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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Whole bunch of random today...hope you have a nice big cup of coffee to keep you awake while you read this! HA!

  • It's really, really cold. Blah blah blah. I know- how unoriginal to complain about the weather.  But seriously- my girls are on their last rope of being cooped up inside our house.  I have to tell you - the hours of 4:00 pm- 5:15 pm are ROUGH lately.  Everyone is tired, there is a whole lot of whining and crying and it is just not pretty.  And to fuel the fire....I know that if we could just get outside and play on our swing set...there would be no siren crying going on. SPRING- HURRY UP.  Momma is struggglllinngg.
  • We are Catholic and Lent started yesterday with Ash Wednesday.  I am not giving up anything, as I don't feel like removing chocolate or coffee from my diet enhances my spiritual life.  I look at areas of my life that need change and decide how I can be better.  So now is where I confess something that is not overly easy to share: I yell at my kids.  Not a lot....but enough to where I feel like it is something I really need to work on and change. Here's the thing- I have 4 kids all very close in age.  They are very good kids- but they are kids. We have issues with obedience, talking back, ignoring and not being nice to one another.  My problem is that while I am very patient, speak in a very calm tone and give several "gentle" reminders (e.g. time to pick up toys, we need to leave the doll aisle at Target, etc)- on the 4th or 5th time of being ignored or disobeyed- I get frustrated and raise my voice.  And then they listen.  UGH. It is so frustrating!! BUT- here's the deal. I am the parent.  I am an adult. I have 100% control over my actions and that is what I want my children to see.  So my Lenten "goal" is to be consistent in using a firm but even, gentle tone when I need my children to understand I mean business.  When I start to feel my blood pressure rise and just want to yell, "PICK UP YOUR MESS!" I am going to say a quick prayer and count to 10.  I have already been tested many times- and we are only on day 2 of Lent!  But I know with the help of (LOTS) prayer, I will make a positive change!
  • I am getting my hair colored this Saturday and am so excited!  I am not doing anything drastic- basically I need to cover up the gray that seems to be sprouting up exponentially by the day AND even out the remnants of blonde highlights I have in my hair.  I tell people that I am rocking the ombre' look right now...but really I just have 5 inch roots.  It is NOT pretty. HA! But- yeah- I can't wait to have my hair washed AND styled by someone else!  I tell you what- doesn't a trip to the hair salon just do wonders for your mood?!
  • I am going to try out a new Weight Watchers recipe this weekend for crock pot lasagna.  I am not a huge lasagna fan- but I liked the idea of making it in the crock pot and the fact that it is a healthy version of a typically not so figure friendly meal.  If it turns out- I will definitely share the recipe!  Speaking of Weight Watchers...I am about 6 weeks into my 3 month membership.  I am 3.6 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and 6.6 pounds away from my "ultimate" goal.  While I LOVE Weight Watchers and things are going just fine...I will tell you- these last few pounds are going to be the death of me!  I don't have a problem eating healthy meals...but I do like to "pick" at things....and those little "bites" can add up.  It is a constant battle between wanting to look good in my J.Crew city fit shorts this summer and wanting to eat copious amounts of peanut butter and brownies. 


  • Someone just recently commented on a post I did about my favorite leggings and totally encouraged me to get a pair of the Zella leggings from Nordstrom.  So now I am trying to decide if I get basic black- which I know I will wear a TON or do I get something more fun like these?

    And that concludes my mish mash of random for the day :)  
    Hope you are staying warm and having a great week...the weekend is almost here!

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