Monday Meal Plan....Ahead :)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!
How was your weekend??
Our's was pretty low key...the weather here in Indianapolis was nothing to write home about (I wrote that for you Whitney!! HA!) and honestly- I was freezing for a good portion of Saturday and Sunday :) 
BUUUTTTT...because I obsessively check the Weather Channel App..I know that sunshine and warmer temperatures are just a few days away- so I am just being patient and snuggling up in my husband's sweatshirts until then! :) Was it cold where you live this weekend or were you one of those people galavanting around in your tank top and flip flops??!?! HA!

So- I would say we are officially in countdown to Baby #5 mode. I will be 38 weeks on Wednesday...and unless this baby is stubborn (which he/she could very well be)- we are hoping to have our precious bundle of love will be here in the next 2.5 weeks!

With the baby's arrival just around the corner, I wanted to spend this week getting some freezer meals made to have on hand once I get home from the hospital and things are just a tad bit nutty with a newborn, my husband's busy work schedule and the girls' last month of school! 
I am keeping our weekly menu plan SUPER simple this week (think "fancy" grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast for dinner, grilled sausage and semi-homemade pizza)- so I have more time to devote to getting some freezer meals made.  Here is what I am planning on making to stash away in the freezer:

We are not real big casserole "people"- but I have made Shay's enchilada elbow bake before and everyone in my family really enjoyed it- and it made a TON of food! Without doubling the recipe- we were still able to get 2 dinners out of the casserole. I am going to follow the recipe and then split the casserole between 2 containers. Two dinners for the price of one! WINNING!

My husband and kids are big fans of meatballs- so I am going to make a big batch of them to have on hand to make several different types of meals. I am going to use this recipe and quadruple it. That sounds like A LOT of meatballs- HA! Instead of ground sirloin, I am going to use lean 93/7 ground turkey (we get our's at Sam's club). I will freeze the meatballs in separate freezer Ziploc bags. By making a TON of meatballs- I will have several dinners like meatball sub sandwiches, spaghetti and meatballs and meatballs with mashed potatoes and a veggie ready to go in a short period of time!

//3// Make Taco Meat and Marinate Chicken Breast
Okay- so these are not recipes- but 2 very helpful meal preparations I can do in advance.

First- I am going to brown several pounds of lean ground turkey and ground beef (I like to do a mixture) with several packets of taco seasoning. You can go the easy route and use the good ol' sodium laden taco seasoning packets (I use them all the time!) or make your own seasoning, like this one! I will portion out the cooked meat into ziploc containers and we will have taco meat ready to go for tacos- in crunchy shells or soft flour tortillas, for taco salads, nachos or burrito bowls!  
The 2nd thing I am going to do is take boneless, skinless chicken breasts and portion them out into ziploc freezer bags (our family usually eats 1 1/4 pounds chicken for one dinner) and then add a mixture of zesty Italian salad dressing and ranch salad dressing- probably 1/3 - 1/2 cup total to the chicken. This is my "marinade" for the chicken. I know it might sound like a weird combination- but it gives the chicken a really nice, not overwhelming flavor and keeps it really moist! Then the chicken will go in the freezer until we are ready to thaw it out for dinner! Our favorite way to cook our chicken is on the grill. Super simple and so yummy. I like to serve our chicken with a simple side of some sort of noodles or rice plus a steamed veggie or we love to have big, grilled chicken salads! 

And there you have it- that is my "meal plan" for this week- which is really in fact "meal planning AHEAD!" 
I would love to know- what is on your meal plan this week? I know several of you have commented and told me you love to make freezer meals...what are some of your favorite meals to make??

And just because I think they are so stinkin' cute- I had to include my kiddos' "Sunday Best" picture from yesterday. Talk about being a GRATEFUL mama :)

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  1. Shay's recipe looks delicious! Did you see she was on Kathie Lee & Hoda last week?

    I prepared a few freezer meals at the end of my pregnancy with Wyatt. I was so happy that I did!

  2. I did freezer meals for the arrival of my second baby and definitely plan to do it again this time! What a stress reliever! Some of my favorites were Lasagna Roll-Ups and Bowtie Fiesta Pasta.

    1. Ooohh!! Such good recipe ideas! I have made both of those dishes before- and they are SO good! Thanks for the ideas Linsley!

  3. The meals looks delicious! And the kids look so cute in such bright colors. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Ummm yes your kids are stinking cute - LOVE it!! Great recipes...2.5 weeks!!! Eeekkk!!!

  5. Those faces are so stinkin' cute! 2.5 weeks?! Wow. You'll be so happy to have those meals prepped and ready. Wish I was local and could bring something by the house and snuggle a new baby :( Our weather? I don't even have to tell know! Awful! I'm trying not to complain because February and March were ridiculously mild and even pleasant. Hello 70 degrees on Easter. I, too, am ready for polished toes and flip flops :)

  6. I love your plan and your nothing to write home about comment :) Good thing the weather has taken a turn for the better! You're so right about having the meat portion of the meal prepped ahead of time. It's a life saver. I browned ground beef and portioned it out for the freezer and chicken. I love knowing I've got those options for easy dinners. I never thought to mix ground turkey and ground beef so I'm definitely giving that a try. Hope you're feeling good and enjoying these last few weeks.


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