Pinspiration Wednesday: Favorite Spring "Look!"

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hi friends!!
Happy Wednesday!!
I am so excited- because today I am joining my friends Leigh and Erica- and we are hosting our monthly link-up- Pinspiration Wednesday!!  Every month we pick a theme and share ideas surrounding that theme that we have found on fabulous Pinterest! 
Today- it is all about Spring Outfits or your favorite Spring Style Inspirations!
I had so much fun finding "pinspirations" for this post- as I am SO OVER wearing my boring maternity clothes and SO excited to start wearing some fresh, new fun outfits once the baby arrives!
So I had two "looks" in mind when I was searching Pinterest for my spring outfits. The first one being- outfits that I could wear to church and that would cover all the flaws that will come with my post-partum body.  Here's what I found!

I LOVE this classic color combination of navy, coral and camel. And I love that I could easily pair the navy dress with a denim jacket or a cute, colorful cardigan- and have a totally different "look!" Being totally honest- aviator sunglasses aren't my thing- they look terrible on me! And I most likely will never splurge on a pair of Tory Burch sandals (although I know so many people LOVE them!)- but I love the style of the sandal and Walmart actually has a similar pair in stock right now that I may pick up later this week! 

So this is my favorite "church" look out of the 3 that I "pinned." I LOVE the lime green pops of color from the necklace and belt, the style of the dress is super flattering and I am all about layering a sleeveless dress with a denim jacket! I am not a huge fan of wedges- but I think this pair is super cute!!

Okay- so I am noticing a trend with my "church" looks- I have a thing for denim jackets and simple dresses- HA! I really have a tendency to gravitate towards simple, classic outfits that are versatile and can be worn several different ways- and this "look" totally fits that bill!
I really like the higher neckline on the dress and the little tie around the waist! I think this would look totally cute with flip flops for a simple day of running errands with my kids too!

So...the next few "looks" I found are what I would consider more casual/every day looks. If I am being totally honest- I wear workout clothes at least several days a week- but I really do feel better when I get "dressed" and I think I could totally make some of these outfit work for my "mom life." HA!
First up- this aqua and gray outfit. I LOVE this color combination!! And I think it is dressy enough that I could wear it to church or out on a lunch date with my husband- but also casual enough that I would feel comfortable wearing it to my daughters' school for a party or volunteer activity!

I LOVE this outfit! I am not normally drawn to looser fit shirts- as I don't think they look great on me- but especially with me being heavier than I normally am for the first couple months after I have our baby, this style shirt might be just what I need to hide the extra bumps and lumps :) And sunshine yellow just makes me happy. The denim shorts are so easy to wear and I really like the braiding detail on the sandals!
Photo source

Isn't this outfit fun?? I actually don't own a chambray shirt...and I feel like the last person on earth to not have one in their closet! HA! I think the layering of the lace tank top underneath the chambray shirt is SO cute and on-trend- but also very appropriate for a mom of (almost) 5 kids :) I LOVE colored shorts- and I think this pink-ish/coral color is SO pretty!

Photo Source

So this last collage of colored t-shirts and colored shorts is SO ME. This is what I consider my summer "mom-i-form" to be! I love the different color combinations and the addition of the necklaces to make the outfit look just a little more special than a plain old t-shirt and pair of shorts. You can definitely bet I will be using this "look" as inspiration once I start pulling out my colored chino shorts and different colored t-shirts in the next few months!

Well- that was FUN!! Now I am ready to go shopping! :)
 If you have found some spring "looks" or outfits on Pinterest you are loving- I sure hope you will share them and link up with us today!!

Hope you have the BEST day!


  1. I love all of these outfits! The colored shorts are perfect!

  2. Love all your outfits. I always think a neutral like navy or gray with a pop of color is a classic look. Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Ok, I LOVE so much of this!! I just pinned the navy dress last night, the sandals on all of these and the colored shorts are all speaking to me!! LOVE it - Yea for Pinspiration Wednesday!!

  4. Love all the outfits you pinned Justine!! They are all super cute!! Happy Wednesday!!

    1. Thanks Johannah!! I am so ready for some cute, NON-maternity clothes! :)

  5. Love these!!! Will definitely be using the shorts and tees combos for some inspiration this summer!!!

  6. Awesome collections of different outfit..Thank you for bringing all..
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