Menu Plan Monday!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hi!! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??

Our's was good! Aaron left for Raleigh, NC early Thursday morning.  My parents generously offered to come stay with us for a couple days while he was gone and I am SO thankful they did!! Not only was it great to have the extra help- but it was also nice to have some other grown ups in the house :)  
They left around lunch time on Saturday- and Aaron wasn't getting back home until Sunday afternoon.  And I was SO. DARN. TIRED.  So I did what all awesome moms do: I was completely unproductive, pretty much let the kids do whatever they wanted and my only goal until bed time was to keep my kids alive. HA! (I am being completely serious :)  

I was truly asking myself this question on Saturday night- HA!

We made it to bedtime (insert praise hands!!) and all got a great night's rest.
On Sunday, thankfully, I woke up refreshed and motivated and was able to get the house cleaned up, put away a TON of laundry, get dinner pre-made and make 2 batches of Rice Krispie treats (one for our house and one for Charlotte's girl scout troop). The girls were so cute and asked me all morning long how many more minutes until Daddy would be home...and I would tell them 5 more hours...and they would say...well..."how many minutes is that???" HA!  

Aaron got home a couple hours earlier than we thought he would because he left Raleigh at the crack of dawn-literally :) 
We were so happy to see him and have him home!
He played a few games of dodgeball with the girls, we made a run to Target and then came home and had dinner.  Kids were in bed at 8:00 and Aaron and I were both passed out by 9:45 :)  

And now it is Monday!! 
It has been a really busy for us lately and we have been off our routine a I am easing back into the week with a super simple meal new recipes...just easy meals that I know my kids and husband like.  Momma doesn't have any extra energy for dinner time battles :)

Here is what's on our menu:

Monday: Cheeseburger sliders, waffle fries and steamed broccoli and cauliflower
I thought it would be fun to try out this recipe for cheeseburger sliders instead of just making regular old burgers.  Anything 'mini' is considered cute in my house and actually a slider is the perfect serving size for my kids!  I picked up some waffle fries on special at Aldi this past weekend as well as a frozen broccoli/cauliflower mix.  
Tuesday: Leftover spaghetti and meatballs and tossed salad
On Sunday, I made Pioneer Woman's meatballs and they did not disappoint.  The recipe was super simple and extremely delicious! We had enough for leftovers- YAY!  And is it just me- or does spaghetti taste better the second night??!?
Wednesday: BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, tater tots and green beans
I don't really have recipe for my BBQ pork sandwiches...I have some shredded pork in the freezer that I am going to defrost and then add some BBQ sauce to it and voila!- BBQ pork sandwiches! :)  We don't really have a 'favorite' bottled BBQ you?  If so- please comment and tell me what I should get!!

Thursday: Salsa chicken burrito bowls
I love the food blog,!! I am going to use parts of her recipe to make our burrito bowls- I think the chipotle cream sauce is going to put them over the top!
Friday: Pizza Night!
No explanation needed here :)  This is one of our favorite nights of the for dinner, the girls eat it picnic style while watching a movie and Aaron and I barely have to clean up the kitchen. Huge win for all of us!!

Saturday: Pigs in a blanket, macaroni and cheese and green beans
I made mummy dogs on Halloween for dinner and the kids AND Aaron really liked them! So I am going to take our favorite hot dogs (Hebrew National All Beef Hot Dogs- we get our's at Sam's Club) and wrap them up in a crescent roll with a little cheese.  Add some shells and cheese and steamed green beans- and fingers crossed- I should have 5 happy eaters at the table!
Sunday: Baked chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed broccoli and cauliflower
When my parents came to visit us this past week, my mom brought me a batch of her baked chicken in gravy. UM. YUM.  Seriously my mom is the best. So we are going to have Baba's baked chicken and gravy with some mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli and cauliflower for our Sunday dinner! you have a menu planned out for this week?? Are you making any new recipes?  
Anything yummy that I need to know about??

Hope you have the BEST Monday and a wonderful week!!

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  1. I love sliders too! Perfect size for me to have 1-2 and somehow I don't feel so bad about my burger choice!

  2. I'm glad you made it through your weekend =)
    All of your dinner choices for the week sound delish! And yes, spag & meatballs are always better the next day! We say that in our house all the time!!
    Our favorite BBQ sauce is Sweet Baby Rays! Any of their flavors are awesome!! Usually I buy the Hickory & Brown Sugar.
    Have a great Monday!!

  3. We love sliders too and agree it's the perfect size for the kiddos. We had mango-bourbon barbecue chicken sliders last night and the kids devoured it. Your menu plan looks delicious. Stopping by from Menu Plan Monday and hope you'll share your menu plan and best positive living posts with us at Small Victories Sunday Linkup!

  4. Yum your meals sound so good! We are having chicken, pork chops, and beef and broccoli stir fry this week. But now I wish I added spaghetti and meatballs too, that sounds so good!


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