Homemade Pizza + Some Recent Aldi Finds!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Our's was busy, a lot of fun and by the time we got the kids in bed last husband and I both just wanted to collapse in bed ourselves! HA!

I did my weekly grocery shopping at Aldi and thought I would share some great products I saw!
I felt like such a weirdo snapping pictures of milk and pasta! HA! 

I mentioned last week that Aldi has a great organic line of food products.  It is growing so fast...I shop there once a week and every time I am there I am noticing a new product added to their organic line!

They have a section dedicated just to fresh, organic produce...

 They have organic milk!
Organic pasta...right next to their gluten free pasta!  And you can't see it- but they also have a line called "Fit N Active" and they make a whole grain pasta- which is what we use!
I will try and remember to take some more pictures of other products that catch my eye this week when I am shopping.  I seriously have so much fun checking out new products they are carrying!

Now time for a staple recipe in our house- homemade pizza crust!  We have pizza once a week, almost always on Friday night.  About once a month, we will get a couple pizzas from Papa Murphy's or Little Caesar's, but most of the time, I make our pizzas.  It is more budget friendly and I like being in control of the ingredients that go into our pizza.  All of the ingredients I use to make our pizza I get at Aldi!

I have tried several pizza dough recipes and I have found the one we like the best is the one shown below- it is off the back of the yeast packet I use to make the dough!
You can see at the bottom it gives a suggestion to use part whole wheat flour for a whole wheat crust. I like to use 2 1/2 cups white flour and 1/2 cup whole wheat flour.  It still gives the crust a nice density and nuttiness that you get from the whole wheat flour- but it is not too heavy.
You can find the yeast packets right in the baking aisle at Aldi.  They don't always carry whole wheat definitely check to see if they have it- but you might have to get that at your local grocery store or you don't have to use it all!  What I usually do is make my pizza crust while my kids are napping or right when we get home from picking up my oldest daughter from school.  That way, it has had a little time to rise.  
After the dough is made, putting together the pizzas is SO easy! 
 Since we don't eat meat on Friday's during Lent, we kept it simple and had cheese pizza this past Friday.  Obviously- the possibilities are endless with toppings.  Outside of Friday's during Lent, my husband loves turkey pepperoni on his pizza.  I am all about piling on the veggies- mushrooms, olives, thinly sliced onions and fresh spinach- YUM.  My girls just love plain cheese pizza :) I forgot to take a picture of it- but Aldi has jarred pizza sauce that we really like- so that is what we use (and its so easy :)  You can also just get a couple cans of tomato sauce and season it with garlic powder, italian seasoning, fresh oregano and/or basil, and a little salt and pepper.  Just season a little bit and taste as you go until you get it tasting the way you like it!  That's what is so fun about making your own can play around with flavors and ingredients- and come up with your own "perfect" pizza! you love pizza? 
Do you make it yourself or do you have a favorite place you order it from?  
Definitely let me know if you try out this recipe and what you think of it!


  1. Every week I buy their organic 2% milk (and if they are out of that, I buy the organic skim milk). It is a lot less expensive than what it is at our Harris Teeter grocery store! And as far as their organic produce, I always load up on the bananas, bag of fuji apples, and the baby carrots. I use these three items to make baby food for Camille! There are also organic peas and organic blueberries in the freezer section that I use for homemade baby food. You just can't beat the prices!

    We love pizza on Friday nights and get it from our grocery store, but I bet you are saving a ton (AND having good family fun!) by making your own. What do you think it costs to make your own pizza using groceries from Aldi? Also, have you tried their pre-made pizza - the thin crust with pepperoni and fresh jalapeno slices is yummy!

  2. April! I have been using the organic frozen veggies to make James' baby food too! I have also been making his sweet potatoes from their individually wrapped sweet potatoes they have! So- to answer your question about how much it costs to make my pizzas...I am not sure! HA! I am going to price everything this week and figure it out! It used to be just as cheap to buy a $5 take and bake from Papa Murphy's when we only needed one pizza. But my girls are eating more and my husband can take down a pizza by we need two pizzas for everyone to be full :) And yes- love Aldi's pre-made pizza...but I have never seen the one with jalapeƱos! I am going to have to look for that- my husband would love it!


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