Weekly Walmart Finds: Black Friday Edition!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!! Today is kind of like a "Friday" for us- my girls have school today and then are off for the rest of the week! YAY!
I am so THANKFUL for a few days off of packing lunches, doing homework and driving to and from school :) If you have kids in school- you know how I feel!! :)

So- I have a question for you- Are you a Black Friday Shopper??
I would have to say, for the last few years, we have NOT been Black Friday Shoppers- I am an online shopper all the way; but, I have definitely had Aaron go snag deals for me before, when I was looking for something specific.  And when I say, "go snag deals for me," I mean go to multiple stores looking for ONE SPECIFIC ITEM.  He is truly a keeper :)

Anyway...just for fun, I was looking at the Black Friday Walmart Ad last night and saw a few things that caught my eye- and I thought I would share them with you!  You might already know about these deals- or maybe you need a couple gift ideas to finish your shopping?!?
Either way- if you are down to go out into the Black Friday might want to check out some of these items!!

So- my girls have SO many toys.  It really is out of control.  And here's the deal- they play with the same 5 things over and over again.
This Little People Palace is one of those things.  My daughter Charlotte got it when she was 3 and at least one of my girls plays with it daily.  They not only use their Little People to play with it- but they use other miniature dolls like Polly Pockets and the small Disney Princess Dolls and pretend it is their "castle."  If you have a little girl to buy for between the ages of 2 - 4, I guarantee you this Palace would be a HIT! 
At Walmart, on Black Friday, it is going to be $30- and that comes with 2 Little People Princesses and 1 Prince! Just for reference- this toy is on page 15 of the ad- you can check it out here!
Another toy that is ALWAYS being played with in my house is our Doc McStuffins doctor kit. The girls love to give each other check ups, they bring their dolls to the doctor and they even play "animal doctor."  This is such a CUTE kit and it is going to be on sale on Black Friday at Walmart for $8!!! At that price, it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy a few of these kits and keep them on hand for birthday gifts!  You can find this kit listed on page 15 of the ad!

If you have a little boy or are looking for a more "gender-neutral" doctor kit- I highly recommend this super classic Fisher Price Doctor Kit.  Walmart does not carry it- but it is currently on sale on Amazon (and it is Prime Eligible) for $10.89 (from $16.99).  We have this doctor kit and my girls AND James LOVE this kit. This is another one of those toys that will be played with over and over again- and it is such a great social language toy (that is the speech-language pathologist in me talking :)  A lot of the time, I think we get caught up in the toys that make all the noise or that promote technology- and to be honest- simple toys, that promote you and your child talking to one another- are the BEST kinds of toys.  
And now I will get down from my soap box and proceed with more Black Friday deals at Walmart.....HA!

I am pretty excited about this next item- as I have had mine for 2 years now and still LOVE it! The Fitbit Flex is going to be $59 on Black Friday at Walmart!!! The ad says that you can actually get this specific deal starting at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day and ALL DAY online on Thursday. It comes in this super fun hot pink color and also in black. I think this is the PERFECT gift to get the guy(s) in your life that are super hard to buy for- or maybe for your mom who is looking to start a new, healthier lifestyle in the New Year.  If you are a person or know of a person who likes being challenged, are motivated by numbers- and needing to achieve certain goals- you would love the Fitbit. I can't tell you how many times during the Winter months (when I am just not getting out as much) that I have run my basement stairs just so I can get in my 10,000 steps for the day.  The Fitbit is so fun and the company's customer service is AMAZING.  For $59- this would be such a great gift!! It is listed on page 1 of the Black Friday Walmart Ad- check it out here!
And if you are interested in getting the Fitbit Charge (which keeps track of your heart rate- it is going to be on sale for $119- check it out here!)

So- who can resist a baby dressed in warm, cozy footie pajamas?!? NOT ME.
We LOVE Walmart's Child of Mine by Carter's line of clothing- especially their warm fleece footie pajamas. The girls own SO many of these pajamas- and James currently has 3 pairs that he wears on regular rotation.  They are normal $7.96- which is a STEAL. 
Well- on Black Friday at Walmart- they are going to be $4.75!! 
James does NOT need another pair of pajamas but I am pretty sure I am going to beg ask Aaron to go out and get him a couple of pairs- 1) Because they are SO cute and 2) We can stock up for next year at that crazy price!! 

Look at this pattern for a little girl!!! These pajamas are toddler size- so I am assuming they start at 2T and go up to 5T.  Just for a size reference, James is almost 17 months old, is 33 inches tall and 29 pounds (yeah- he is not what you call a petite baby;) and he wears a 3T in these pajamas.  They are slightly big on him- but not so big that the legs are too long and he trips on the feet. He has just enough room to wear them through this entire winter- which will probably be until the middle or end of next March.
If you are going to be spending Christmas with your extended family and your siblings have toddlers, wouldn't it be so cute to get your kiddos and your nieces/nephews matching pajamas?? I normally wouldn't be able to afford to do something like that- but at $4.75 each- that is TOTALLY doable!!  These jammies are listed on page 27 of the ad- you can find them listed here!
And my final (personal) favorite is this AWESOME Danskin Now hoodie.  If I was not pregnant- I would probably be getting at least of few of these hoodies.  They are such NICE quality, come in the most FUN, bright colors and because they are made out of dry-wicking 100% polyester- they hold their shape and keep you warm without being super heavy.  They  have an almost 5 star rating online- and they are going to be $8 (from $13.76) starting at 6 pm on Thursday in the stores!! From what I can tell from the ad it doesn't look like they will be available online for this price- but you can bet I will be checking!! They also have a men's version by the Starter brand on sale for $8.50- you can check them on page 30 of the ad!

So what do you think?? Do any of these Black Friday deals interest you?
Are you planning on going out on Black Friday and shopping?  If so- do you have a "game plan" or do you just go out for the fun and craziness of it all??

I can tell you where you will find me early on Black Friday...sipping coffee, with at least 2 if not all 4 of my children crawling all over me while watching PBS kids :) HA!!!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!!


  1. I promised my older two girls (14 and 12) that I would take them out this year. *sigh*. I HATE shopping and crowds, but I am willing to "take one for the team", lol!

  2. Love your black Friday deals!! I am a sucker for footed pjs too!! We call them SuperJams!!


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