Weekly Walmart Finds: Fun "Look-Alike" Earrings!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!!

So- the other day, I had to return a few things at Walmart and once I was done- I had about 15 minutes before I needed to pick up my daughter from naturally James and I meandered over to the jewelry section and I was so excited when I saw these earrings!!
Now I know they aren't EXACT look-alikes- but don't they strongly resemble these Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings?!?

They had multiple colors in these earrings- and these "pearl" and "gold" combination really caught my eye!! 
Here is the Kendra Scott version of these earrings- and obviously- there are some distinct differences between the Walmart version and the original Kendra Scott earring. But still- I think they are similar and might be a great option if you aren't interested in buying a higher end pair of earrings!
My Walmart had several colors in these earrings- but this pink and "silver" combination was my absolute favorite!! I can see myself wearing these all summer!!
And just because I love to compare- here is the Kendra Scott version of this "pink" earring!
So here is the deal on these fun earrings: 
1) They are THREE DOLLARS (Kendra Scott earrings start at about $50 and go up to around $70 for a pair). YUP. They sure are!
2) They come in a lot of different colors. Most of the earrings are set in a gold tone- but a couple of them are set in a silver tone- which I loved- because I typically only wear white gold/silver jewelry.
3) They are nice and lightweight- which is great if you have sensitive ears and most "dangly" earrings bother you!

Now- here's my disclaimer: I do not own a pair of Kendra Scott earrings- so I can't really make a true comparison of what I think the Walmart earrings look like side by side a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. I know SO MANY people who love their Kendra Scott earrings- my friend Leigh is one of them!! I also know that when you find a pair of earrings you love- it can definitely be worth it to pay a higher price for them!!

I just thought these earrings were really fun, perfect for summer, had the "look" of the Kendra Scott earrings and might be just what you are looking for as far as a fun pair of earrings to add to your collection!
I know for me- I am in a season of life where it just doesn't really make sense to wear pricey earrings- so I love the idea that I can get such a pretty earring- for such a crazy, inexpensive price! 

Sooo...what do you think?? Are you going to stop by your Walmart and see if they carry these earrings?? I think I may just have to pop in and pick up that pink and silver pair- they are just screaming "SPRING" to me!! :)

And just in case you aren't a fan of dangly earrings- check out my post on these Kate Spade look-alike earrings Walmart has! My Walmart still currently has a TON of these in stock!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. I bought these at Walmart the other day for my mom and thought the same thing! Thanks to you I have been checking out Walmart more and more!

    1. So fun Katie!!! And I am so glad you have been checking out Walmart more- I think it is so fun to find great deals there! :)

  2. Those are pretty close matches! Unfortunately those ones from KS are too heavy for my ears so I can't wear that style, but I do love the rest of her jewelry!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes you do!! I hope they have some of these earrings there!! :)

  4. I was just at my Wal-Mart today and the jewelry section was so sad :( None of these cute options or the Kate Spade look alikes. boo hoo. I'm hoping if I keep checking they'll eventually get some cute earrings in stock. I hope you went back for those pink ones :)

  5. Oh your Walmart finds! They are such an amazing close comparison! They are super cute too! Have a great day, Justine =)

    1. Thanks Johannah!!! Definitely not identical to the "real deal" but close enough for me! HA!

  6. Love this post. I am going to have to head to our local Wal-Mart to see if we have these same ones. Thanks for sharing!

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