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Thursday, February 26, 2015

We don't find out the gender of our babies, so when our 4th baby ended up being our FIRST boy- it was SO much fun!  Seriously- we were SO shocked!  My husband and I both thought we were having another little girl (and we would have LOVED that!).  
I still look at my precious James and can't believe he is a HE! Ha!

Here I am with my SON...we were getting ready to go home from the hospital!  
Oh my goodness...look at him!!! :)  Our girls begged for him to be a boy during my entire pregnancy and were ELATED when we told them we had a baby boy.  He is their absolute FAVORITE and it has been so awesome to see them all become little mommies to him!

Okay- so now onto the point of today's post :) I have a tendency to go off on tangents!

I have to admit- shopping for a boy is not as fun for me as it is to shop for my 3 girls.  BUT- there definitely is SUPER cute stuff out there for baby just have to look a little harder for it!
Since I am pretty much daydreaming ALL.THE.TIME. about warmer temperatures, trips to the park and days at the are some things I have found for my little guy this spring and summer!

We actually already got this water bottle for James.  He is not drinking out of a sippy cup yet- but he will be soon!  My youngest daughter also has this water bottle and we love it.  It works like a sippy cup, is almost indestructible and doesn't leak! 
 Um. I don't think there needs to be much said about this outfit.  SO STINKIN' PRECIOUS!!
I LOVE this look!!  This outfit is from Target and would be so perfect for Easter or just anytime :)  I can totally see my James in that bowtie!!
 I am a BIG fan of shopping at Belk for my kids' clothes!! I love their brands, J. Khaki, for my girls and their baby brand, Nursery Rhyme Play, for James.  They are Belk's exclusive brands.  They are super high quality and they run great sales on them.  I don't live in the South, so I can't actually shop at Belk- but that is the beauty of online shopping!  Almost all of James' winter wardrobe is from Belk.  I am loving their clothes for summer and think this shirt is SO cute! How sweet would this be paired with some seersucker shorts?!?
 We LOVE going to the pool in the summer.  Like, we are literally there every day, if not twice a day. We really put our pool/beach towels to use- so I invested in some great quality, hooded towels from Pottery Barn Kids for my girls a couple years ago.  Right after I had James last July, I ordered him this towel (it was on sale) and I am so excited to wrap him up in it after we splash around in the baby pool this summer!
One of the things I get my kids every year for their Easter basket is a new swim suit.
I just ordered this one for James' Easter basket.  Love those surfboards and the kelly green color of the shorts!

 I had to save the best for last :)  My husband just ordered James these boat shoes.  I am just beside myself!! How adorable are these?!? My husband has almost an identical pair of boat shoes and the thought of them matching just makes me giddy :)  
There is nothing I love more on a little boy (or man :) than a polo shirt, fun colored chino shorts and boat shoes.  Cannot wait for my little James' to wear these!

Mommas with boys- do you have any other suggestions for fun, affordable places to shop for little boys?? 

Hope you all have a great day....only one more day until the weekend!!

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