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Friday, June 12, 2015

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
It has been a fun week at our house...haven't done anything ultra exciting...but just doing our "summer" routine is a blast :)  We have gone to the pool several times this week, had our weekly visit to the library, have eaten dinner outside almost every night AND we had some friends from Cleveland come visit us yesterday!  It was SO great to see them and catch up!!

How has your week been??

As I was getting dressed the other day, I realized that I have a pretty streamlined summer wardrobe and really stick to wearing a small group of clothes that are classic, fit me well and that I love wearing!  
So today, I am going to share with you my FAVORITE summer clothing items!

I know I have mentioned these shorts before, but I HAD to include them again- because they are a HUGE part of my summer wardrobe!! I have these shorts in a strawberry red (a kind of a hot pinkish red), mint green, brown, black and turquoise.  I wear a pair of these almost every day and I love the way they fit- definitely my FAVORITE pair of shorts!  I wear the 3 inch inseam, but they also come in 5 inch and 7 inch inseams if you are looking for a longer pair of shorts!  Currently, these shorts are on sale for $20 online at J.Crew Factory!

I LOVE these t-shirts from Target! Just like my J.Crew shorts, I own several colors of this one t-shirt.  I have cotton candy pink, black, gray, darkish plum/purple and just got this turquoise color shown below- but I have to say it more bluish than it is turquoise- but I still like it!  I really, really like this style of t-shirt because the scoop neck is just low enough that it looks nice without showing cleavage :)  They are fitted- but not super tight.  And since I am on the  taller side, they are a longer t-shirt, which is a must for me!  They are currently $9.00!!  I have owned the first 4 colors I mentioned for over 4 years now and they still look great! By far, my FAVORITE t-shirt- I wear these all summer long (and in spring and fall too!)

One of my new FAVORITE staple summer wardrobe pieces is this running skort by Zella! My husband got me this skort for Mother's Day (it is definitely a splurge at $52- but in my opinion-well worth it!!) and it has quickly become a new FAVORITE.    I love wearing this skort on days that I know I will be doing a lot of running around...I feel like I look a little more put together than if I were to just wear a pair of workout shorts!
Here is a shameless picture of myself that I took in the locker room at the gym....seriously- I tried to wait until no one was around when I took the picture- but I still got a couple of weird looks- HA! Anyway- you can see- I just have on a tank top from Old Navy and my running skort- just a fun, easy, sporty outfit!

My FAVORITE summer dress is this one from Old Navy.  I actually own the exact same dress- but it is from their maternity line- and seriously wore it ALL the time when I was pregnant!!  I feel like I have a hard time finding dresses that fit me when I tried on the non-maternity version of this dress and it fit like a glove- well- I was so excited!  It is about as classic as you can get (which might be boring to some people)- but I love that I can wear this dress so many different ways.  I can wear any sort of statement necklace with it, I can wear flip flops, sandals or wedges- depending on the look I am going for and it looks super cute with a cardigan or denim jacket over it!  Definitely my FAVORITE dress for the summer!  It is currently on sale for $25 online at Old Navy!
I just recently got this tank top from Old Navy and I am in love!  I got one in the pink color shown below and one in white.  They have a lot of other fun colors and prints- and I could have easily gotten a few more because it is such a great tank! Just FYI: It is light weight- so I feel like you definitely have to wear a cami/layering tank underneath it.
 I was able to get each tank top for $8- and then used another 20% off coupon- making my total for my two shirts under $14!  They are $12 each online- so you might check your local Old Navy to see if they are cheaper in store!  
For a "real life" view of how the tank looks- here I am wearing it with a pair of my FAVORITE shorts from J.Crew.  This is totally my "momiform" for the summer.  I either throw on one of my t-shirts from Target or one of these tanks, a pair of my J.Crew shorts, some flips and a pretty pair of earrings and I am good to go!  

I would love to know what are some of your favorite items to wear during the summer!
Maybe based on your recommendations...I might have to do a little shopping this weekend?!? HA!

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and an awesome weekend!!

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  1. I have a couple of those Old Navy tanks & am LOVING them! I love the looser fit for summer. Also, I laughed about people seeing you take your gym pic - I can totally relate :)

    1. SO fun that you have the Old Navy tanks too! I love that they fit nicely through the chest, but then are kind of flowy at the bottom! And so funny you know what I am talking about with the gym selfie!! HA!

  2. I love this post! Those shorts are so tempting. It seems like everyone who owns them loves them! Also, I have to say that you look SO GOOD. You look like you have had 0 kids and you've had 4. What an inspiration! :)

  3. We are totally on the same page with Target tees and J. Crew shorts. That's basically my mommy uniform in the summer! :)
    The Mini Skirt

  4. Loved all your summer wardrobe staples!! I have a few myself- I love a pair of white shorts...that is definitely my go to piece of clothing in the summer and a bright colored tank! Love your blog!
    April :)

    1. Hi April! I LOVE white shorts too!! I need to get a pair! I have a pair of white jeans that I love wearing with tanks tops and wedges.
      Thanks for stopping by and your super sweet comment!! :)

  5. I love J. Crew shorts! They are all that I wear and thank goodness for the J. Crew Factory! :) Thanks for sharing your Old Navy finds....I need to make my way there soon!


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