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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Wednesday!!
I am back for another "edition" of Weekly Walmart Finds! So with the holiday season quickly approaching, I know many of us have GIFT SHOPPING on our minds!  I am going to assume you are a lot like me and have A LOT of (mainly) women that you want to buy gifts for....your children's teachers, your hairdresser, the office staff at your pediatrician's office, the ladies you work with, your girlfriends...the list could go on and on!
So I put together this post with those people in mind!
My criteria for these gift ideas were as follows: 1) The item had to be functional and something the person would actually be EXCITED to use :)
2) The item had to be under $10!!  

I am excited to show you what I we go!

This reversible tote is SO cute and the PERFECT gift for a girlfriend gift exchange, for the babysitter who always is available to watch your kids, really- I don't know of any woman who wouldn't be excited to receive this tote! It is very similar to this tote here- but it is smaller and $40 cheaper :)  I have "examined" these totes in the store and to me- they are the perfect purse size. Not so huge that they are overwhelming- but big enough to hold your wallet, phone, a couple diapers and some baby wipes, your iPad and a water bottle- and probably some snacks too :)  I am still in the diaper bag stage- so I didn't get myself one- but I tell you what- it was VERY hard not to bring one home!!
The good news is that it comes is SO many cute color combinations and is $9.88- the not so good news is that they are all sold out online :( BUT! My local Walmart store had a bunch and I bet if you checked out your purse section at Walmart you could find them there!

Okay- so I am know I have proclaimed my love MULTIPLE times for Walmart's 719 Walnut Avenue candles (that are pretty much identical to Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles)- but I HAD to include them in this little "gift guide!"  They currently have 3 holiday scents- my favorite being crisp evergreen!!
(I apologize for the blurry images of the candles...I have tried several times to fix it- but can't seem to get a clearer image!)

They also have a scent called cranberry ice and I just think this candle and the image on the front of the candle is SO pretty and festive!!
Also- they do not have this scent listed online, but I was just at my local Walmart store this past weekend and they also had a twisted peppermint scent!  Again- so festive and the scent was not overwhelming at all!
These candles are $4.93!!! My favorite way to "gift" these candles it to wrap them in clear cellophane with some fancy ribbon and pair them with either some homemade pumpkin bread or Christmas cookies.  These are the best gifts for the secretaries at your children's school, the receptionists at your doctor's offices, and maybe even your child's bus driver! I plan to give these to the ladies that work in my doctor's office and my kids pediatrician's office.  Between all of my OB appointments and my kid's doctor appointments- we are there A LOT! This is the perfect, affordable gift to give to all of those wonderful women!

I just love this pajama set!!!  Wouldn't these be perfect if you have several sisters to buy for or if you are having a gift exchange with your girlfriends!? These pajamas have a 5 star rating and come in several different colors and patterns.  I really like that they are made out of a knit fabric- which make these wearable in the fall, winter AND spring time.  I am LOVING this fresh pink with the classic white piping!! They are only $10!! If you had a friend coming to visit you over the holidays, wouldn't this be the sweetest gift waiting for her in the guest bedroom?!? 
Hi. My name is Justine and I am OBSESSED with cozy, comfy flannel pajama pants.  Yup. I can't get enough of them and I just love these festive pajama pants Walmart has for $9.00!!! They come in the cutest patterns and colors, several of them being "festive" patterns perfect for the holidays!  I love the idea of putting together a little gift bag with these flannel PJ pants, a 719 Walnut Avenue candle, a couple fun magazines and some Christmas cookies!  It is the perfect "cozy" kit!! You seriously can't go wrong with these fun pajama pants!
I know a lot of women do a "scarf exchange" during the holidays- well I have the perfect scarf for you to give!  This chunky knit scarf is ADORABLE- I love the cable knit pattern and this beautiful red color it comes in- and it is $7.97!!! It comes in multiple colors, several of them having this "cable knit" look!

I also LOVE this chunky infinity scarf!! It also comes in several beautiful colors- I happen to think this "marled" wine color is gorgeous!! To me- this is the perfect gift to bring your sister-in-law if she is hosting a family get together.  Or for the girlfriend who is having everyone over for a cookie exchange!  I know my hairdresser would LOVE this!  This scarf is $7.97- it is such an affordable, LOVELY gift!  I have seen and felt these scarves in the store....they are SO soft and not itchy at all.  A total STEAL at just under $8.00!!

I don't know about you- but I am ALWAYS cold and LOVE being snuggled up on the couch under a soft blanket.  How fun is this super soft throw blanket? I LOVE the festive red chevron pattern and there are several other super fun "festive" patterns.
I think this is the perfect gift for just about any friend, teacher, special neighbor, you name it!
And get this- it is $8.88!! For that price, you can afford to throw in a pair of cozy slippers and some hot chocolate for the perfect "cozy" gift!
So what do you think?? Would any of the special people you have to buy for this holiday season enjoy any of these items??
I am pretty sure I could finish my shopping by picking up a few candles and a couple of scarves!  
Have you seen any awesome gift ideas at your local Walmart??
Tell me about them!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. Love this! The PJs and chunky scarf are my favorites!!

  2. I just saw those bags in Wal-Mart this week!! They do look really great in person and I texted my mom to rush out and buy some for Christmas. The accessory section also had some really great hat and glove options for under $10 that I snagged for babysitter and friend gifts.

  3. Your Walmart funds are my favorite!

  4. You seriously find the BEST stuff at WalMart...and then it makes me want to go and buy every.single.thing! HA =) I love the chunky scarfs, the blanket..seriously in LOVE with it!! I always look forward to your weekly Walmart Finds =)


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