A Hug...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My mom sent this to my sister and me...and it completely put into words what I feel when I hug my precious girls or baby boy.  I stare at them and honestly cannot believe they are mine and that I have been given the privilege to love and care for them forever and forever.

"IT WAS JUST A HUG out of nowhere from my three-year-old.
In the softness of his encircling arms, and velvet cheek pressed to my side, I thought, please, in times ahead of anger, pain and disappointment, when fate crushes, love wounds,
and friends betray,
let me recall this moment as a blanket around my heart.
Many years later,
I still do………."
Ann Reisfeld Boutte

I hope you have a beautiful day and HUG someone you love today:)

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