Sunshine and A Simple Meal Plan!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend??
Oh.My.Goodness- here in Indianapolis it was absolutely GORGEOUS!!
It got up close to 80 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday and we ended up blowing up our backyard pool on Sunday so the kids could splash around! 
I am a TOTAL warm weather girl- and the sunshine we got this weekend was just what I needed to re-charge my batteries for the next couple of weeks until Baby #5 arrives!

On Saturday, we had some of our great friends over for what we like to call a "family playdate." Our friends have (almost) 5 year old quadruplets- 2 boys and 2 girls- and our kids LOVE them! So- about once a month- we get together on a Saturday morning, get a bunch of donuts and fruit and hang out for a few hours. Aaron and I LOVE our friends- so we have just as great of a time hanging out with them as our kids do hanging out with the quadruplets!! Of course- I took NO pictures of the kids playing- but to me- that's the sign of a good playdate- too busy having fun to take pictures! HA!

On Sunday- the girls wanted to get a picture of how many more days we have left until the baby's due date- 10 more- just in case you were wondering! HA!
Sunday afternoon, Aaron and James built a step for the kids to use to get up to our trampoline. James LOVES to help Aaron- his favorite "job" is using the measuring tape :)
While they were busy doing that- the girls and I went to the Dollar Tree to get some cards. I needed to pick up a few sympathy cards, a thank you card and some mother's day cards- the Dollar Tree is my favorite place to get them!! You CANNOT beat $1 for a very nice card- especially if you go to the card aisle at Target or Walmart they can cost as much as $5?!?
Just FYI- our Dollar Tree had the PRETTIEST handmade Mother's Day cards- I picked up one for my mom and for Aaron's mom- $1 each!

The kids all played in our backyard pool up until dinner time and then it was time for showers, bible story and bedtime! PHEW! 
And now it's Monday- back to school, back to work- and oh yeah- waiting on baby #5's arrival- HA! 
Not gonna lie- I am feeling REALLY huge, moving pretty darn slow and just having to take things a lot easier than I normally do.

So while I am still planning out our dinners for the week- they are VERY simple and require very little prep work. But hey- dinner is getting on the table every night and that's all that really matters! HA!

Here's what is on our menu plan for this week:
Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL week!

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  1. That picture of your boys is just precious! Your little ladies look so excited & so pretty in their pink dresses! I can't believe there's only 10 or so days til that baby gets here!!

  2. adorable girls in their pink spring dresses! Countdown is on!

    1. Thanks Linsley! They were so excited they didn't have to wear tights :) Have a great day!

  3. The countdown is on!! I'm getting so excited for you guys! =) The girls look adorable in their matching pink dresses. I'm glad you guys had an excellent weekend and amazing weather to go along with it!
    Happy Monday, Justine =)

    1. We are SO excited too!! And yes- so thankful for beautiful weather- it just makes everything so much better!! Have a great week friend!

  4. Your girls - and your boys -- such cute photos!! 10 DAYS!!! Wooohooo - and perfect, beautiful, Spring weather to come home too!! What a perfect time of year to have a baby!!

  5. 10 days!! Ahh how exciting!

  6. LOVE your girls matching dresses & bows. Adorable!


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