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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hi! I don't know about you...but for me- it never fails- when Spring rolls around and everything is fresh and new- I get a major itch to redecorate my entire house. HA!
I get totally inspired by the warmer weather and longer days and just want to make all sorts of changes!  
In our living room, it is easy to change up the decor on our mantle and shelves that we have hanging up.  I love switching up our throw pillows on the couch to give our living room a "new" look too!  I found this awesome tutorial for easy envelope pillow covers and definitely plan to make some new slip covers for the pillows on our couch!

In our master bedroom, I am currently dreaming about new bedding.  I am kind of a bedding junkie :)  I LOVE getting new bedding!  It totally changes the look of the room and it makes everything feel so fresh and new.  We have had our current duvet cover for over 2 1/2 years I feel like it might be time to spruce things up a bit! Now if I could just convince my hubby we need new bedding....HA! are a few things that I am loving...

LOVE this comforter from Target!  It is by their Simply Shabby Chic line.  I am a huge fan of white bedding and just love the texture of the ruching!  I would add some colorful, patterned accent pillows to the mix- just for some pops of color.  I could totally see this on our bed!
 Um. Wow. How gorgeous is this bedroom?!? The huge windows!! The sitting area!! The built ins with a non-obtrusive spot for the TV!  Not a huge fan of the lighting fixture or the tray ceiling...but otherwise this bedroom is pretty on point for what I would love to have in my dream house!!

This comforter has a bit more of a modern look...which is what my husband is also from Target!  I really like the texture of still has a classic look to it...but the pinched pleats definitely give it that something "special." Does that make sense?!? :)

How fun and bright is this bedroom?!? I love how the headboard and footboard are totally traditionally- but then they are painted such an unexpected color!  And the light turquoise side table with that beautiful glass lamp?!  I think this would be the PERFECT guest bedroom!  

And just for fun...I had to share a couple comforters I found for little/big girls' rooms :)

I thought this comforter was absolutely adorable!! It is from Target (they really have some great bedding at reasonable prices!!)  I LOVE that the colors are different than the "typical" pink color scheme.  I also think this would be the perfect comforter for a tween/teen girl's room.  I am seeing a distressed, mint colored desk and a big, white comfy chair for reading...maybe the walls are even painted a very light, calming lilac color?!? Ok- I am so ready to redecorate my daughters' room!! HA! 
I had to include this comforter because it is just too SWEET! My two oldest daughters would freak out if they saw this on their beds....the ruffles are just TOO MUCH FUN!  

What is your bedroom style??  Are you in the middle of redecorating a room in your house? 
Favorite places for decor and bedding?? Share it all with me!

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