get to celebrate YOU!!

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