Friday Favorites!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hey!! It is FRIDAY!  YAY! 
How was your week? Ours was great!! We had awesome weather the first half of the week and spent every day at the pool. Then it started thunder storming yesterday and the same is predicted for today.  BOO! Thank goodness for the library and swimming lessons in the indoor pool! :)  We have some fun plans for the weekend...crossing my fingers the weather holds up and delivers some sunshine!!

Here's some good ol' random FAVORITES from this past week! :)

My girls are OBSESSED with coloring and crafting.  Hands down- their favorite thing to do is color. They are always making pictures and hanging them up all over the house...usually on their bedroom doors for "decoration."  Well, the other day, I walked up to my room to put away some laundry and saw these two pictures taped to my bedroom door....HOW STINKIN' CUTE ARE THEY?!? Can we please talk about the disco ball my oldest daughter drew??  Also- I LOVE how 4 year olds draw body parts...
I have really skinny legs and arms- HA!
It was definitely a FAVORITE moment of mine to walk up and be greeted by these sweet pictures!!
(Charlotte drew the picture on the left and Cora Maye drew the picture on the right:)
We had such a fun day celebrating Aaron on Father's Day!! We had our 2 oldest daughters take a picture of us and without either one of us knowing- we both made these gorgeous, runway like faces for the camera- HA!  Aaron is always my FAVORITE...we have been talking about some big decisions lately and I am so thankful I get to go through life with him by my side!!
My brother-in-law is currently deployed overseas and he sent an email to us (and Aaron's parents and sister) earlier this past week just letting everyone know how he is doing, what he has been up to and then he said that at the end of the email he attached some pictures for us to see.  I scrolled down, expecting to see a picture of him standing on a carrier or by his jet (he is a pilot)- but instead- there were two pictures of an ULTRASOUND!!! My sister-in-law is PREGNANT!! We are so excited for them!! I was reading this email at 6 am and I immediately texted my sister-in-law to call me ASAP-HA!  The best thing is- she called me!  Gotta love being an early riser! :)  This is their second child and we could not be more happy to be welcoming a new precious baby into the family!! 
We had a playdate earlier this week at one of the local parks/splash pads right by our house...and my girls had SO MUCH FUN!  I just loved looking at the three of them running around, splashing in the water, having an absolute blast. Just pure JOY! I definitely had a "moment" watching them play and it was a FAVORITE part of my week!!:)
(Isn't it such a FUN park?? We are so lucky to live in such an awesome town!)
Our first month of summer is almost over...and it has been SO GOOD!
Summer has and always will be my most FAVORITE season!! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!! 

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  1. Visiting from the link up! Oh my gosh those drawing are way too cute! I love that baby quote sweet and so true!
    Happy Friday!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  2. Wow that park looks amazing!

    So exciting to have a new baby on the way to love on!

    Those are some sweet drawings, save them forever!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! We have a really awesome park district in our town- we are so lucky!
      hope you have a great weekend!

  3. That splash park looks amazing!! Love the funny pic of you two.

  4. Visiting from Momfessionals

    I love the pictures that your daughters drew! What a great father's day for Aaron. And that splash park looks great

    liz @ sundays with sophie


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