Super Easy and Fun Dinner Idea!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

So....I don't know too many people who love spending a lot of time and effort in the kitchen after a long day...especially if it is beautiful outside!! 
I would much rather play outside right up until dinner and have cereal- instead of having to come inside and prep a meal- HA!
Last night we were supposed to have turkey burgers for dinner, but I came up with an alternative dinner idea and it turned out to be a hit! 

I always have jarred pizza sauce and about half a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese leftover from making our homemade pizzas on Friday night.  I decided to use those ingredients up and make pizza quesadillas on the grill!
Minimum, you only need three ingredients for this dinner, but obviously can add more "toppings" if you want to!
If you have some flour tortillas, marinara sauce or pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese in your fridge- you have got dinner!  
(Just FYI- I used tortillas, shredded mozzarella cheese and jarred pizza sauce all from Aldi!)
Other fun "toppings" would be pepperoni, crumbled ground beef, sausage, mushrooms- you know- any of your favorite pizza toppings!

I made our quesadillas on the grill- but they can easily be made on the stovetop in a pan.
I just put a thin layer of pizza sauce on one tortilla, then topped it with mozzarella cheese and then added several slices of pepperoni.  I put the 2nd tortilla on top and let the grill work its magic!  We had the grill on low heat and I watched the quesadillas really closely.  As soon as there were grilled marks on both sides, I transferred them to the upper rack so they could continue to cook and the cheese could melt, without direct heat from the grill.  
Making this dinner took about 10 minutes tops, I didn't turn on my stove or oven and there was no mess from prepping our meal!  
I served a big green salad alongside our quesadillas and everyone loved them!

Yay for an EASY, weeknight dinner!!

Of course, after they were all gobbled up is when I realized this would be a great idea to blog about- so I am super boring and don't have a picture of our yummy pizza quesadillas! :(

Do you have any easy dinner ideas to share?? I am ALL ears- I am ALL about simple and yummy dinners! :)

Have a great day!!

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