Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!
Did you have a great start to your week? 
I spent my morning yesterday painting 30 pre-schoolers' little feet for an upcoming project...oh my gosh...3 and 4 year olds might be one of my favorite groups of people! :)

This morning I am going to the dermatologist for a long overdue skin check (have you had your annual skin check??? SO IMPORTANT!!)....I am crossing my fingers that my precious little spitfire James can mind his manners long enough for us to get through the appointment! HA!'s Tuesday and I feel like that is the most random day of the week (I have always felt that way since high school)! 
In honor of that, I thought I would share some randomness of what's currently going on...

Currently I am ....

DRINKING all things warm.  As soon as it gets slightly cold, I start drinking warm/hot water.  I HATE being cold and if I drink cold water, I start shivering! So I warm up huge cups of water and drink them all day long.  Kind of weird...I know :)

EATING anything that sounds good.  I am still dealing with being nauseous and food can be quite the enemy.  There are A LOT of things that sound absolutely revolting...and a few things that sound REALLY good.  Pumpkin pie smoothies, scrambled eggs, salads and fruit are my 4 "go-to" foods currently :)  Right now Thanksgiving dinner sounds SO gross to me...but I am hoping that changes in the next two weeks!

READING nothing.  UGH. I really don't like that I am not currently reading a book...but it is just not something I have prioritized the time for.  JoJo Moyes came out with a sequel to her book Me Before You and I am going to put that on hold from the library this week.  I LOVED Me Before You and have heard equally great things about After You!

WEARING maternity leggings. Give me all the leggings! HA!  During all of my other pregnancies, I wore Old Navy's Jersey knit maternity leggings- and I still like those!  But- I got a pair of Liz Lange's maternity leggings from Target and I am in LOVE with them!! They are a little pricier than Old Navy's leggings, but this time of year, Target is running all sorts of sales. If you happen to be pregnant and on the lookout for some great leggings- try these!! 

THINKING about soo many things.  Just to name a few: how incredibly and so undeservedly  blessed we are, how there are SO many inspiring and incredible people in this world doing such amazing things- this young woman's organization and this woman's ministry/oragnization are always in my thoughts.  I am just blown away by how they have chosen to live their lives and be the face of God for so many people who are desperate for love and goodness in their lives, how Aaron and I have such an immense responsibility to raise honest, kind, respectful, loving AND fun children...I am always wondering if we are doing a good enough job, and with the holidays fast approaching...I am thinking a lot about what I want my kids to remember about Christmas in our home.  I definitely know I don't want their memories to be ALL THE PRESENTS.  More so...I want them to remember a cozy, decorated house, Christmas music playing (starting in November :), baking lots of yummy treats...some for us..most for others and just being TOGETHER.  

LOVING my husband, my first cup of coffee at 5:03 am, the fact my precious Charlotte has turned into a little book worm, the growing baby bump and the healthy baby growing inside of me, the way my Cora Maye gets all wound up after dinner and can't stop laughing, the extremely close relationship I have with my mom, the way James will now stop and give me a full blown kiss on the lips, pumpkin bread (I am making some today!) and the way my Celine walks around with princess shoes on and answers every question with "Yes my majesty!" HA! your turn!!! What are some things currently going on in your life??

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. I have a great relationship with my Mom, too. I'm so thankful for that!

  2. It's a blessing to read your blog - yes, we are so blessed and remembering that each day is so important. Have a great day friend!

  3. Enjoyed reading your currently post. Thought you might be interested in a friend's weekly link up... I think you would like it as well.

  4. What a beautiful family you have! This is my first time here so congrats on your newest little blessing! Love the name of your blog - you have a full heart for sure! Beautiful :)
    Thank you so much for joining us for Tuesday Talk!
    Jess, Sweet Little Ones
    P.S. My 4 year old daughter answers me with "Yes, your majesty!" too! haha


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