Menu Plan Monday!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hi! Happy Monday!  We are enjoying one more day "off" before my two older girls head back to school tomorrow.   How was your Easter weekend??  Our's was great!  The kids and I colored eggs on Good Friday and my older girls and I prayed the rosary together for the first time.  It was a precious moment for me!  Saturday, my husband was working, but the kids and I managed to still have lots of fun:)  We had bunny pancakes for breakfast and went to the library for morning story time.  We were able to take a walk and play at the park in the afternoon once Daddy got off work!  We had a beautiful Easter Sunday!  We went to church with friends of our's and then came home for brunch.  The kids found their baskets that the Easter Bunny had hidden, we made our bunny cake, hunted for Easter eggs in our back yard and basically spent all afternoon outside- it was a gorgeous day!  The kids all passed out immediately when it was bed time- tired and happy!  
Such a wonderful day!  

So here we is the beginning of the week and I am going to share my very simple menu plan.  It helps me stay organized and make sure our meals are planned out. I also hope it might encourage you to see you don't have to make, involved fancy meals to get everyone around the dinner table.  
My goal is for our family to eat together and connect...
that can be done over filet mignon or grilled cheese! :)

For our dinner tonight, I am using shredded chicken I made in the crock pot with some black beans and a can of fire roasted tomatoes.  I just stuff crunchy taco shells with some chicken mixture and top with shredded cheddar cheese.  Then I pop them in the oven at 500 degrees for about 5 minutes.  My husband likes his tacos topped with some salsa, sour cream and a little shredded lettuce!  We really like "baked" tacos...the extra crispy shell and melted cheese are so yummy!  

Tuesday night, my husband is working super late, so I will be making my kids pancakes for breakfast.  I will also serve them some yogurt and applesauce.  Super easy meal to make and I know they will eat it without any complaints...sounds good to me! :)

The weather in our neck of the woods is supposed to be really lovely on Wednesday, so we are going to grill some chicken!  For simple sides, I am going to make a parmesan noodle mix and steam some broccoli!

For Thursday's dinner, I am going to use this recipe for my turkey meatloaf.  I love searching through for recipes- everything is always SO good, fresh and healthy! 

Friday, we will have homemade pizza!  Check out this post for the recipe I use for my homemade pizza crust!

The weather is supposed to sunny and in the mid 60's on Saturday, so hot dogs on the grill and some baked tater tots will be the perfect back yard picnic dinner!  I will also serve some baby carrots and cucumber sticks for our vegetable :)

Our Sunday dinner will be grilled pork tenderloin- I get mine at Aldi!  We like the peppercorn marinade the best.  My husband loves mashed potatoes, so I will make some of those and steam some broccoli...which is a favorite veggie at our house!  

What is on your menu plan for the week?? Any recipes or meal ideas that I need to try out??

Hope you have a WONDERFUL week!


  1. Hi Justine! I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog today!

  2. I love the bunny pancakes AND the bunny cake! Your menu plan looks so delicious! Cannot go wrong with those baked chicken tacos tonight, yum!

  3. Hi Justine! I'm sneaking over from Better Off Benedict's blog because she nominated us both for the Liebster Award! How awesome is that! Love your blog! I highly suggest linking your Menu Plans to I post a meal plan myself every Monday and link up, but I'm skipping out this week because we're off on Spring Break! Nice "meeting" you!


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