Show and Tell: My BEST Groundhog Day

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I am linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Series!  Today is all about a day I would repeat over and over again.  A BEST day if you will :)  

I must go on the record and say I have had 7 BEST days in my life.  The day I met my husband, the day we got engaged, the day we got married, and the birth days of my 4 precious babies.  So- if I could shove all those events into one day- 
that would be my ULTIMATE BEST day :)  
But since that really isn't practical, here is my idea of a day I could repeat over and over again.  Please note my little baby boy is not in any of these pictures because we just had him 6 months ago and he hasn't had a chance to do these fun things with us! But of course, we are going to pretend like he is in all of these pictures, because it would not be my best day without him in it :)

Our day would start off with my husband off work and the kids sleeping THROUGH the night until about 7 am:)  It would be a perfectly warm, sunny, 80 degree day.  We would have a couple cups of coffee outside on our patio and let the kids play on the swing set in their jammies.  Then we would head out for a family bike ride before lunch!
After we got back from our bike ride, we would head out for a fun lunch at a cute cafe where we could eat outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  
After our lunch, we would go for a little hike on a trail right by our lunch spot.
After lunch, the kids would go down for naps and I would relax in a sunny spot in our back yard reading magazines and possibly dozing off :)
After naps, we would gather up everything we needed to make homemade grilled pizzas- one of our family favorite dinners!
 While the kids and I put together pizzas, 
Daddy would be setting up our tent and building a fire for a camping night in the back yard!
We would eat tons of yummy pizza, roast marshmallows, 
make s'mores, catch fireflies and light sparklers.  
The weather is perfect and my kids excitement could be felt.  We would all snuggle up in our tent....and an hour later...end up all snug in our beds inside the house:)  
The perfect end to a perfect day!

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