Weekly Walmart Finds: Reader Review!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!
How are you doing??
Our week hasn't been too eventful- which is just fine with me!  It has been absolutely gorgeous in Indianapolis and we have been soaking up every minute of sunshine until it gets dark at 6 pm!!

So- a couple weeks ago I wrote a Weekly Walmart Finds post and the theme was "splurge vs. steal."  I had SO much fun writing that post and can't wait to do another one!! :)
Well...I was chatting with one of my favorite friends, Laura, last week and she was telling me all about some things she had purchased after reading that post.  After getting her honest feedback about the items she bought- I wanted to share them with you!! I am all about reviews and really read them when I am on the fence about making a purchase!  

First up- the Sam Edelman look-a-like booties :)
My favorite "feature" on my splurge vs. steal post were these boots. I just think they are the perfect bootie!! Well..Laura thinks so too!! She ordered them in her regular size- and she does want you to know they run a just a tad big.  They are currently $17.48- which seriously- have you found a CUTE pair of on-trend booties any where else for that price?!?
Laura highly recommends these boots- and while I don't own them- I have seen them in the store (and looked at them very carefully :) and they are AWESOME! 

Laura also ordered the puffer vest that is a pretty great alternative to the $140 red check puffer vest from J.Crew.  She got it in the buffalo red check pattern pictured below and told me it was a total score!
She sent me the cutest picture of her wearing with it with a denim button shirt and a long necklace- and she looked SO good!!  The vest is $12- which seriously- is a STEAL.  Laura wanted me let you all know she feels like the vest runs a tad big- so if you are between sizes or are looking for a little bit more of a tailored look- go down one size!
Since I "featured" this vest on the blog a couple weeks ago, Walmart has added several new colors, including a beautiful snow white, black, and navy- along with a couple fun patterns.  
You can't go wrong picking up one of these vests- you will get so much wear out of it!
Also- at $12- what a fun gift to give a girlfriend for Christmas!! Or how neat would it be to put together a whole outfit for your sister, sister-in-law or your mom?  Pick up one of these vests, add one of these scarves and get one of these sweaters- and you just created a perfect gift at a super reasonable price point!!

Along with the vest and boots, Laura ordered this ADORABLE military style jacket and she said she LOVES it!
Laura is a speech-language pathologist and a clinical instructor at a college in Cleveland (and an amazing wife and mommy)- so she teaches 18-21 year old girls every day.  She told me they went bonkers for this jacket!  They thought it was so cute!  So...this jacket is totally a WIN! She felt comfortable and cute in it (she is 30-something :) and girls 10-15 years younger than her also LOVED it!  I think it can be hard sometimes to find on-trend pieces that are "age-appropriate" but still that still look good and are cool.  This jacket totally met those requirements!  For $25 you can get this jacket, with a little extra flare from the sweater sleeves.  If you are looking for a military style jacket- check this one out!!
 And for fun- I had to add a couple more items that caught my eye this week while I was browsing :)

First- I have seen versions of this jean jacket/sweatshirt combo everywhere!  And I LOVE it!!
I think it is so cute when paired with a t-shirt and yoga pants for just running around town...or you can dress it up for a more edgy look and pair it with a longer, tunic style shirt, some leggings and a sassy pair of booties.  You can find the jacket here and it is only $16.88! Definitely think I might be adding this to my birthday wish list! :)
I saw this sweater in the store as I was leaving last week and I had to stop and check it out. I am ALL about wearing simple, classic pieces that I can accessorize and wear a ton of different ways.  This sweater is the perfect length to wear with jeans, a pencil skirt (would look cute if you belted it!) or even leggings.  It looks a little shorter in this picture- but since I saw it in person, I can assure you it is a "safe" legging length :)  It comes in a several different colors- my two favorites being a beautiful ivory and this fabulous gray color pictured below.  I would wear this sweater with either skinny jeans or leggings, my denim jacket and my tall pair of brown boots.  Super simple, classy and comfortable!  This sweater is only $9.88!!! Since I am already rocking a pretty significant bump from baby #5- this sweater won't work for me this season:( However, I think I am going to get the cream color and gray color and save them for next winter!! A lovely sweater for under $10- that's too good of a deal to pass up!! :)

 Have you made any recent purchases from Walmart?? 
Have any of them been items I have featured in my Weekly Walmart Finds posts?
I would love to know what you think of them if you have!  

I know several of you have shared with me that you are loving their 719 Walnut Avenue candles!! (FYI: My store is carrying several holiday scents now!! And they smell wonderful!!)
Those candles are the best!! 

Happy Shopping and hope you have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Ok. I may have to order a few of these things! I'm eyeing the booties, plaid vest, and turtleneck! When I clicked on the booties on the walmart website I saw that they have TONS of other styles too. Now I have my work cut out for me. I have to decide on a pair!! Also, let's see a bump pic/get a bumpdate!! :)

  2. I am a super fan of those posts!!!! I might have to scoop up that military vest!!! So cute!!!

  3. Oh YES!!! The best post ever. I have to tell you why (in addition to being called an amazing friend...thank you....I absolutely love your guts)...It is because I am a heavy Target lover. While my love will never fade, you have helped me find some new low end treasures in addition by shopping Walmart. I am all about a designer purchase here and there, but with something fun like a buffalo check puffer....why not get two for $12 each!? To tell you the truth, shopping in store can sometimes be stressful for me and I just can't see past the huge inventory in the store to find the cute things you post which is why I end up other places. Keep these posts coming because that denim jacket may or may not be in my cart already. If you continue to add these fun pieces to my wardrobe, I will happily oblige as your field reporter. I do need a professional wardrobe so I give myself a bit of a clothing budget each month. Thanks for helping me spend it :)

  4. Oh my!! Seriously - loving this! The puffer vest is a perfect price for me - considering we don't need extreme winter gear, but its fun to wear these in fall. I am making my first Walmart Grocery shopping delivery this week, and I may throw a few of these in my cart.....along with the candle I keep meaning to pick up!!!


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