Mid Month Confessions on a Monday!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hi!! Happy Monday!
How was your weekend??
Despite really weird weather (one minute it was sunny and super hot and the next minute it was black and thunderstorming) we still have a fun, busy weekend!  
Today, I am taking a break from my usual menu plan post and linking up with Heather from Notes From the Nelsens for Mid Month Confessions!

- I swim laps 1-2 times a week and then always take a quick shower afterwards.  In an effort to streamline what I keep in my gym bag, I bought some Pert Plus 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner (versus having 2 separate bottles).  It was kind of ridiculous how excited I was to take a shower and use the Pert Plus, but that is the shampoo I remember using when I was a kid and we would take showers after we went swimming.  I remember LOVING the way it smelled and that it made my hair feel so soft and bouncy- HA!  Well...either they have changed the formula from 25 years ago or my memory is skewed- because when I used it this past week- it was an extremely underwhelming experience.  I had to use some extra plain conditioner on my hair, just so I could brush it out!  And the smell wasn't as nearly as lovely as I remember it being! HA!  I just ordered this 2-in-1 shampoo- it has great reviews- fingers crossed it works better than good ol' Pert Plus!

- Speaking of swimming- I need new swim suit bottoms REAL bad.  I ordered a couple new tankinis from Athleta on super sale this past winter and I LOVE them.  The swim suit bottoms I have been wearing are several years old, a couple sizes too big and just overall stretched out.  The thing is- it is SO hard to find a pair of bottoms that look good!! I tried a few pairs on at Old Navy and they fit okay...until I turned around and saw half of my booty hanging out!! I just want a pair of bottoms that isn't super high waisted (that trend is not for me :), not super string bikini like, and covers all of my rear end.  I just ordered this pair from Walmart...for $11 I figured I didn't have much to lose! Any suggestions on where to find a good pair of swim suit bottoms??

- I know I have mentioned this several times already...but I have to say it again- I am LOVING summer break!!  I am just so happy to have all of my kids at home with me!  We are having so much fun coming up with fun plans each day and totally having an open and free schedule.  The only commitment the kids have is swimming lessons every Friday morning- and they all take them at the same time.  Other than that we are doing whatever we want and it is AWESOME.  I really am enjoying this summer SO SO much!

- Speaking of having my kids home all day with me...I feel like I am CONSTANTLY feeding them!! They wake up super early and eat breakfast , so by 9:30 am- they are ready for another snack...then lunch...then another snack after naps around 3:00 pm and then dinner at 6:00 pm! One of my FAVORITE snacks to feed them in the afternoon is a smoothie- packed with not only fruit- but some spinach too!  2 of my daughters are super picky when it comes to fresh fruits and veggies- but will take down a smoothie at lightening speed! It never fails- every time I make them a smoothie and put a big ol' handful of spinach in the blender I get the biggest sense of satisfaction- HA!

- I am really excited for Father's Day!  We got Daddy some fun presents and I have some extra yummy meals planned out.  I am also going to try for the first time to make a classic New York Cheesecake recipe for dessert.  The cheesecake recipes I have made in the past are more like the consistency of the Jello No Bake cheesecake and I really want to make one that resembles a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.  WHOA. I just said cheesecake too many times in one sentence! HA!  I am thinking this is the recipe I am going to try- but I am all ears if you have a tried and true cheesecake recipe!!

Well...that's all I got for today!  
How's that for a big ol' bunch of random to start your Monday off?? :)

Hope you have a wonderful day and a GREAT week!!


  1. Swim suit shopping is just the worst.... the tops that go with bottoms usually don't work like you want them to! I've had a lot of luck shopping at Lands End online. You can mix and match it all up and usually find a code for free shipping.

    1. I love lands end! And I feel like they have such high-quality items! I will definitely check there! thanks for the suggestion!!!

  2. I wear a swimskirt with my tankini. Full coverage with no buns hanging out :)

  3. I am just now getting to reading this post and loved it! I can totally relate to the swimsuit shopping. Thanks for the Athleta idea- I've been looking for some good tankinis! I have actually had good luck with Targets fuller coverage bottoms. They're still regular two-pied bottoms, but they have a thicker band on the side and I think they say "full coverage" in the description if that helps. I will have to check out Lands End too! Also, I love love love that pic of your kiddos in your car! Too cute! Do you mind if I ask what car you have for your family? I like to keep ideas like this in the back of my mind for when our family grows. ;) So glad you're having a great summer, Justine! Hope your cheesecake turns out great tonight!!


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