Five on Friday- 5 Things that Make My Life Easier!

Friday, February 27, 2015

It's Friday!  I don't know about you...
but this yucky, cold, snowy winter weather has made this week feel a bit lonnnggg.  
So happy we have a couple days "off" to break up our normal routine!

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Today is all about items/products that save me time or make my life just a little bit easier!

The Wet Brush.  I have a TON of hair.  I have 3 girls with a TON of hair.  There have been so many tears and tantrums over getting their hair brushed!  My friend, who is a hair stylist, told me to get this brush- she said it would be a life saver for me.  She was SO right!  I have no idea how this brush works- but it DOES.  My girls will only let me brush their hair with our Wet Brush.  No more tears after bath time when I am brushing their hair out or in the morning when I am doing their hair for school.  This brush is definitely a FAVORITE around our house!!

This cordless, handheld vacuum. This vacuum is one of my best friends :)  I use it daily, several times throughout the day.  Feeding four young kiddos, 3 times a day plus snacks...well that is a lot of crumbs and food on the floor.  I just pull out my "shark" and suck it all right up!  I also love using this to vacuum out my van.  A couple times I week I will just run it over the floors and the girls' car seats...and all the goldfish and pretzels are gone!  Now, I am a self proclaimed neat freak- so that is probably why this is one of my FAVORITE items in our house-HA!  My 2 oldest daughters love using it too! :)

I have been using this razor since graduate school, which, ahem, was 11 years ago :)
I love that I don't need to have shave gel on hand to shave my legs AND I feel like I can shave my legs so much faster with this razor- versus applying shave gel and shaving with a disposable razor.  They are definitely pricier than your traditional Bic razor + shave gel combo- but for me- it is worth it!  Also- I never get razor burn using this razor!  
This is a major FAVORITE for me!!

These lunch box containers are new to our house and I LOVE them!! I mentioned in this post that I pack my girls lunches every day and using these containers has made the process so much easier and faster! My girls think they are so fun and definitely prefer having all their lunch items in one container versus a lot of little containers.  I can't wait to use these this summer when I pack our lunches for the pool!  It will be so easy to line them up, fill them up and put them in our cooler bag!  

 This guy.  
He makes SO many areas of my life easier!! He can fix anything, is always willing to go to the store for me on his way home from work (multiple times a week- I am always remembering something we need!), calms me down and makes me laugh when all 4 of our kids are freaking out and melting down right before dinner, takes our girls to school whenever he can and always tries to make sure I can get to the gym for a workout.  Everyone needs an Aaron in their life :)  We are such a great team and I am really thankful for that!  He is definitely my FAVORITE.

Now your turn to share with me- any items/products that you use that make your life/daily routine just a little bit easier?  I would love to hear about them!

Happy Friday and I hope you have the best weekend!


  1. So do you find that your shark has a good battery life and good sucking power? I feel like my dirt devil one like that is awful and I'm in the market for a new one but I want to make sure it's worth it to get a new one.

    1. Hi Cat! YES- The shark has awesome suction and good battery life! I always have mine sitting on the charger unless I am using it- we have it set up in the pantry. As long as it is good and charged- it works GREAT! You have the change the filters and you can order those or pick them up at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I have had mine for several years and LOVE it. I would definitely recommend it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Stopping by from the linkup! I scrolled down to comment and read the first paragraph of your next post about not finding out the gender of any of your babies, and realized I like you even more. I have 4 kids and didn't find out with any of them! As for your favorites, The Wet Brush is the BEST. We bought one a few months ago and it's the best brush ever. Wish I would have heard of it sooner! Love the last picture. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. My sister sent me a link to your blog because we have so many things in common! I also have 3 girls and a baby boy and didn't find out the sex of my babies while pregnant (even though it drove my friends and family crazy!) I have loved reading your post and just added the lunchbox containers to my amazon shopping cart!


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