What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hi!!  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! 
Are you traveling today? Or staying home and prepping for the "big meal" tomorrow? Or do you have to get in one more day of work before you have the next 2 days off?  Whatever you are doing today- I hope you feel joy-filled while doing it! is the last Wednesday of the month...which means it is time for another What's Up Wednesday Post! I am joining MelShay and Sheaffer for their super fun link up party!

What we're eating this week...Well...tonight we are having meatball sub sandwiches and tomorrow I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our family! Fingers crossed our turkey turns out nice and moist!! :)  The rest of our week is filled with easy meals and definitely LEFTOVERS :)  I post my weekly menu plan every Monday- you can check out out what our family is having for dinner this week here!

What I'm reminiscing about... I have been thinking about how just a few days shy of 7 years ago, I had my oldest daughter :) She arrived 5 1/2 weeks early and gave my husband and I the surprise of our lives!! 
I can still VIVIDLY remember my doctor telling us we had a little baby girl and her handing Charlotte to me!!
And now we have this beautiful, vibrant young little lady in our lives.
Charlotte is truly such a blessing to us!!

What I am many things I am loving...a few of them being COFFEE (my little James has not been the best sleeper lately), laughing about all the crazy things our kids do/say with my husband, my crisp evergreen scented candle, how individually awesome each of my girls are, and family movie nights watching Elf.  My girls LOVE Elf- and so do I!!

What we've been up to...We haven't been up to anything special...just normal life stuff :) And while we haven't had much going on the last few weeks...that is all about to change heading into December :)  We have a lot of appointments (doctor/dentist) to go to, holiday school performances, activities with are doing together as a family- our schedule is FULL.
So I am going to soak up these last few days of not so busy November :)

What I'm dreading...I hate to say that I am "dreading" anything- but without sounding like a complete broken record- I am NOT looking forward to a COLD, snowy winter. The high was 23 degrees here last Sunday and man, was I cranky! HA!  
What I am working on...Well- tomorrow I will be working on making Thanksgiving dinner :) Aaron is super helpful and while I do most of the cooking, he does all of the dishes- which makes my time in the kitchen SO much more enjoyable!! Also, I am creating a couple presents for Christmas this year and I need to get started on them ASAP!

What I'm excited about...There is so much to be excited about this time of year- but in the next couple of weeks I am excited about celebrating my daughter's birthday, I am turning another year older :) AND blog related- I am so excited for the fun link-up I am hosting with Johannah and Jenny!! We will be sharing our favorite Christmas ornaments on Monday, December 7 and we would love it if you joined us!

What I am watching/reading...I am all about watching the Voice- LOVE Emily Anne Roberts, Jordan and the guy who sounds like Sam Smith! Also, I am loving the new show Chicago Med!! Do any of you watch Chicago Fire? That is one of my favorite shows and I super stressed about what is going on with Chief Boden!!

What I am listening to...all the Christmas music on Pandora :) My favorite current stations are the Traditional Christmas station and the Celine Dion Holiday Station. My husband thinks I am completely nuts- but I don't care!! Christmas music just makes me happy :)

What I'm wearing...this maternity tunic from Target- I just LOVE it! And it is currently on sale!! It is one of those tops that looks really nice- but really it is just a glorified sweatshirt! HA! 
And for pants- I am wearing these compression maternity leggings from Old Navy.
I got them to wear when I work out- but I am also loving wearing them as "everyday" pants! So I have been alternating wearing one pair to the gym and making sure the other pair is clean so I can wear them when I get home from the gym! 

What I'm doing this weekend...This weekend is going to be FUN! We are going to put up our artificial Christmas tree in the kids' playroom on Friday, get our real tree for our living room on Saturday and Sunday is my oldest daughter's birthday!! We are having a family birthday party and going to Build-A-Bear! 

Isn't this picture beautiful??!? I wish I could say this is what 
"picking out our Christmas tree" experience will look like this weekend. But. NO.
That would not be the truth.
We get our Christmas tree at good ol' Lowes :) 

What I'm looking forward to next month...Well there is SO much to look forward to in December! In the beginning of the month, we will have our 20 week ultrasound for baby #5 and I am SO excited to see him/her on the TV screen!! My girls will be singing in their school Holiday programs and I can't wait to see them "perform." And honestly- I am looking forward to some quiet time in the morning, sipping my coffee and enjoying our Christmas tree. It is such a special (and can be kind of crazy) time of year...I just want to make sure I am making room in my life to reflect on what Christmas really means to our family!

What else is new...nothing else is really "new" with me!

BONUS QUESTION: What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?  We do several really fun "Christmasy" things throughout the month- but I would say my favorite is on Christmas Eve when we make reindeer food for Santa's Reindeer, make and decorate gingerbread houses, go to Christmas Eve mass and then set out cookies and milk for Santa!! It is such a fun day and my girls talk about it ALL year long! 

I hope you all have the most beautiful Thanksgiving holiday!
It may not be perfect or exactly how you had envisioned it- but that's ok :)
I pray it is blessed and filled with moments that fill your heart with JOY.


  1. Can't wait for the link up! I have it on my calendar.

    We love the Voice here, too. Emily Anne is our fave! What are your thoughts on Blake & Gwen?

  2. I think this is the first season that I have not watched The Voice =( I have every single one DVR'd, but I haven't actually watched it yet...hopefully I will get the chance to.
    Chicago anything is my favortie! haha Chicago Med is going to be sooo sooo good! And yes, the entire Chief Boden thing is driving me insane!! I feel like they pick on that man an awful lot for several different things. As my mom said to me the other day, she wishes they would just have one good episode where someone isn't under fire for something, LOL =)
    I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving, Justine!

  3. Happy Birthday to Charlotte!! And I am with you on the cold - and so thankful for our mild climate. The cold is only enjoyable for a day or two and then I am over it!!


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