Thoughts for Thursday!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Today, I am joining up with Annie at House of Malones, for her Thoughts for Thursday Link Up!

Now that the warmer temperatures seem like they are here to stay, I am gearing up to change from girls' closets from their Fall/Winter clothes to their Spring/Summer clothes.  Definitely not one of my favorite tasks...but it has to be done and I am incredibly thankful my girls have so many cute clothes to wear!  

I know that my two younger daughters have PLENTY of clothes and need nothing.  My oldest daughter has grown exponentially since last summer, so she will need a few new things to add to her wardrobe.  Which brings me to what my "Thought for Thursday"- what is up with little girls' clothing looking SO mature?!?  My daughter is 6, but because she is so tall, she wears a size 7/8 (and even 10/12 if it runs small) and it just seems like everything either has Hello Kitty or Elsa on it, a hipster/rocker vibe or it is just NOT cute.  I want my girls to look and dress like little girls- because that is what they are!  Anyway- now that I am done complaining :) ....I have some done some searching around and found some really cute items that I think are age-appropriate and are very affordable!  Most of what I found are dresses- because that is what my oldest daughter prefers to wear 99% of the time :)
All of these items are from Wal is where I prefer to do most of my clothes shopping for the girls!  The prices can't be beat and believe or not- their clothes are made really well and wash and wear really nicely!

I thought this dress was so fun! Love the rainbow chevron and the fact it has a little cap sleeve!  I always make my daughters wear a pair of "biker" shorts under their dresses during the summer...they love to play in dresses- so we have to make sure nobody is getting flashed at the park! HA!
Isn't this dress SO cute?? I would totally wear this dress myself! I think this dress would be perfect for everyday wear or could totally be a "church" dress too!
I am absolutely in love with this dress! I just ordered one for each of my girls to wear to church during the summer! And get this- it is on sale for FIVE DOLLARS!! Loving the cap sleeves, the ruffles and that flower! I know my girls will feel so "fancy" in it too :)

LOVE this "scooter"! The Easter Bunny got my two older girls one of these and they love it.  It is really soft and the built in shorts are so great!  

This adorable outfit set doesn't come in "girls" sizes- but for those of you with younger little girls- it goes up to 5T.  I loved that you 3 get pieces- once being a totally cute tutu that you could pair with so many other tops!  Such a cute and easy outfit!  I am all about play clothes that still look put together! :)
And I just had to include this dress too!! It only comes in sizes up to 5T...which is totally killing me! I would LOVE to get all 3 of my girls one of these! I just think it is such a cute summer sundress! P.S. it is only $8!!

Another place I like to shop for my oldest daughter is Lands End.  It is definitely a higher price point- but their clothes are such high quality.  Since I know whatever I buy my oldest daughter will get worn by my two younger daughters, I am willing to pay more for a few, really high quality dresses.  
Totally loving this dress! This "legging top" would be perfect for my tall girl...we always have a hard time finding t-shirts that look cute with leggings- and not like crop tops :) 
And this dress is SO pretty!

One other place that I love to buy clothes for girls is Southern Tots.  Their clothing is SO age appropriate, absolutely adorable and they have awesome sales!  I basically would buy every dress they have on their website if my budget allowed it :)

Okay- now your turn- if you have "older" little girls, where do you like to shop?? 

Hope you have a wonderful day!!


  1. We are Walmart shoppers as well. The clothes are thrift store prices and good quality. I even buy quite a bit of my own there as well. I love the 6.97 dresses for my youngest and I just got a bunch off the clearance for 2.00 for next season!

    1. Hi Penny! Don't you love their clearance rack?? And I totally agree with you- I get the majority of my workout clothes at Walmart! I feel like they have really stepped up their game in the last couple of years!

  2. I am just starting to buy items for my daughter in the little girls section and I have been unimpressed with the options. I want my daughter to look like a little girl not a teen! I just ordered that adorable pink dress from Walmart! You can't beat a $5 dress! Thanks for the Walmart tip!

    1. Hi Danielle! So excited you got the pink dress! We should be getting our dresses in the mail next week and I am so excited! :)

  3. I love finding great wal-mart items - i got navy fake chucks that look real for $12 :)

    1. They seriously have some great stuff!!

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