Some Wacky Facts...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I was driving the other day and started thinking about how weird I can be- HA!  I think we all have things we are "funny"'s what makes us different, unique and WEIRD! :)  Just for fun, I thought I would share 10 weird facts about myself today.  Super random- but hopefully you either get a laugh out of it or realize you are not nearly as weird as you thought you were once you compare yourself to me!! :)

1. I LOVE the idea of driving with the windows down.  Love fresh air, sunshine on my face and my sunroof is one of my favorite parts of my van.  So I roll my windows down and the second I start driving...they go up.  I cannot stand the weird noises that happen when you drive with your windows gives me a headache!

2. I had braces twice...once when I was in 3rd grade and again when I was 21 (and in graduate school).  I still have my retainers and still wear them.  But not regularly....even though I know I should!! So- every 3-4 weeks I start to freak out that my teeth have shifted and look crooked.  Then I shove my retainers in my mouth and it is SO painful!! You would think I would learn my lesson and just start wearing them regularly at night so my teeth stayed put...but I don't.  Apparently I am a sucker for punishment!

3.  I get dizzy LOOKING at things moving.  Like I can't look straight at a Ferris Wheel.  Or a merry go round.  When my kids ask me to push them on the merry go round at the park...I have to look away when I push them- I look like such a weirdo!!  I did not used to be like this- in my younger adult years I was not affected by motion at ALL- heck- I have been sky diving multiple times and used to scuba dive all the time!  But- ever since my first pregnancy I have turned into the most motion sensitive person!! I even get car sick reading stuff on my phone (obviously when I am in the passenger seat :) !

4. I CANNOT STAND the sound or feel of sidewalk chalk. Like it makes my skin CRAWL and gives me dry heaves.  SO STINKING WEIRD!!  I feel so bad because my girls always want me to draw chalk pictures when them- and I just CAN'T do it!!  This was another thing that happened to me during my first pregnancy...I gained a crazy CHALK aversion and it has STUCK.  

5. I am a people watcher (AKA I stare at people too much) and I start to speculate about their lives.  For instance, I will see a couple at church that doesn't look super affectionate and I start to think- "maybe they had a fight this morning before church, maybe he is having an affair and they are working through it, maybe he is ticked because she is always crabby, etc" UM. HELLO JUSTINE. Mind YO' OWN BUSINESS!! HA!

6. This is a new "weird" thing...we bought my son some plum teething wafers...I think they are pumpkin apple flavor.  The other night a piece broke in the package that was too small to give him so I tried it and LIKED it!  It was so tasty! And I loved how light it was!  So- now- one of my son's teething cookies smeared with a little peanut butter is a favorite-albeit VERY weird snack!

7. I become TOTALLY emotionally involved with TV show characters.  I really feel like they are my friends and I want the best for them!! Then I will ask my husband what he thinks is going to happen and he looks at me like I am CrAzY and says, "You know that this show is NOT real and the people are actors, right?!?"  TIME TO GET SOME REAL FRIENDS JUSTINE!!

8.  If I see a small cobweb in the corner of the ceiling, I immediately start freaking out that a spider lives in it.  Then I start to sweat thinking about having to kill the spider.  But if I don't kill the spider, I think about how it will lay hundreds of eggs and I will have a ton of spider babies in my house- so I literally hold my breathe, look away and swat at the cobweb/pseudo spider and hope I kill it.  

9. I LOVE to watch QVC.  I know. SO WEIRD!  My favorite hosts are David Venable- he does a regular show called, "Cooking with David" and Lisa Roberston was my other favorite host- but she just retired from QVC this past December.  My husband is so sweet and most of the time will suffer through about 30 minutes of watching QVC with me- but then he says, "Justine- we have to turn this sh@% OFF!" HA!

10. I don't like to watch movies.  My husband thinks this is SO weird.  He doesn't understand how I haven't seen movies like Back to the Future, Star Wars, Goonies, ET, Breakfast Club, Pulp Fiction, Varsity Blues- you get the picture- basically I haven't seen movies that make you American or at least that is what my husband says. HA!

Okay... that was actually a lot of fun! I am definitely weird...but hopefully not too weird. Whatever...either way- I am owning it! :)

Now your turn...what is something weird that you do?? 

Hope you have a great day!!

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  1. I can totally relate to most of these! Haha I'm with you on the windows down thing, I love the "idea" of it but hate wind blowing in my face and the thoughts of stuff flying out of my car... And I people watch too and make up stories about them too!! Haha I can't believe I'm not the only one who does that!! And I get emotionally involved with TV show characters too! Hahah and I think to myself, if I ever saw them I'd go up to them and be all "Hey buddy!!" And they would look at me like I'm a maniac!! :)
    Funny post.... similar to the link up I'm doing today of "mid month confessions" :)

    1. Hi! Oh my gosh...SO glad I am not the only one who makes up stories about REAL people! HA! Thanks for commenting- I am going to link up with you!! :)

  2. My husband can't stand the noise or feel of foam (think like the foam pads you get for a twin size bed or packing foam). He gets the heebie-jeebies and it is HILARIOUS! I cannot stand any repeating noises, like someone tapping their foot or a clicking noise, totally drives me nuts. Also, my grandpa doesn't like cheese. And that's not okay when you live in the Midwest, haha!

    1. SO funny! Thank you for sharing!! We are all weird in our own keeps life interesting! HA! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. First off, I love your bio and sweet family picture! With just one boy right now, the thought of three more kids sounds insanely amazing if I'm honest. But we'll see where the Lord takes us! I definitely do the same thing when I people watch and completely connect with becoming emotionally involved with TV characters. When Parenthood ended, I was devastated! I do the same thing with good books. I'm so glad you linked up with us this month! And to answer your question, NO! You are definitely not too weird! Hope you'll join us again next month! :)


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