Fun Finds at WalMart!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HI! Happy Tuesday!  

So....I am know I am setting myself apart from the majority of the population when I say...I am not that into Target.  I KNOW.  But, I am just not.  I get our diapers from there and I have their Up and Up big box of baby wipes delivered to our door once a month- but other than that- I don't do hardly any shopping or even just meandering at Target.
I am much more of a Walmart girl!!
Outside of Aldi, where I do the majority of our grocery shopping, Walmart is the store I frequent most.  A LOT of the shopping I do with Walmart is online....but I do love going into the actual store to look around at things :)  

I went to Walmart with my oldest girls and baby boy this past Saturday to pick up a few things and I had to share some fun items!

This french bread is AMAZING.  We LOVE it at our house!  We use it for sub sandwiches, garlic bread along side pasta and just toasted, buttered bread when we are having soup!
It freezes beautifully.
Here is the best part- IT IS ONE DOLLAR! All the time! You can find it in the bakery section.
I picked up 2 loaves- I immediately put one in the freezer and left the other one out for when I make my husband's sandwiches this week!
You gotta try this bread!
How fun are these earrings?? I actually saw a girl I know who works at our gym's daycare wearing them and I asked her where she got them. She replied, "$2.88 at Walmart!" HA!
I get A LOT of my fun statement jewelry from Walmart...their prices are so affordable!  Also- they have really stepped up their game as far as offering items that are "on trend."  I have so much fun just going and checking out all the fun new earrings and necklaces they are carrying!
How's that for a bright pink shirt??!? HA!
As I was planning out what my girls and James were going to wear to church a couple Sundays ago (I always match the girls and coordinate James outfit :), I realized my girls wear a lot of pink and James did NOT have a pink shirt!  I hopped online to and totally freaked out when I saw this polo shirt! On sale for $6.50!  I ordered James one to wear now and also ordered one in a bigger size for next summer because I love the color so much!  It is really hard to find fun colors like this in boy's shirts!  Here is the link to the shirt if you know a little boy in your life who needs a neon pink polo shirt :)
(*It is $7.00 now versus $6.50- but that is still such a great deal in my opinion!)
Last but not least, I picked up this super pretty bronzer this past Saturday!
I was in need of a new bronzer and was looking for something with a little "staying power" as I am running around all the time with my kids during the summer- and may or may not get a little sweaty hauling them everywhere :)  I saw this bronzer on sale for $3.87, saw it was waterproof and loved that it had a little shimmer to it!  SOLD!  I wore it on Sunday and really loved the glow it gave me!  While there are a lot of good options online for bronzers, they do not have this one.  If you are in your local Walmart, though, and need a bronzer, check this one out!
I seriously could spend hours just perusing all the fun things Walmart has....we have been long time shoppers there because of their prices and it has just been an added bonus to see their quality and level of products really improve over the last few years! Yay Walmart! :)

Do you like shopping at Walmart?? What are some fun items you have gotten there?

Hope you have a GREAT day!

(*and this is not a sponsored post- Walmart has no idea I spend a good chunk of our monthly budget at their store- HA!)


  1. Walmart > Target anyday! I'm with you girl!! My mom loves to come with me just to wander around Walmart after dinner sometimes...Glad I'm not the only one out there! I especially love their flower selection this time of year! So much better than most places you go! (score on that bronzer!!)

    1. Oh my gosh! So fun you and your mom just go and walk around Walmart!! LOVE that I am not the only girl out there that isn't obsessed with Target- HA! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

  2. Walmart is awesome. I do love Target but it's so much more expensive that I try not to go there too much. Walmart has so many hidden gems -- I love their workout tank tops and their online store has everything you could possibly need. We ordered a tv through their site to store option and it exceeded our expectations and was half the price of what we expected to pay! I am going to pick up an upholstered headboard that I ordered this week. You can't beat $130 for a headboard!! :)

    1. Hi Amy!! Our night stands in our master bedroom are from Walmart as well as our TV console! They seriously have wonderful products!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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